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    Well games of course, but I'm also into anime, MlpFim, and Kamen rider. those are the main things right now.

    Favorite genre of games: RPG, RTS, and Horror.
  2. I go for the Alliance or Empire, I don't care much for the Fedeartion, more cause I already live in it, its called America.
  3. I hate to be a bother, but can I ask someone to give me the synposis of the meeting please? I won't be able to attend due to some circumstances so if anyone here could do that after the twitch live stream could give me a head up I'd really be grateful! thanks guys! LONG LIVE ANGRY JOE!
  4. The true problem is both youtube and publishers. With this system youtube has pretty much said "you guys handle it" to the content makers and the publishers, which as Totalbiscut said "is pretty much like giving them a gun to execute us with." But Jim Sterling of the Jimquistion reminded me of something. We don't need joe to review the shit from the AAA gaming industry. I watch the Angry Joe Show not for a game, but for Joe. I'd ask Joe to deal with this stupid system and figure out which companies want his help in advertising, if they don't well fuck'em! There are tons of indie gaming companies that are more then eager for someone as popular as Joe to review their game. The Angry Joe Show and his Angry Army are going no where, if the big fat cat companies don't want us, then why the hell do we want them?
  5. @Snwater hey dude watch this its long yes, but its very informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt1ubSVMwaw
  6. Its part of any generation, heck you could call Jim Sterling of the Jimquistion the modern gaming doomsayer. still alot a points of his are good and if anything the game crash will come when the AAA gaming companies find that straw that break the camels back.
  7. Mostly cause his partners are not on Youtube, they use Blip, and Blips polices are completely different then Youtubes. Its still an Idea anyway, so someone go yell at Doug and Rob on Thatguywiththeglasses.com I still think Legal action would end badly, if anything we could, or more likely, should sign a petion to youtube. like I mean everyone of use doing a "yeah don goofed" petion. Not in those word you get the idea. if anything they will hear the shout of the entire AJSA!!!
  8. I'd agree if not for the fact to fight Youtube is to fight Google. That's a huge company that has its own legion of lawyers. To be honest I want to agree with you on Joe taking the fight to them, but it seems like this would cause more harm then good. That's easier said then done, to start we'd need to get the whole of the AJSA to do this and more to really affect youtube. Also legal action like that could take years, decades even, before change is brought through. For a long term solution that is what me may have to do, for now we need a solution to the current problem. Making sure Joe stays Angry Joe and not give up on the fight!
  9. If anything we're just as powerless as Joe, we need to start thinking of something to fall back on. I've been under the policy that you hope for the best, but expect the worse. So in that light we as a community need to think of ways to help joe and keep the Angry Army going since we don't know how long this will take or how far this will have to go. We can all agree that Google/Youtube, are giant bungholes for this stupid new policy all we can really do now is work to help joe and maybe figure out a way around all this.
  10. Well it does my heart good to see the angry army addressing this, since it puts our beloved leader in jeperody. But this also is another nail the coffin of Youtube and the AAA gaming industry. Also for those who do not want to read the comments here is boogie2988 to give you the low down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35P2-kVuHKI
  11. So in the opinions of my fellow Angry Soilders, do you think the Wii U is a console worth getting?
  12. Summoner Name: MrBushido90 Region: NA Areas: 5v5(all)
  13. I'm good of a bot battle hit me up if you want to got at it. User name: MrBushido90
  14. well I'm a newbie, I just finished downloading the game and going through the turtorial, if you ever feel like playing a game my username is MrBushido90.
  15. again if you don't mind the newbie add MrBushido90