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  1. Shooters are fine, I think the main gripe with gamers like us is that so much is geared towards the casuals who play CoD only.
  2. Only preorder bonuses I've ever had which were worth while have been the bonus stuff I've gotten with Legend of Zelda games, which were actually really worth it and historically have been physical stuff that are collectors items. When it comes to things like an additional map, select characters or similar things it's just not worth it and complete bull shit and why the triple A industry is losing its appeal to me.
  3. Strategy, RPG, platformers and some classic side scrolling (puzzle too if Zelda counts).
  4. AVGN Team four star Linus tek tips Tek syndicate (lots of other tech channels too) League of super critics Redmen TV Remi Gaillard Used to like Fouseytube as well before he started to do the generic prank crap that heaps of other Youtubers do now.
  5. Work, work out and game. Aussie summers are terrible (more so for a hairy bloke) so I hate doing anything, luckily I'll be in Europe for this summer so no more heat!
  6. Always disappointed me how under utilized he was and how little depth there was in regards to the story of Vegeta and his youth outside of a few clips where he was with Nappa. Always liked him way more than Goku for having a badass personality. IMO Buu saga really should've ended with his sacrifice being what destroyed Fat Buu. Also Vegeta never got close to Goku in terms of strength outside of the Cell saga where the two were neck and neck in terms of power and in how they were able to use it. Once GHoku departed for the other life and begun training with the Grand Kai and Pikon things just blew out of the water with him becoming SS3. Really wished Vegeta got to that level.
  7. Much as I'd love it to come out on the 3ds, I'd rather see it on the Wii U in full HD glory and see if they add anything new to it but it's defo due for a re-release. Favourite game of all time by far!
  8. Had it on pre-order for a year and a half, sad thing is I could never get into the game enough to want to finish it. Hopefully the MM remake (if it comes) and Zelda U and Hyrule Warriors will motivate me to finish it.
  9. Skyward Sword's pre order bonus was pretty awesome I though, limited edition Wiimote, different box art and the 25th anniversary music cd. So far Zelda has very rarely let me down in any department.
  10. Been dying to get that collectors edition but they are so rare (they are worth every cent so not expensive). Is that the edition with the OoT master quest on it?
  11. Also really enjoyed the Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles games. Sadly not many people know of the existence of these games though
  12. Classic rock, classic rap, new jack swing, video game sound tracks and metal. Mainly melo death, Amon Amarth are my preferred band.
  13. The Darmani death in particular I found pretty sad along with failing to save the ranch from the aliens, the music on the final day after midnight is so fantastic and chilling at the same time and then there is also some theories about how when Link plays the song of time he doesn't go back in time but to another line of events and leaving that other timeline to be destroyed. This game seriously needs a remake. I can imagine Joe flipping out in that temple or Stone tower from all it's flipping about and running out of light arrows.
  14. No love for MM, Cookie? The darker tone made the game so much more involving and you would actually feel for the NPCs when you know you've failed them in each 3 day cycle (and when I failed the Kafei sidequest and saw him standing there emotionless killed me). It's a good thing that there have been no bad Zelda games. I'm sure we could get Joe into reviewing Smash Bros. somehow. It's just about the most anticipated game this year so far and just looks insane and beautiful.
  15. Love simulators and arcade racers, PC doesn't get any decent ones though outside of the new crappy Need for Speed games. PC really needs a good racing simulator but Forza was really good.