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  1. Hey guys! Fellow total war fan here . I have played all the total war titles and I am currently sticking to Rome 2 as for wahtever reason my Shogun 2 is refusing to work... . Anyway, add me on steam ( cooldowncd) if you would like to try a Rome 2 co-op campaign , but no vanilla bulls**t , I only play with DEI. Oh and if you dont know what Divide et impera is , do yourself a huge favour and look it up on the steam workshop , it changes the game in a HUUUGE way.
  2. Hello everyone ! I just joined and I am looking forward to having some fun with you guys/gals. My name is Daniel, but for most games I use the nickname Cooldown. I joined AJSA as it seems to be a gaming community I would enjoy being a part of and I really like multiplayer games and I know I will find some like-minded people here. A few more things aboutme.. uhm.. I am from Romania, I am currently doing a Masters course in the UK, which means I will be changing timezones once in a while. Oh and yeah, I am 23 years old , I enjoy almost all the game genres out there but atm I can say that Dota 2 is the game that I play the most. I just got back into War Thunder and I must say ,its not like riding a bike . I also play games such as COH2,EU4,TW:Rome2 ( with DEI ofc) and I dont know some others as well . Anyway , feel free to contact me for any queries or anything else . My steam ID is cooldowncd. See ya on the battlefield! Speaking of which , I played BF3 and then got BF 4 ,but those random crahses made me uninstall it , so if anyone could advise if this would be a good time to reinstall it ( have they fixed those nasty launch bugs ? ). Thanks!