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  1. Pardon me while I squeal like a little fangirl. Oh... well... bummer its not a real seqel... still... Sid Meyer and space... I'm game for this.
  2. TaintedSpud, reporting for duty! I'm a longtime gamer, starting back in the NES era. While browsing youtube one fateful day, I came across the Angry Joe channel... then proceeded to binge watch it. I'm mostly a PC gamer, with a special draw towards MMOs. I've gone everywhere from Felucca to Azeroth to Eorzea, and planning a trip to Nexus... and possibly Tamriel.I try to get on when I can, but between a thus far fruitless job hunt and an unpredictable girlfriend, that is sometime easier said than done.
  3. My problem with ESO is that I could never shake the feeling that I was playing a stripped-down Skyrim. Yes, they managed to get the Elder scrolls "feel", but it doing so saddled themselves with those expectations. What Zenimax should have done was go totally balls-out, do everything Skyrim did and more, and really revolutionize the MMO genre.
  4. I've been playing FFXIV:ARR fairly constantly since its re-release. Its a fun game. The graphics are bright and vibrant, the gameplay is responsive, and the music is possibly the best I've ever heard in an MMO. Some of the fights are satisfyingly difficult, but others can be downright infuriating. The game suffers from lag at the worst times, and it doesn't do anything particularly new. Every Wildtsar beta weekend, I find myself missing the high movement combat while sloughing through FFXIV's endless grind.