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    Quezon City
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    Interacting with my fellow milkmen and video games
  1. I'll try to join. I might have to drink some coffee just to play with you guys.
  2. I can't wait for this game! I hope it will not be barebones at launch and will keep us busy for awhile.
  3. I might give it a try.
  4. I have a suggestion guys. I think we should all play War Thunder, but since I live in the Philippines I might not be able to play with you guys.
  5. I'm still downloading War Thunder and I plan to play as a tank. Add me on Psn: Milkman255 if you want backup.
  6. Me too Stick! I am very interested in this game. Just hope it won't flop....
  7. That is true Berserker. It might be a small start, but it will lead to a bigger victory.
  8. You could get the co-op game Evolve which is coming out October, but it does not support playing on the couch with your friends. Don't forget about the PS2 port though it will be free! PSN: Milkman255
  9. I hope EA get their s**t straight and won't mess this up. *cough cough* remember Battlefield 4?
  10. I wish I could do something, but I can't. Don't worry man this community will find a way to help.
  11. Milkman255 here reporting for Heavy Assault duty sir!
  12. F**k yeah!
  13. So what option do you guys think we should get?
  14. I hope we get option A because the PS4's lineup is a bit weak. I did enjoy Infamous though.
  15. This has to be a joke guys. Right?............................. Well crap