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  1. The marvelous Sonic Boom QA team: qa manager: aj hernandez sr qa testers: Amanda Rose and Jerry Cortesqa: russel peterson compare that to NSMB U QA: Naoki TakamiHitoshi KanetaniRyuji HamaguchiNaofumi TerazonoMario Club Co., LTD.NOA Product TesingNOE Quality AssuranceAll General Support Group
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eB4mJA3DV5D_gYAEp2lLMXQqqTZLlQRJDsTQOOoVvR8/pubhtml# For those who don't know: AGDQ is an annual charity video game marathon that features speedrunners playing games for donations to a specific charity. For AGDQ 2014 it was for Prevent Cancer Foundation and raised over $1 million. That Battleblock co-op run is gonna be hilarious and the Tropical Freeze runs are a treat to watch. I'm a little disappointed they didn't set up a race for that, but oh well. PJ's run of Battletoads (Arcade) is probably gonna be a good watch, because the amount of BS and random crap in that game is ridiculous. What run, if any, are you guys looking forward to watching when AGDQ commences early next year?
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/parax0/c/5484942 Sonic Boom speed run in one hour exploiting the Knuckles/pause glitch. If you just want to see the glitch in action go to the 8min mark and 12min mark. Knuckles god-tier.
  4. "Sexy Bad Girl" Katarina....well, that makes her my new favorite female character.
  5. http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/11/monolith-soft-confirms-xenoblade-chronicles-x-will-online-elements/ Monolith Soft teased and, subsequently, confirmed some kind of online "elements" for Xenoblade Cross. Details of what kind of online "elements" the game will have is non-existent, so it could be something incredibly stupid or the greatest thing ever thought up by the human brain. What kind of online functionality would you like to have from this game?
  6. http://www.siliconera.com/2014/11/11/final-fantasy-xvs-action-will-feel-realistic-kingdom-hearts-still-speedy/ Car customization will be a thing. I'm thinking some nice Dark Knight Cecil inspired spinners with a Squall Leonheart paint job with a nice chrome chocobo hood ornament with fluffy pink dice hanging from the rear view mirror. There is a strong possibility of some kind of airship or at least something to fill that role.
  7. JP with these specs http://itmejp.com/specs/ couldn't get 60fps while streaming (on just High settings at 900p resolution) averaged around 47-52fps with dips. Was only running off of one of his 980s and had the most recent driver updates.
  8. I agree. It seems like a losing proposition. Too hard and people will hate it; too easy and people will hate it. Maybe they can find a happy median somewhere......and no snakes, Clinger Winger, Rat Race, or gold rats.
  9. It's more of a case of the hideous textures, bland gameplay, game breaking glitch, and the fact that Sega blasted the vid with a DMCA claim..........yeah, let's throw our money at them.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5ssg9VV8XU Go to 18:39 you won't be disappointed. (or maybe you will...meh you'll get over it) I said to myself, "If they just make a competent platformer then I won't really have much issue with this game.", but then they decided to add in a little Sonic '06 game design into it. At this point I'll gladly throw the dev under the bus. I suggest you avoid this one. It could be a one time occurrence, but one time is one too many in my book. I don't understand why Sanic can't get some reliable QA.
  11. Information from Siliconera.com The gameplay footage starts out with a look at some of the parts of the magical academy city, Istantar. The 7:53 mark demonstrates the Bravely and Default features in a simple battle. There’s a new battle feature, which Asano demonstrates at 11:50, that lets you press the L button to select the same command multiple times. For example, previously, you had to select the attack command or a certain magic by flipping through the menus four times. This new function will let you do it much easier by simply pressing L four times on the command. Skip forward to the 16:00 mark for the big fight against a powerful monster called Gargantua. The new job, Wizard, has a special attribute called “Postscript,” that lets you add “modifiers” to magic. While we don’t know too much about the modifiers, it’s a new system that allows you to give magic different effects. More details on that will be revealed in the near future. Additionally, Square Enix introduced a new ability called “Halfies,” which is a useful one that lets you extend item effects to the entire party; however, when using healing items, it’ll reduce its capabilities by 50%.
  12. If you want to listen to some great music then check out http://xenobladex.jp/
  13. I'm pretty sure the only game Team Little Devils worked on was the Original DMC and some of the team worked on the fourth game, but I'm not sure if Team Little Devils itself was credited, but I digress. Bayonetta's snark is better than Dante's one-liners and the climax of Platinum games are far more entertaining and a better pay off than a girl finding out a "Devil" can cry. In terms of combat mechanics; I personally prefer Bayonetta, because I feel more in control of my character and the enemy attacks seem more deliberate and intentional. With clever switching between swift attacks and slow attacks.
  14. I'd say so. The N64 moon's eyes are dead and lifeless, but the 3DS eyes are almost sinister. Though when I look at it more closely the 3DS moon is making a face like a person who just found cat poo on their bed.
  15. The takeaways: Majora's Mask 3DS Spring 2015 Codename: S.T.E.A.M looks cool and will hit Spring 2015 Captain Toad is adorable, but Toadette shooting out of a pipe is the tops. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks f***ing ridiculously good. Splatoon has a single player campaign that tells the age old story of squid vs octopi. Looked decently entertaining and seems to have variety. amiibo is still a thing Mario Kart 8 DLC is still a thing Sonic Boom demos are coming Kirby and the Rainbow Curse coming Feb. 2015 ....and that's about it. Fantastic Nintendo Direct. Showed me cool games coming down the pipeline and had a great surprise to kick things off. Just what I've come to expect from these Directs.