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  1. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in House of Wolves discussion   
    Or Sekhmet. I think she's the Huntress of that mythology.
    And no Raid?
    Considering that I've seen an Archon set for the Warlock, Kell set for the Hunter, and Devil Walker set for the Titan, how exactly will this work out?
    For that matter, considering that there's just as many story missions in this as was in the Dark Below, one less Strike, and now no Raid, what the hell are they even giving us to do here? What's to hold our attention? 'Cause I don't know about you, but the Raid was the only thing I ended up really doing for they money I paid on Dark Below.
  2. Crosstroop3r liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in House of Wolves discussion   
    I always figured it would be a Pike.
    Six Dregs on Pikes would spawn in with the Archon Priest, and only the Pikes could damage him.
    So you'd have to kill the Dregs and claim the Pikes, and have a two minute period to damage him as much as possible before a battalion of Devil Walkers would fire into the arena and destroy all the Pikes. If his health is dropped 25%, the Devil Walkers would fire immediately. Say, 10 minutes into it (5 2-minute periods, four minimum to deal 100% of his health), he'd enrage and summon about 20 Pikes all at once and your team would be turned into Swiss cheese.
    Hard would only spawn two Pikes, and each interval would last only one minute. You'd have to use Bubbles to guard the Pikes you do have and Weapons of Light to speed up the damage with fewer Pikes in play. Warlocks would be the best on Pikes since Pikes tend to blow up easily and they can revive themselves. Hunters could perhaps Aggro him and use Invisibility to get away, keeping his attention off the Pikes. Or maybe if what I've heard about the Hunter's Trapper sub-class is true, that Super could be used to lock him down for damage.
    Say he pulls a Crota on Hard and enrages when his health drops to a certain point, so you'd have to use the first four intervals to get him as low as possible without enraging him, and the fifth interval would be all-or-nothing with you on two Pikes trying to fend off the 20 more that swoop in and giving your two enough chance to finish him off. All said, a perfect Hard fight would last less than five minutes one way or the other.
    That's what I'd do anyway.
    Activision obviously isn't me.
  3. Winnum liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Legends & Mysteries: Crota's End (Lore)   
    I figured if she'd be watching anything, it'd be Survivor: Hellmouth.
    ... Too soon?
  4. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in What Exotics do you have?   
    Where's a shovel, I'm not wasting bullets I'm just going to beat Xur to death and then probably do it to the cryptarch. He finally sells the Praxic Flame that little dirty..... Of course then everything else is trash. At least on the plus side mine has thirty more discipline then the one he is selling. Still want to kill him though.
    Also he is selling helmet enegrams.... I wasted all my motes of light last week for the Praxic Flame now I'm looking for Saint 14 and now he has helmet enegrams. That's it I don't care what Xur is all I know is I'm killing his ass.
  5. C4 Chicago liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Tackling the Raids, Sunday (PS4)   
    I know.
    Like I said, it was meant to be motivation.
    Next time you take him on in Hard, prove me wrong. 
  6. thedukeofzill liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in RUMOR:The Order is apparently 5 hours long?   
    Back in my day, we payed $120 in Quarters just to play the same stage over and over again.
    And they only gave us two buttons to press.
    To answer Stick's questions though, I think it's the combination of the price and length of a game.
    $60 for an RPG that's going to suck 60 hours of my life away is but a dollar-per-hour.
    $60 for a game that's 5 hours long is a good $12 an hour.
    It's be cheaper to just go see a movie in a theater. Ironic for such a "filmic" game.
    Replayablity isn't really an issue, I feel. Any game can be played over and over. The question is, "Why should I?"
    Most games do go our of their way to answer that question for us, but that doesn't stop anyone from playing a game once and turning it back in for store credit.
    Just because a game has replayablity doesn't mean that people will take advantage of it.
  7. Winnum liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Nechrochasm, Product of Fear Because of The Mytho-Past   
    To a lesser extent is the Fang of Ir Yut, which has the option of faster reload when the clip is empty or a perk that tags enemies with a green "spike" that can be seen over cover.
    If I'm not mistaken, the Vesta's perks give you either more Armor for body-shot kills or more Agility for precision kills.
    To Winnum's point, "more useful" doesn't necessarily speak of the weapons in and of themselves but rather the situations Bungie gives us to apply them.
    Apparently Bungie has been acknowledging "elite" players directly, and one the the requirements is an Ice Breaker and Gjallerhorn on all three characters.
    This mentality needs to die. I shouldn't be penalized for wanting to run Auto Rifles, Shotguns, and Machine Guns on my Titan, and I still feel that the Plan C is the most powerful gun in the game. Different playstyles and mentalities shouldn't be ostracized, they should be embraced.
    Otherwise, what's the point in this being a MMO? Keep the "Ultimate Weapon" design to Single Player RPGS, thank you.
  8. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Tackling the Raids, Sunday (PS4)   
    So this is how I view the hard raid..... Go fuck yourself Bungie. ,,I,,[+],,I,,
  9. noyram23 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Trophy Hunters   
    It seems that it's one of those games that you'll absolutely love, or absolutely hate. There's no middle ground.
    I do suggest finishing the 'Delivery Man Q' sidequest ASAP though. That infinite durability wrench makes the fighting so much less frustrating.
    Also the 'Lost Arnold' and 'Nameless Flower' sidequests so you can get the Radio which lets you fast travel to places you've already been.
  10. Freyja liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Trophy Hunters   
    I liked Uncharted's route. Especially considering that one of the two could be earned offline with a second controller.
  11. HeroEightyTwo liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in What's your favourite part of the new PS4 update?   
    Easy. That thing where you can add free games through PS+ to your library without having to download them right away.
  12. Capsaicin liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in fat people are bending their iphone 6's   
    Now that's what I call butt-dialing.
  13. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Driveclub   
    Good news. There's twenty driving around in your lower intestine as we speak.
  14. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in more proof new games adopt bad business models   
    precisely. DLC and content being cut from games to meet deadlines simply means they aren't very good at running their business.
    if i was the executive producer of a dev team and i told my publisher i was going to deliver X amount of content for whatever game, i would do just that. if people in the office are consistently not pulling their weight and getting things for the game done, in order to avoid content cuts into DLC, then i would simply give them a choice...
    either work harder, or get fired. simple as that. money doesn't grow on trees, and neither does time.
  15. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Capcom won't greenlight a sequel unless the game sells over 2 million copies   
    Second Gaming Crash, here we come.
  16. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Destiny a disappointment to say the least   
    Can you trust the opinion of somebody on an online only console game when don't have a PSN ID or a Gamertag? Just saying.
  17. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Destiny a disappointment to say the least   
    Still better then COD.
  18. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by xMrFacex in I have a feeling this has been asked before...   
    we are angry army, we are suppose to
  19. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Destiny 1.0.2 Patch is LIVE!   
    Well the loot system is still crap, just significantly less so.
    I did a Lv24 Strike. The two guys the game put me with quit right from the start.
    I proceeded to fight through the Cabal all the way through the tank miniboss and to the next-to-last firefight before the final boss before the game gave me two other people to help.
    Me and the one guy fought the boss and kicked the crap out of him while the third just stood outside the boss room with his finger up his ass.
    At the end of the Strike, I with my 184 kills got a Rare Engram and a Rare helmet I have no use for.
    Mr. Thumb Up Ass who only had one kill? A Rare weapon, a Rare class item, and two Rare Engrams.
    I thought the point of this update was to penalize those who didn't pull their weight and reward those who proved themselves badasses.
    I suppose I was mistaken.
  20. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Destiny Bug reveals future content and expansions   
    Are you able to substantiate an amount of how much of said money actually went into the servers? Where as considering the hype that the game has, it's easier to believe that most of that money went into marketing, instead of servers. The claim that it's for 10 years of server service doesn't help either.
    Not that there's any proof in that. But then this bug shows that the DLC they plan on giving us on the disc (or part of it at the least). We're talking about Activision here, and you can bet they're going to dictate what Bungie is going to give out for free, if anything at all. Let's also not forget that when they were still handling Halo, they didn't give out free DLC for map packs either.
    A new Planet is going to have Missions that will most likely tie-in to the story. New Bounties because of new enemy types and areas, new Strikes, probably a raid, and new Multiplayer Maps. Then we take into account the salaries of the programmers, artists, voice actors (gonna have to get Dinklebot to say new lines), animators, MOCAP Aritsts, etc.. You expect them to give all of that for free? Sorry, that just isn't happening. Even if a chunk of that 500 Million went into Servers, which I might repeat is highly unlikely for all 10 years that this game / series is planned to be for, free DLC Planet isn't going to happen. Small stuff like free armor or shaders for everyone, that might work. But Planet, is pushing it.
    You can be optimistic at this all you want. But that's not going to change how the game's state at release, coupled with the fact that it's Activision we're dealing with is very telling on how it's going to be in the future.
  21. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Howling Fenrir in Destiny Xb1 subforum merged with Destiny Ps4? or broken?   
    In that case surely it would have been better to make a separate forum for multiplatform releases and put the Destiny topics in there rather then having it still tied to the PS4 board, Because this issue is clearly going to come up again futher down the line when more multiplatform games get released.  
  22. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Koromaro in Get away from the caves!   
    So the pc can experience Destiny/Loot Cave
  23. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Easy Queen's Wrath Mission   
    Hey ---- you mate. I just went and did 9 damned kill orders and i got was ANOTHER sniper rifle and a bunch of legendaries that dismantle to jack!
    *throws controller against the wall in a tantrum*
  24. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Easy Queen's Wrath Mission   
    Yup. I tried to stay out of the game for a bit and play something else, but Destiny dragged me back in.
    Very first Kill Order I completed after that dropped the ship.
  25. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Get away from the caves!   
    I saw people shooting into that one once. You practically need a sniper rifle to make that range. 0/10.