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  1. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Angry Joe and Delrith's Post Review Discussion   
    I yearn for the days before consoles were connected to the internet.
    There was none of this patch bullshit; you either made a game or you didn't.
  2. GiraffeOverlord liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in DESTINY STORY THEORY   
    My theory is that The Traveller is actually a source of Chaos.
    It makes planets habitable that were never meant to be.
    It extends the life span of creatures far past their time.
    It's agents even bring the dead back to life.
    "Miracles" indeed.
    The Darkness is just a balancing factor, meant to restore the Order that The Traveller has been destroying over the course of its existence.
  3. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in What Exotics do you have?   
    I was going to buy a piece of armor for my Warlock today, and I intended for my Exotic to not fill the Heavy Weapon slot since I wanted the Steel Oracle Z-11.
    The Gjallerhorn changed my mind on both counts.
    I would like the inquire if anyone knows why Bungie patched out the functionality that allowed foraged items to be exchanged for Strange Coins.
    That would have given me just enough to buy an armor piece as well.
  4. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Opinions on Destiny.   
    If feel like going on a tirade at the moment, and this is as good a place as any to do so.
    Exotic Bounties are bullshit.
    First, I have to go do a specific Strike and kill the boss. So I just go into the Lv8 version on the Moon, the game pairs me up with two other people, and we kill him. No big deal.
    Then I have to kill 500 Hive. A pain in the ass, to be sure, but manageable.
    THEN I have to score 500 "points" via kills in the Crucible with Void element guns/abilities. Every kill adds a mysterious amount of "points" to the total. And you know what? DYING in the CRUCIBLE deducts points! One match where people drop out and leave me and two others against six, and all that work could disappear. Poof. What. The. Hell.
    THEN the game demands that I go do that same Strike I did in the first place and kill a specific enemy that spawns during the boss fight before the boss dies.
    So I think, "Alright, no problem. I'll just go do the Lv8 again and knock it out in one shot." But oh, no.
    1. I have to go to a Lv26 version of that Strike with a modifier that flags the mission as being harder than the Lv26 Raid.
    2. The quest claims there there's matchmaking, but every time I enter it I'm all by myself.
    3. I'm Lv25, am not a member of a clan, and have no one from the AJSA to play with because they don't support the PS3 version because "they're the same game."
    I literally feel fucked out of my "free" Exotic when there are people much lower level than I am who already got theirs with ease.
    If Bungie doesn't want me to have an Exotic, I wish they just tell me and get it over with.
    Seriously, it takes less effort to farm 23 Strange Coins and just buy the damn thing on a Friday without going through all this frustration.
  5. Ghostgamer liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in I'm getting really tired of the gaming community   
    Never underestimate the stupidity of humanity in large groups.
    The larger the group, the greater the stupidity.
    And the internet is the largest group of people known to man.
  6. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in What Exotics do you have?   
    I have seen an Exotic drop as a reward in PvP, but it went to someone else on my team.
    Best I've found is four Legendary Engrams, but three of them turned into Rares and the other turned into ... 2 Ascendant Shards, I think?
    You have to use them to purchase the last four defense upgrades on Legendary armor. Those things.
    Only Legendary I even have would be the Robes of No Tomorrow, but I had to buy those.
    Basically what I'm saying is that if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.
    Hopefully Xur will come back with something nice since I actually have enough Coins to buy something this time around.
  7. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Destiny Ranting/Venting/Anger Thread   
    Makes me woner what people really expect from an FPS game.....  Blame yourself for making your expectations too high for me the game is exactly how i thought it was going to be and im loving it.
    Oh and dont forget they have a 10 year plan for this game which they stated right at the start so ofcouse parts are going to be locked away.  some ppl may find the game boring now but alot can change in 10 years.
  8. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in *SPOILER* Delrith's Official Destiny Review - READ BEFORE BUY   
    I think the main problem Delrith has with the game is that he's not in the target group.
    He's hardcore into FPS games, and Destiny strikes me as a game meant more for casuals.
    The auto-aiming in PvP is annoying as fuck, true. I've only recently been getting halfway decent at it.
    But to say that it requires no skill is inaccurate. It simply requires a certain TYPE of skill.
    As for the weapons all feeling the same, I have to disagree there as well sadly.
    I have a rare Scout Rifle that deals splash damage.
    Back in the Beta I had a rocket launcher, and its rockets would blow up automatically if anyone was inside its proximity. Strafing didn't do shit against that weapon.
    It's not that there's nothing cool to find in the game, it's just that it takes time to do so. The question is whether or not the game can hold one's attention long enough to find such trinkets.
    I haven't gotten all that far in the main story (I'd rather do post-Beta work with a clan, but the size is limited to 175, so I'm not in one yet), so I can't comment on the boss fights and such.
    As an aside, if someone does want an all-blue outfit, that's what Shaders are for.
    Granted you can't buy them until Lv20, but if you're emphasizing style over function at that point you're playing the game wrong.
    To me, Destiny seems to be a game you have to play a whole lot more than 20 hours to have a full appreciation of.
    You could play 100 hours and not find anything noteworthy, or play a mere two days and find all kinds of cool shit.
    To put it simply, your mileage may vary. Which is poor game design, so that's why I won't refute the 6/10.
  9. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Alastar in Opinions on Destiny.   
    I agree, if that was the case I would probably return this game before too long.
    However, this is not the case. 
    Bungie has stated that they will provide new daily content which will add new missions, game types, locations and more over the next 10 years, all of which (except for two expansions) is FREE. In a few days they already have a new story mission coming out.  Again, its free. Along with the Iron banner, Salvage (for a limited time) and various other things.
    Yes they probably should have released the story more fully at launch, but at the least we can expect FREE CONTENT which will add to it for the next 10 years (which is their goal.) The two expansions are just their because activision required it in their contract, the rest bungie can do what ever they want.
  10. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Anyone else not like using a mic because of your voice?   
    Just drop the Valley Girl accent and you'll be fine.
  11. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Real life Skyrim   
    I love this XD

  12. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in VENGEANCE!   
    How do you know it is HIS address and not someone else's that he is trying to get in trouble, and is actually the gery reason he's being a douche. Like when you see phone numbers in a washroom stall saying "for a good time call ____". But you know its just some scorned boyfriend trying to get back at a girl.
  13. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in VENGEANCE!   
    Wouldn't taking vengeance on this asshole also potentially get you fired?
    Work is work, leave all that baggage there. I say this as someone who has worked at Best Buy selling computers, accounts receivable/collections personnel (those insurance companies will try and do anything to not pay you) and as an Insurance Company Telephone Interviewer. You can't let these assholes get to you no matter what.
  14. Null liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Trophy Hunters   
    I did Ranked for the FFA match, and quick match for the 2v2.
    The specific search I did for 2v2 was just that and kill limit, left everything else as default or any.
    It's easier to go a full match without dying if you have one less person trying to kill you / one more person helping you, and if the match can be completed as quickly as possible rather than running a full 3mins.
  15. satish1986 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Destiny // Which Edition are u gonna pick   
    I'm going to be buying the Digital Guardian Edition.
    It's $5 cheaper than buying the base game with the expansion, and by buying the PS3 version now I'll also be able to get the PS4 version for free.
  16. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    I've heard that it's considered good luck in some cultures.
    Being crapped on by a bird, I mean.
  17. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    you could always climb a tree and wait for a hot girl to walk past and just plop one out.
  18. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    Just start shitting all over her car. She'll notice.
  19. johnythehero liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in I just met Kratos in his first game and Spoilers.   
    Just wait til GoW3.
    I'll give you a hint: L3 + R3.
  20. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    Just start shitting all over her car. She'll notice.
  21. Berserker liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in The Xbox One just got A LOT more enticing.   
    It's alright. You're used to someone coming in to threads like this and trying to start console wars. I can't fault you for your response.
    Looking at that list, I see a bunch of games I already own, already played (through PS+), or have no interest in playing.
    So for me, personally, a free game at this point in time wouldn't sell me on the console.
    I'm not saying it's a bad deal by any stretch, but it seems they're putting all their faith in a multiplatform game to catch up to the PS4's profits, and there's an old saying about all one's eggs in a single basket.
  22. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    And if she yells at you, peck her in the eye and coo.
  23. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    Just start shitting all over her car. She'll notice.
  24. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Greatest game ever on Steam   
    Just start shitting all over her car. She'll notice.
  25. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in XBox One is dying!   
    We've had enough of these threads, we've had enough of flame wars because they are just unnecessary. You don't like Xbox One? Don't buy it, don't look at it, don't think about it and don't play it. Easy.
    I'm going to lock this thread because it's already gone in the wrong direction. Next time if you are bored, please don't try to start a flame war. There is better things to do and we do not want to deal with these issues anymore just because someone doesn't have anything better to do. Do not repeat this again.