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  1. Ah crap, I patched the game today but forgot that I never disabled the 2 step authenticator from my account when I had canceled my subscription. I've gotten a new phone since then too so I have no means of getting through the second step. I'm going to leave that up there because I think this is something worth noting. The wildstar support team was able to remove my authenticator from my account and respond to my request in the time it took me to write those two sentences so I'm good to go now! See you all in game!
  2. Delrith played it back when it first came out in early access. He really hyped it up because of its similarities to SWG and basically said he was going to force it to be a big deal to the AJSA lol. I did try it out and was a little overwhelmed. The game pretty much drops you in and hands you a mountain's worth of options and basically tells you "alright, figure out what you want to do". So I don't doubt that it'll be interesting and probably worth your money, just be aware that there's a bit of a learning curve to overcome.
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to push to make a comeback to Destiny next week with TTK and unless a major change has been done to increase the size of the clans I will still be unable to join the official AJSA clan. That being said, alternatively I would like to add some more friends so that once I'm caught back up to speed I'd like to be able to form groups for strikes, dungeons, and possibly raids with folks from within the AJSA. So anyone who would like to add me my account name is: ashtan20 Look forward to seeing folks in game again! -Myteesharp
  4. I'll be coming back with Taken King, if anyone would like to add me ahead of time my psn is: ashtan20
  5. Are you looking for something the two of you can play in the same room or do you two have your own personal systems?
  6. Hey guys Albion Online's summer alpha starts Monday for folks who purchased founder's packs and I for one am really excited for this. This is a game that could potentially be EVE for medieval fans and the best part is it's highly accessible being available for all OS's as well as mobile platforms. This is a game that deserves some hype so check it out here https://albiononline.com/en/ Also here is a first look video from a while back to give you a rundown of some of the features of the game (they've added a bunch of new features since it was published) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9StvrjFt1g I plan on streaming my experiences with the game come Monday (to take a break from my adventures in Heavensward) so anyone who might be curious and considering pulling the trigger on a founder's pack is welcome to join me in channel and hang out some. Peace! Myteesharp
  7. Hey guys, Heavensward has launched today and with it the already massive FFXIV has been expanded exponentially. There's only one problem, we need people to play the game! FFXIV is easily one of the best mmo's on the market right now if not -the- best and for it to still be flying under the radar like this is criminal. We need your support so that the guild may flourish once again and we can tout the AJSA airship through the skies of Eorzea!
  8. So turns out the reaper lvl 40 requirement is server specific so my plan to level my lancer then jump servers wouldn't have worked. So I started a gunner today and got it to 21, also applied to the guild with it to use until I can switch to reaper
  9. Nope, unlocks do not turn bad games into good ones
  10. So unfortunately my existing toons are on the Lake of Tears server, so what I've decided to do is level my Lancer (who is 29) up to lvl 40 and then make a reaper on the AJSA server. Hopefully with the xp boosts it won't take too long. See you all "soon"!
  11. Game so far is running pretty great. The leveling process, for a KR grinder, is not bad at all and the classes evolve very nicely as the levels progress (at least with the class I've been playing with). I plan on streaming again tomorrow around 11am EST and I will be giving away a beta key during the stream so anyone interested in the game come on by hang out for a chance at getting into the beta!
  12. No the title wasn't just the Star Wars pun, on May 4th Echo of Soul, a very popular (in Asia) MMO will be starting its first CBT for the english version of the game! The english version is being headed up by Aeria games (I know, I know) and they're currently accepting applicants for the beta test as well as offering founders packs (the prices are $20 and $50 which, for founders packs, are honestly pretty reasonable). The game itself doesn't really break from the mmo standard: it's a f2p Korean mmo with super flashy tab target combat, gender locked classes and sexy lady avatars. But the combat itself feels pretty fun with some ability combos and the class system itself is actually fairly unique as there is no dedicated healer class but rather an archer support class al la FF14s Bard (they actually call theirs a Bard too but this one really focuses on buffing and healing as opposed to the FF14 one that mostly just applies a buff and dps's as normal) and an off-tank elemental lancer supporter. I've played a bit of the Thai version just to get a feel for how the game itself plays and it's quite fun so far. I haven't been able to delve into the professions at all or read the quest text since it's all in Thai so that's something to look forward to. I will be streaming on Monday if anyone would like to check out the gameplay before dropping in and if anyone else has bought a founders pack I'd like to meet up with you in game so we can hang out and kill many many many monsters. I leave you with some short videos demonstrating a few of the classes and what to expect from this game, hope to see some folks there!. Guardian class Archer class Warrior class
  13. I really like the combat and classes of the game; and even the various questing map layouts are interesting and well designed. However I hope you really like either the paladin, cryomancer, or lightbinder because if you want to play one of the other 10 classes you're looking at probably 10-15 hours of grinding, with a class you're not really interested in, just to gain the ability to unlock the class you want to play (which takes additional grinding to actually unlock the class). Then you're starting from the beginning of that class's ascension atlas so you basically are starting the game over again to farm the various orbs needed to unlock the skills of the new class. I had some decent hope for this game but it's pushing my face into the dirt so hard it's really hard to stay motivated, maybe the game gets easier to unlock the other classes once you actually open up the upper atlas but just getting there is a major chore for me.
  14. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone in the AJSA had bought in to the Albion Online alpha, their summer test is coming up soon and I'd like to meet up with anyone here who plans on playing it! For anyone who doesn't know about this game yet check it out here: https://albiononline.com/ It's going to be a huge sandbox mmo with an isometric viewpoint and cross-platform compatibility across...well everything (minus consoles). Everything you use in the game is crafted by somebody and you can claim territory, build guild towns and castles, and wage resource wars. When you die in the game everything you were carrying is lootable so there's a chance people can steal your stuff, but the same goes for people you kill so there's a chance you can kill someone and get upgraded gear.
  15. If you want to sate your hunger for capital ship combat there's a title on steam that's in alpha currently called Fractured Space, it plays very similarly to Dreadnought and, while it may not be as big a title, it definitely can scratch the itch and is definitely worth playing in the meantime.