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  1. These expansions aren't being developed by the main development team - they're being developed by the live team which just recently released Age of Triumph, the live team has Luke Smith's counterpart and they will be keeping the game alive for the next 3 years after launch 2017-2020 if the game follows the same schedule as Destiny One.
  2. As expected, I saw it coming from a mile away, Rockstar always delays games.
  3. https://www.change.org/p/datto-release-destiny-activision-and-bungie-s-game-on-the-pc Every signature can make a difference, and Bungie said themselves they still haven't ruled out the possibility of a PC port!
  4. SlickMish UPLAY.... gonna be playing thursday - saturday most likely nonstop
  5. Idk... Beta was AWESOME but I'll need to see how good the final product is now.
  6. this may be late but.... If Blizz fucks this up..... I'm going to smash my keyboard.
  7. I am not against homosexuals, in any way, shape or form.
  8. So this all started when I searched "AngryJoe" on Google. Keep in mind I wanna go to Joe's channel. So I stumble upon a blog, that was called Angry Joe Sucks (Now with satire) Cry moar Angry Fanboys! Now this guy, this complete asshole, writes complete bullshit about AngryJoe and his friends (Delrith etc.) This asshole is clearly a fanboy, as he wastes his time writing endless paragraphs about Angry Joe. This piss-off needs to be wiped off the face of the internet, not because he's voicing his opinion against Joe, but because some people actually believe the bullshit that he posts, some of it COMPLETELY false!!! He wrote about how AngryJoe is a sellout for going to Poland with CDProjektRed, and how Joe giving the game a 10, was all paid promotion. I know for a fact, if a COMPANY paid Joe to come see a shitty game, He WOULD say, that the game is shitty. Joe is not a sellout. I trust him with my life. Infact, never once has Joe's reviews, and Top10s ever failed me. WHAT THE FUCK?! This uneducated asshole doesn't know that Joe's condition, is ACTUALLY GENETIC!!!!!! Yeah fuckface, do some RESEARCH before you hate on Joe. Second of all, Joe is a genuine person. Why the fuck would he play with a damn pedophile?! Yeah, I remember going on Teamspeak for ESO, someone told me that, "Delrith doesn't like Children" Okay, I'm not even mad. I'm a teen, but some of my friends at school act like complete idiots around adults. I have nothing against that. Delrith, I have nothing against you, you seem like a cool guy. I thoroughly enjoy your streams, quite frankly I think you're an entertaining commentator. (If you actually go after Furrys,(Kids with low self-esteem) then I think you're a fucking creepy ass guy.) This asshole also wants to pry into Joe's personal life. That's not fucking right! It's none of out businesses that Joe is dating anyone, it's only his business. Now back on track. I hope this asshole's face gets wiped across the internet. I'm done. I have nothing more to say. TL;DR Involving himself in Joe's personal life (aka writing about his gf/ex-gf) draws the fucking line and I hope that his face get's smeared with shit in the near future.
  9. Free to play, you mean like upto LVL 20, (Like WoW) Personally I played GW2, never enjoyed it so I went back to WoW. One thing though, The no sub fee is PERFECT!!!
  10. So far, the beta runs like complete RATS ass on my friend's PC. He has a GTX 770 which should be MORE than enough for BO3
  11. One word. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!
  12. Orc, Warrior! LOK'TAR OGAR! That's why! (Lok'tar Ogar = Victory or Death!)
  13. If it's affecting your personal life, then stop. I play many, many, many many many hours a day. I've gotten my ilvl 670 gear, i just really enjoy wow and i think it's lots of fun. I play roughly about 3-6 hours a day! but that doesn't stop me from studying, going out with my family and so on.
  14. PC games in general are poorly optimized nowadays. Dying Light fried my i7 5820k because it put pressure on one core the whole time. The game also stuttered like it had an endless seizure! Don't forget AC Unity. Far Cry 4 wasn't terribly unoptimized, it ran fine.
  15. I'll get it for that fancy RC Claptrap and the actual game to play it for the 3rd time