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  1. EU region: Ferox#2843
  2. Sad thing there's no cross-server roaming in Wargaming titles.
  3. Yup. Playing right now, level 50. Uplay ID: Rockurai
  4. Hi everybody. I see there's some Crew enthusiasts so you probably heard about Golden Plate challenge. I found all of the codes and need crew members to unlock final reward. So, anyone interested?
  5. So, anyone willing to create fantasy dota league for compendium owners?
  6. Hi everyone! Not sure about a team, but if anyone would like to make a party to roll in some ranked matches - I would gladly join up. Nickname: Ferox 630 hours/555 games played (283 wins/272 losses) Solo MMR: 3200 Party MMR: TBD Timezone: UTC +04 (available randomly, but w/ 90% probability Europe's evenings) can play on Euro/Rus servers. Preferred roles and heroes: My fav. is Clockwerk as offlaner (pretty bad on offlane w/ other heroes), support (CM/Necro/Abaddon/Jakiro) or carry (Weaver/Luna/CK/Slark). Don't give me mid (even if I win the lane I usually can't use properly early gank potential). Dotabuff profile: http://dotabuff.com/players/52665590 I'm into dota since 0.8 version of dota 1 so I have decent understanding of ingame mechanics (still a lot to learn though). If anyone is interested in playing together - feel free to add me on Steam (avatar is the same as on this forums).
  7. Na'Vi and Team Empire in European scene. Vici Gaming in Chinese scene.
  8. No way a real WWIII would start any time soon. But in some way it's already going on, cyber war I mean. Let see at our main competitors: US, first of all, have superior military and economy.UK from an espionage and financial standpoint is far ahead. And they're kinda made first hit on US with this recent Snowden's (PRISM) case. Or it possibly was just a show of force.Germany is only on it's way to reconquest whole Europe via economical force. Only when it obtain full political and economical control of Europe's core regions it may really enter competition for world dominance.France is kinda self-eliminated from competition, electing a socialist as a president and locking on inner problems. Even if Marine's Le Pen "National Front" party will win upcoming election, country will still need to solve this problems, it's only mean they will be solved much more faster then under the pure rule of socialists.Russia doesn't have self-independent government since the middle of 90's. Putin is clearly not intended to develop country, just exploiting industry what's left of USSR to death. Basically, he's staying here more like US or UK colonial administrator.China... well, it's interesting.It may seem that there's a billion of Chinese and they might want to conquer some living space, but if you look closely, you will see that majority of people lives near the coastal regions and the difference in level of development between this regions and inland agricultural are huge. More so, they are not a single nation and holding everyone together, explaining why Hans (major Chinese nation) have to live wealthy and healthy life while inland farmers should live like in Medieval - is constant goal for any Chinese government. Expanding territory will only intensify this problem. In other words, they have a lot of free space. But they are trying means of indirect invasion in neighbor countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan and others subduing their industry and politicians.U.A.E is one more interesting country. Extremely wealthy and very closely connected with USA. But recently there's been some tension between the partners and if the sheikhs decide to financially confront US it will cause a lot of instability in the whole arabian world. They are also playing their own game, indirectly controlling almost all muslim countries or terrorist organizations (for example, you probably heard of Chechnya and chechen's terrorists, the ones who bombed Boston marathon recently. Well UAE freely admit that they are controlling and sponsoring chechen terrorists).North Korea is China's protege, so no action against them will be committed by any country of the world until their overlord allows it.Japan... man, I love this country. And I heard of recent attempts of their government to remove 9th article of the constitution which proclaims pacifism and refusal to have offensive military force. Actually, Japan has been under US's military protection and if they'll free of America's dominance... very interesting things may happen in region.Iran... just a clowns from a geopolitical point of view, one would say. What might change in next decade? Can't really say about US, UK and UAE... very unpredictable, but 99% that there's only passive phase of next-gen cyber war will continue. If "National Front" will win in France it will have to suffer one or two years of shock therapy for economy, but after that it may build very strong industrial and economic base for further struggle. If not... we may call France geopolitical corpse for now. Japan - depends on their will to became militaristic state again and recent tension with China may help it greatly! Russia - expecting national revolution and even possibility of civil war (hope not that harsh like in 1918-1923) after Putin's rule finally fall. Regions are already reporting of huge budget deficit (and to be honest, they are bankrupts in no time). If this result in appearing new European-like national state then expect it to solve huge amount of problems left from USSR and Putin. If it became another socialist country, kinda USSR v2.0 - expect mass migration of ethnic Russians to Western world (Europe, US, Australia etc.) and the country itself will be huge northern Afghanistan. China - stability, development and gaining political and economical influence in whole Asian-Pacific region. Except this tension with Japan, this might result in something... but I doubt it. --- Sorry for mistakes, English isn't my native language and I actually never verbally talked to a native speakers. PS: too much words on foreign language for a 4AM, I guess
  9. First Doom on my mom's working PC and... Zero Tolerance on my Sega Mega Drive man, what a game it was!
  10. Hi everyone! I've been into this game very deeply since the closed alpha testing and had to abandon it right soon after the open beta launched. I really tried to help the devs and wrote bug reports, made propositions etc. Even participated in huge role-playing thread on the forums (and actually devs offered me and few other role-players to participate in writing the backstory of the game, well, it didn't go well We wrote few very nice stories and devs said that they really liked it but they will hire REAL FAMOUS SCI-FI AUTHOR which name they refused to tell. And this author will coordinate our work etc. but instead they just went silent after that) Still it's not the case. While all of the testers had written that game seems pay2win even in alpha and the direction of development have to change, great proposals were made and devs seemed to listen. Some time after they announced big patch that will change things and it changed to worse! They did everything right opposite! And game really became worse. To the negative response from testers they answered with forum rules that concerned... signatures (most of the testers already gathered in clans and placed it logos in signatures, suddenly it became illegal). And actually made tons of strong warnings to people and stopped listiening us at all. After few "nice" talks with community manager I decided to abandon the project. I just hate to invest my time and actually real money (I've bought premium services and in-game goods for testing purposes) and in return be treated like an empty place or even stupid fanboy who will eat anything they'll feed us. Visited Star Conflict recently by the way. And the funny thing, controls got worse they were almost awesome in closed beta, just had a few issues with interceptors handling. They screwed even what worked really well. So, not recommending to invest in this game at all.
  11. This GFWL is a real trouble for me, because I live in 3-rd tier country for Microsoft so this "service" officially unavailable and all it's games just removed from steam. I just can't buy it... however, when it was just added to Steam pre-order I instantly bought it while MS wasn't quick enough to remove it. So, finally, PC release... downloading it, launching and can't save my game due to service unavailability. I think nobody likes to be treated like a second or even third class human, especially when it's undeserved. Compare it to steam itself, where we have even discounted region pricing because of relatively very low level of income.
  12. Have you seen this vid? Contains a bit of real gameplay footage of a very-very pre-alpha Eternal Crusade game.
  13. Love this game and it's developer. Supported it from very early stage and even helped to translate it to Russian language. Dunno about community game, but it deserves some discussion. As it's dev's upcoming title Endless Legend: http://www.amplitude-studios.com/Articles/OUR-NEXT-4X-GAME
  14. It's okay. Would like to see more to this feature and how it's develops w/ time.
  15. By the way, I think whole Dota 2 community hates Russians, but what in fact they do is they hate kids. Instead they are transferring their anger to a 200-million nation. Wise, nuff said. PS: Dota 2, as you well aware is free and incredibly high quality product and in Russia games are very high priced compared to a level of income. So what you think kids play? Ofc free games and Dota is first choice for them.