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  • Birthday 09/18/1993

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    Oak Ridge, TN
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    Anime, games xD, also im a guitarist in band :3, i love my gf miracle. i like a lot of games im serious about SSF4 and league of legends.
  1. Is AJSA going to have a MH community as well?
  2. this rad dude was schooling me on ssf4 the other night on xbox thanks ajsa :3 its already coming together. i wish we had a tool on here we could make a clan or guild or something with.
  3. It would be nice to be able to check my messages from an iPhone/android app. Also maybe respond to my personal content threads? Idk I wouldnt ask for the WHOLE forum bit or anything just enough to stay updated. It'd be sick.
  4. THIS is a great idea, I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't always know how to spend their 14 dollar per ticket money. I'd love to see a movie discussion subforum but please no spoilers >_<
  5. I'll be switching from 360 to ps4 but i do have one worry, does anyone know if my 360 fightstick will work with ps4? it's a sfxt stick and i REALLY will be depressed if i can't use it anymore if anyone knows pls hit me back. It's just the regular usb connection but it has an xbox symbol on the power button for it so im probably gonna have to start cutting myself
  6. i play ssf4 ae on xbox if you wanna add me
  7. Now I know ajsa is going to have a fighting game community, so let's get together I play SSF4 AE on xbox my gt is :DefJamSandwich I want to get serious at this game and possibly make some money so if youre good or ever wanna fight or teach, feel free to add me! I don't bite come on fighters! Let's raise this community!
  8. Summoner name TheMFER i can play any role region:NA over 1000 wins tons of hours ;-; ranked: silver 1 HALP
  9. summoner name : TheMFER Region: NA I'll play anything you want ;3 i would like to find a ranked team