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  1. I think it would be awesome to have some international love!
  2. Physical all the way! I like seeing my Ikea bookshelf all alpha'd and looking sexy
  3. To the army members that have already bought the PS4! Have any of you been getting any issues with your hardware/software yet? I hear there is a slight wobble (which I don't think is a big deal) and the first big update has "broken" a lot of software games. Any feedback that can be given? Everything else ok? HDMI connections all good?
  4. I personally would be ok if I paid for most of the shipping of whatever price I won. Paying for half would be even better! But I think the amount charge for shipping would depend on what rank you are in the Army. Thoughts International Peoples?
  5. Developers save a TON of money on shipping and producing material like disks, manuals, cases, etc. Shipping is the biggest thing. I think there should be a little saving to us as customers. Then again you look at DLC's....
  6. I CAN NOT WAIT for GTA5 to come out on PC. I am positive it will rock and have a lot more replay value just like GTA4 did.
  7. I know it's not a CONSOLE but the first real system I got was the massive Gameboy with Mario Bros. Then right away we got the NES because of how popular the Gameboy was in the house.
  8. Im sure now with the PS4 out and the streaming possibilities over Twitch I am sure this list is going to grow! ANGRY ARMY CHARGE!!
  9. I'm wondering how long it will take for Sony to get a patch out for the problems they are having. When they get that solved I'm all in!
  10. Let's play some PS4 SGT!
  11. Hey Army! Alex here! Also known as snelder007. Really glad Joe was able to get the new servers and site up and running. Super excited to play with all of you. I started a youtube channel a little while ago and getting it fully up and running. Take a look! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSoi-CSCLk7RqVhRXlEcqVA As we play as an army I would love to record and edit so we can show the internets how much fun we are but also to display our awesomeness. See you guys out there! Stay Frosty! Alex