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  1. So .... They committed Digital Suicide?
  2. It's simple: Now people know BT exists and what sort of business they are.
  3. So ... It's against the ToS to talk about politics, yet I am accosted almost on an hourly basis by political ads every time I click on a video. Yup. Sounds about right.
  4. Prepare for an influx of "cheaters" using keyboard and mouse.
  5. Saw that coming a mile away.
  6. This social media manager ... Is his last name "Dover" by chance?
  7. Ride to Hell Redemption. Also, Star Trek: Trexels, Mindjack, and Sonic Free Riders. I watched the stream. The fact he doesn't show much of the gameplay is a small mercy. If you absolutely MUST torture yourself unnecessarily: https://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow/v/78425005
  8. Blocked out the memories, have you? XD
  9. We need a compilation video. Sample obtained. Obtained the sample. Godzilla is attacking the generator. Come on comrades! He's a man, not a god!
  10. It doesn't poop on you, but there's no radar, so the only way to track the pigeon-holder is to stare at the ground and follow the poop.
  11. That's a fair point, my logic is a bit flimsy on that, and it has been a long time since those games were released. But we haven't seen anything from the developer in all these years either. There's no proof that they learned from the mistakes they made way back when, and with everyone going on and on about how great those games were it's entirely possible that it went to their ego and they don't think they made any mistakes. I could be wrong, and maybe my wrongness is a foregone conclusion, but if it ends up being more of the same 15 years later? I won't be surprised. As for the Hard Timeattack ... Stupid long-armed PoS, shaking around so much Wander's clutching at its hair-fur to avoid being sucked into that Stone-forsaken sky ...
  12. Alright then. Don't know if it will amuse as much as it did me the first time. From a review of FF Type-0: http://steamcommunity.com/id/excruciate/recommended/340170/ "Much better than the awful 13, 13-2, and the god awful Lightning Returns, but still not very good. It feels nothing like a FF game and having such an insane amount of characters to have to worry about keeping leveled up just sucks. The quest system and how you get/do missions sucks too. What was wrong with FF12? Why stop using that system when 12 is regarded by tons of fans as the best FF game ever? Why do so many FF games blow so hard? Because Square sucks, that's why." Too many characters to keep leveled? (FF6) FF12, the best FF ever? (FF6/7) Questioning why it has a different system from any other FF before? (Every FF ever) Almost like the reviewer never played a Final Fantasy before.
  13. Now do you mean reviews that are intended to be funny? Or reviews that are more "funny-facepalm."
  14. Mainly, it's people looking at ICO and Shadow of the Colossus through nostalgia glasses. I mean, they were alright. And SoC's theory of climbing on giant enemies to stab weak points was incredible in theory. But I played the HD PS3 versions of both back in 2014, and the speed run Trophy in ICO and the Time Attack mode in SoC made me hate both games because they exposed the glaring gameplay weaknesses. I'm not hyped. I'm expecting more of the same BS.
  15. Can I play the game as the Comfy Chair? No? 0/10.