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  1. Sorry, as a game developer, I'm just trying to be helpful
  2. No offence but I think you may be falling into the trap that a lot of new or non developers fall into when they start. You seem to have planned out the next 20 years but I can promise you it will not go to plan. Before making any large scale plan or planning a triple A game right off the bat, start small. duplicate Pong and Mario first to understand what type of effort it takes to develop those simple games. Do some Game Jams. You can do this stuff while in college. I don't want to dash your hopes and dreams and all but I also don't want to see you sorely disappointed.
  3. Sorry. It just seems extremely unrealistic. Could we see some screenshots or videos?
  4. This is a troll right?
  5. I'm very happy their bringing this festival back, was one of my favourite additions last year!
  6. Is there anyone around who is learning or willing to learn some 3D modelling? Me and a friend of mine are looking to start up a larger project we have put off for a while now and want to go down the Unity route with a First-Person game. Neither of us can model. I'm a designer and he's a programmer.
  7. Either finished, unfinished or just parts (art, music). Its good to share so we can see what others are doing. To start off; I made Scrapped, the forth game down on the list, for The Arbitrary Game Jam The game play video really brought to light some problems with the level design
  8. hermescragsniper.2713 and moving to Northern Shiverpeaks to join in! If you'll have me?
  9. Yea, I would be of the opinion that this is far too big for a team less than 50 even and may require a gigantic budget. That's what I mean by Triple A. I would either scale down immensely or go for more attainable goals. Even Guild Wars 1 took 3-4 years and several dozen people to complete. Of course, if you could prove me wrong, I would be over the moon and I would play that game to death! btw, you said you made prototypes. Any we could see or play?
  10. You theme sounds pretty interesting. I have a few questions; When you say MORPGFPS, could you elaborate more? I mean, is it more like a deus ex game with multiplayer elements or an elder scrolls or some other type? Is it narrative focused, or do you have some interesting mechanic(s) in mind? It sounds quite Triple A. Have you planned out the scope of the project and how long it will take you? I ask as I worry it might be too much for yourself or even a small team.
  11. I guess I mean something along the lines of; a game that promotes and glorifies things like Nazism and Racism etc... You can see where I'm going with this
  12. For me, it is very broad. I will at least consider and examine almost any game bar some taboo subjects I find, and most others, abhorrent. Propaganda or Rape/Sexual assault are definitely over the line for me. It horrible to know these even exist!
  13. While I agree Steam does need to do some repair work on Greenlight, they should probably do some quality control on the crappy old games that are going up on the new releases page recently. It is frustrating and just flat out lying!
  14. I can understand the need for paid early access from an indie developer point of view. Funding can be tight and deadlines get missed, it's very common in the game industry. Then again, it's always the few bad apples using it for evil that show its faults, and how steam continues to mis-handle it. Day-Z does need to get it's act together. The fear is always that more and more games will just put "Early Access" or "Beta" beside it's title so they can sell and unfinished game for full price
  15. I'm glad you like the post guys. Just an update; I decided to post the guide to Gamasutra and they featured it so, YAY!