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  1. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Gangland in Steam Summer Sale Rigged?!?   
    Doesn't spending money trying to get free games defeat the freeness of those games?
    I mean if you're going to spend a lot of money to try and when a free game or two why not just buy the game?
  2. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in PS Plus Free Game Lineup July 2014   
    A pro tip, unless it's a game you have no interest in, always download the free games. That way they save in your library and stay free as long as you have PS+.
  3. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Null in Should gamers become more involved in the Game Dev process to solve the Hype problem?   
    The problem with having gamers involved in game development is that gamers all have different tastes.  I, for one, really enjoy newer Mario games having the final level be a monster that really kicks your ass, but another person may absolutely hate having a level they can't complete.  With that in mind, gamers should just be left out of the developmental equation and should be relegated to giving out criticism post-launch.  With these new forms of beta and early access most people do not treat them as such.  They rarely provide feedback and even when the do it is usually just angry ranting about a specific mechanic or element in the game they do not like.  This makes finding credible feedback even more difficult for the developer and usually leads to the game not having a sense of consistency in its design.  Even these new age reviewers who may stream or give their thoughts on beta titles are either far too lenient or throw out their own suggestions of additions they could make to the game.  Which is nice, but the reviewer doesn't know how to implement the features they think they should add, the time investment, or perhaps the cost of implementing the feature.  The classic, "this needs more game modes", isn't very helpful to a developer.  The developer can't just manifest time and money to magically make that happen.  There isn't a button you just press and the game codes itself.  Instead, the developer should spend their time polishing up whats already there.
    All this early access and beta nonsense does is hype up games and that are unfinished and gets the hype train out of the station earlier.  This usually leads to the hype train derailing before the game reaches launch, so the hype isn't really diluted or bolstered by early access.  The amount of hype is the same the only difference is at what point in the games development cycle it is hyped.  Look no further than the Master Chief Collection.  Apparently, this comes with a "BETA" for Halo 5.  I remember getting a "Demo" disc for MGS2 in my ZoE game box or FFXII "Demo" disc in my DQ8 game box.  The difference between the two is that the word "BETA" is far more misleading.  If you dislike a "demo" then you dislike the game, but if you dislike a "BETA" then "Well, beta is beta, maybe I'll like the full release.".  (No offense to Halo fans.  I'm not personally into Halo myself, but with that said, I hope your Halo 5 turns out well.)
    For me, there is too great a disconnect between gamer and developer.  We need more transparency in the industry as far as developmental costs and time to develop are concerned.
  4. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Can piracy be a answer to overhyped AAA games?   
    I agree.
    @KoinGaming, you're getting close to crossing some boundaries here, and I'm sure you don't mean to get all riled up, but your emotions do seem to be running a little wild right now. Damion has said he doesn't wish to discuss this further with you, and since you're not willing to change your stance on the subject, I highly suggest you drop it before you say something you don't mean to.
    And take my word for it; Damion has a better understanding of this than most people here could ever achieve. Trust me on that.
  5. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by DamionRayne in Can piracy be a answer to overhyped AAA games?   
    I have never heard so much tripe come from one persons mouth in my life. There's a good reason I stay out of these topics, but I'm going to jump in here. Do you have ANY idea what it's like to not get paid, to have your paycheck lowered, or to have problems taking care of your family because of people like you with the ideas you propose? No? I DO. I know what it's like to watch a company go bankrupt, I know what it's like to not get paid, and I know what it's like to watch friends literally have to leave the games industry because of people like you. Piracy doesn't hurt anyone you say? You are full of absolute nonsense.
  6. Winnum liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Why Co-op leaves me cold   
    Back in my day, we played games so we DIDN'T have to socialize with other people. AND WE LIKED IT.
  7. Winnum liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Why Co-op leaves me cold   
    Back in my day, we played games so we DIDN'T have to socialize with other people. AND WE LIKED IT.
  8. cmg666 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Capcom shareholders open company up to takeover possibility   
    Y'know ... Maybe I'm just crazy, but we, the AJSA, could invest our money in Platinum Games, giving them the capital to buy Capcom.
    So WE'D own a gaming company ourselves. *Evil finger-steeple*
  9. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in A caveat regarding GTA V on PC.   
    No one should be bragging about a game that's coming out on the platform that they support in any case anyway. It's childish and just causes a further divide in gamers. Be happy that a game's coming out for you, but don't rub it into other peoples faces like a five year old.
    Be proud about your achievements in a game, not that a game is coming out on the system you like, or that it'll be better compared to others that you deem inferior.
  10. cmg666 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Capcom shareholders open company up to takeover possibility   
    Y'know ... Maybe I'm just crazy, but we, the AJSA, could invest our money in Platinum Games, giving them the capital to buy Capcom.
    So WE'D own a gaming company ourselves. *Evil finger-steeple*
  11. Winnum liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Why Co-op leaves me cold   
    Back in my day, we played games so we DIDN'T have to socialize with other people. AND WE LIKED IT.
  12. PuffySheep liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Games to get for PS3   
    Beyond: Two Souls.
    Sure, it may be considered an interactive movie rather than a game, but it also keeps you on your toes 'cause you never know when the cutscene you're watching may suddenly require you to press buttons.
    The story is very well done and isn't too full of bullshit, plus it has one of the few (though the list is growing) strong female leads.
    Dragon's Crown.
    It's a side-scrolling beat-'em-up with fantasy overtones and RPG character development. There's four different classes, and an almost unlimited choice in how you'll build them. In addition, the most recent patch has added in an extra dungeon full of randomized challenges as well as increasing the level cap to 255: Things that would be paid DLC in any other game.
  13. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Berserker in E3 conferences : who was the best?   
    Does there really need to be "a winner"? The companies all showed different things, that will inevitably interest different people with different tastes.
    I feel like trying to name any one presenter the winner will only lead to more unnecessary console war arguments.
  14. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in LoL Fails - I was bored =P   
    I thought it was pretty good, even though I had no clue what was going on. *Never played LoL*
  15. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in LoL Fails - I was bored =P   
    I had like 100s of fails/random moments recorded, I just had the footage staying there inside my folder collecting dust so I decided to take few good ones and compile them into one vid lawl
    I probably don't have the best humor and style for this vids, but hey...I tried

  16. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in Xbox one or PS4?   
    While I agree that saving up for a pc is a better option than the current consoles as of now...I want to wring your neck that you actually suggest that consoles are somehow only for the young/immature. Ugh.
  17. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Xbox one or PS4?   
    Why is there a person like you in every thread like this?
    Did he ask if he should buy a PS4, Xbox one or PC?  No he asked about the consoles if he wanted to game on a PC he wouldnt be stuck as to which console to buy.
  18. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in E3 Sony Conference Recap   
    Hello AJSA,
    E3 is here, the video game universe equivalent of Christmas but instead of presents we get teases. This topic here it help recap the events of Sony’s E3 Conference. From the games announced, to Morpheus and PS Now. I hope to cover it all below for everyone in AJSA PS4 Community.

    Destiny kicked off Sony's show this year in all its glory! Letting us look into the story we'll follow in Destiny. Sony also confirming a beta date for PS4 users of July 17th. While also giving us a chance to get into Destiny's Alpha. Sony also confirm a Destiny console bundle, that comes with the first selling white PS4 models. Later in the show we find out PS4 will get exclusive day one content, with a exclusive Strike mission on Mars.  
    The Order: 1886, follow behind Destiny finally giving the public a full gameplay demo. Finally giving us our first look at one of the many creatures we will be hunting, a Werewolf like creature.  
    A new development house came next with a brand new game called Entwinded. Entwinded is about two lovers who can't be together, and their journey through beautiful visuals. Getting the chance to control both characters each with an analog stick. The PS4 version has been made available in the PSN store at annoucement.  
    Infamous: Second Son stand alone dlc First Light was shown. You follow Fetch from the Infamous: Second Son, in her adventures before her sentence to prison.  
    Little Big Planet 3 was finally anounced, showing off its fun cute gameplay like always. Having new features, and new characters. Sackboy now carries a pump gun, that allows him to blow and push objects around. While also able to climb on certain objects now. New Characters include; Oddball a dog like sack boy who can wall jump, and move alot more faster, Toggle are much larger sack boy whose weight is needed, but also can shrink down to become lighter, and finally Swoop a bird like sack boy who can fly while also carrying his fellow friends around. The games release window is November of 2014, and on launch all user made content from Little Big Planet's 1&2 will be made playable on Little Big Planet 3.  
    Blood Borne, From Softwares secret project "Beast" was shown off. Like always the game is dark, gruesome, and haunting. Having seem to be set this time in a more Victorian Era fantasy. From the trailer, it looks like things are still meant to kill you ALOT!  
    Far Cry 4 show its first gameplay demo for the PS4 users. During which we got to see a few new features. The grapple hook gun looks to be fun, as you must use it to get across gaps or climb high places. Also a Indiana Jones style take down where you can leap from one vehicle to another, taking the foes out and taking the vehicle. Old favorites come back but seem to be revamped. The bow is traded out to whats seems to be a semi-auto crossbow, and the wing suit makes a return. Seeming to have far more use as you can use it to get down the dangerous cliff sides faster. We also got to see that Far Cry 4 will have drop in, drop out co-op. With also the announcement that you can invite your friends into this drop in session, even if that do not have the game. This feature only for PS4.  
    Deep Silver comes back with Dead Island 2, unlike its first games announcement trailer being a dark, sad tone. Dead Island 2's trailer comes off comical and fun. Along with the idea of where this will be taken place this time. L.A. much. Dead Island 2 30 day exclusive beta, and 30 day exclusive character.  
    Diablo 3 will be coming to PS4, which will feature The Last of Us Clicker enemies. Battlefield Hardline console exclusive beta went live, also showing off a new trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Exclusive content for PS4 user coming to Disney Infinity.  
    Paradox Interactive announced Magika 2! In the only way they knew how! Watch for yourself you will understand.  
    Double Fine will be remastering Grimm Fandango, Exclusive for PS4. Thank you Sally T. Age 10.  
    Devolver Digital announcement round up. Cause my god it was alot.  
    Suda 51, Let It Die, Seems to be a very intense... well... murder spree. Exclusive to PS4.  
    The creators of Journey return in their new studio Giant Squid, to present ABZU. Which seems to be underwater exploring adventure. Seeing all kinds of sites, and creatures of the deep. Exclusive to PS4.  
    No Man's Sky will make it's console opening on PS4. Showing off more of the worlds we will see and explore. Showing off more of space, and combat. Letting us know each one of our experience will be our own. We all start on different planets, in a universe that is infinity. A infinity universe, on a planet we only start on, that we all share.  
    Sony pokes fun at Mircosoft, while talking about how PS Camera was always a obtain and never changed. But because of the overwhelming response to the Camera they announce Morpheus will be compatible with it. Giving VR tracking far more accuracy.  
    Shawn Layden the new Sony America Ceo comes out for the first time to show his stuff. Reminding that they are building PSN better than ever, showing off alot of stats. While dropping three big things during his speech. Youtube App is coming, it will be here by the end of the year. New free content is coming to playroom to help personalize your streams. Lastly 25 F2P's are coming to PS4 including; Kingdom Under Fire, Planetside 2, and Guns Up.  
    Playstation Now when goes live will allow people to stream PS3 games to PS4 games. July 31st will be the start of North America beta. Finally that Playstation Now can be access including; PS4, PS4, PS Vita, and selected Sony Tv's.  
    PS Vita remote play feature will allow Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and Assassins Creed Unity to be played. While also announcing PS Vita Minecraft in full console port.  
    PS TV will be coming to North America regions this Fall. This will allow players to stream their PS4 games to a second TV and play there. PS TV ships with over 1000 games at the start, and will cost $99 dollars.  
    Mortal Kombat X gameplay was shown off, feature our classical fighters of all time Sub Zero and Scorpion. But also showing off a cast of new characters.  
    Powers is a superhero crime drama tv show. Exclusive to Sony.  
    Rachet & Clank Film was also announced and given a trailer.  
    The Last of Us Remastered now has a date set for July 29th.  
    A new Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain trailer was shown.  
    Grand Theft Auto V announced to make its Next Gen console release for PS4, this Fall.  
    Our first real look at Batman: Arkham Knight  
    Finally, what we the Playstation fans where waiting for. Uncharted 4 trailer, enjoy the glory that define a generation.  
  19. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Where are the reviews?   
    I can't comment on GameGrumps, but as a managed partner with Polaris, TotalBiscuit doesn't have to worry about combing through his reviews and hiding game music or other clips, so TB was spared the wave of content claims on his videos.  Joe and the majority of Polaris content makers were made "affiliate" partners, which lead to to the mass of claims and having to be super careful about what goes into their videos.  
    Now to address the rate of Joe's reviews let's look at the actual numbers, from a period of March to the end of May (before E3) for the last 4 years:
    2014: 7 Reviews (8 if Watch Dog's gets in before E3 -- 9 if you count Edge of Tomorrow, which Joe took down because of movie studio copyright claims)
    (Rambo, South Park: TSOT, TItanfall, Metal Gear, ESO, Amazing Spider-man 2, Godzilla)
    2013: 9 Reviews
    (Metal Gear Rising, Tomb Raider, Walking Dead SI, Bioshock Infinite, Defiance MMO, Injustice, Star Trek, Star Command (indie), Metro: Last Light)
    2012: 6 Reviews
    (Asura's Wrath, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars Kinect. Mount & Blade: NW, Risen 2, Dragon's Dogma)
    2011: 8 Reviews
    (Dragon Age II, Total War: Shogun, Homefront, Michael Jackson Kinect, Mortal Kombat, Thor, Brink, LA Noir)
    So what does that tell us, Joe's reviews are dropping? The AJS is dying? Cats are living with Dogs? The end of the world?
    NO, it tells us that even within the same time period across years, video game release rates are variable, and even with that, Joe has kept up with his average for reviews, WHILE at the same time for this year he started streaming 3 nights a week (which gives people a inside look at games he will be reviewing), launching a new gaming community, and having to be more careful about what goes into his videos because of YouTube.
    So please, show the man some respect and research before posting your groupthink ideas about what is an acceptable rate of FREE content that he gives you.  
  20. Freyja liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in psn ps3 list ign   
    The thing is, it's difficult to get such groups together on a gen that's heading out the door.
    That said, feel free to add me if I don't get around to adding you first.
  21. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Sony E3 Conference   
    Great... more God of War.
  22. MrMadakey liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Murdered soul suspect funny moment   
    Hey, gotta build the park where you can when the rent is too damn high.
  23. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Pc or Xbox360: which one should I buy? Solution found. Thanks for the feedback everyone!   
    I'd suggest the Xbox.
    Even if it red rings inside a year, you kinda know what to expect in buying one. There's standards and such, even if they are low.
    The PC on the other hand ... You could get home, turn it on, and discover that all you bought was an empty casing.
    Or that the parts aren't as high-grade as you paid for.
  24. DelaSangre100 liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in PS4: Games with Plus   
    I'm kinda on the fence, really.
    On the one hand, I'm sad they're dropping PS3 from 3 games a month down to 2, but at the same time that gives me more time to work on my backlog.
    On the other hand, I'm not playing on my PS4 due to said backlog so however many games they give me for it is irrelevant at the moment. But when I do make the full jump, I'll have that many more games already waiting for me to play.
    A wise man once said that "Change is neither good nor evil. Change is change." That sums it up well enough.
  25. Verethragna liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in First Impression: Watch Dogs (on PS3). Is it good or bad? Find out here.   
    Hey Kaz32, thanks a lot man! It put my mind at ease for someone to say that gameplay is more important than graphics. After hearing this, I will most definitely buy Watchdogs!