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    My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/muddledmuppet
    Always up for collabs with fun youtubers!
  1. Hi guys, I'd appreciate some feedback and comments, negative critique is fine too (as long as it's not TOO harsh!) https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U ps, how do I do a direct link showing the actual video?
  2. An exclusive that is written to harness the particular features of a paltform is good. One that is done purely as a marketing tool is bad for consumers, as are exclusive missions/add-ons.dlc etc. If a game will be capable of running on any platform, it doesn't serve gamers at all one little bit to have it denied. It may make sense to the suits, but to us? No way.
  3. For those who may not wish to read my ramblings, feel free to just put a yay or nay as a reply as per topic title So here's my dillema, I'm new to the game, (new to AJSA as well) and massively keen to get my hands on some PvP action, but would love the comfort blanky of having a huge army as back up. However all the PvP action is in NA, and here I am in the EU (I have made a NA account after being advised to do so) Chatting with a guild mate, the craick seems to be currently all the PvP afficiandoes are on the NA server, with little interest from EU, but, there is a feeling withing AJSA that a EU PvP guild would be the best way forward. Kinda seems like a vicious circle as anyone interested in PvP is drifting over to the NA server, and as time goes by and people become more invested in their characters they'll be even less likely to get anything going this side of the big pond. How many people from the EU are currently playing NA for this reason? How many would consider making EU a going concern if we could get a group going? Maybe if there were more than a handful we could get something started, and once the ball is rolling it could grow steadily? If we can get a few people on board with this, I'm more than happy to get sonething going with recruitment videos etc, I'm only a small channel but I dare say I could get a few, if others here with small channels were interested we may be able to actually get a decent recruitment drive going? One last thing, if anyone is keen on teaming up (I'm currently very low level) feel free to add me @MuddledMuppet, preferably if you have skype as I been playing consoles waaaaaay to long and can't get used to push to talk
  4. hey guys, i decided to mkake a character on ~NA server so I can get in on some juicy PvP, I'm already added to the EU guild, but could I have an invite to NA too please? Cheers @MuddledMuppet #SENT
  5. I didn't even realise this was possible lol so thanks for the heads up! Is it character based or account based? Will I be able to move an existing character over or would it mean starting afresh?
  6. I thought the speech was superb, however it was kinda bad having to hear all you yanks have a shit loada fun when there was only three of us in the EU server lol hopefully the EU server will fill up a bit and we can get in on that kinda action. I hope we have someone on our server equally inspiring!
  7. add me p[lease, @MuddledMuppet In guild.
  8. Ups n downs bud, a couple of months ago i was hitting 300k views monthly, but it's dropped back down again to about 100k monthly now I'll put some content up in here when I've got the lay of the land a bit, I just joined so dont wanna be seen as coming here to spam vids lol, I'm hoping to neet some peeps for PC gaming as I'm just about to upgrade my PC. Unless it all falls flat and I break it
  9. wow, I actually played the original Xcom and Chaos (on which this seems to be based) when they first came out on the spectrum, and I can still remember what fun they were! Am deffo gonna go check it out and will probably throw a few bucks over if only for the sake of nostalgia
  10. No.. this wasn't for Battlefield... it's for TESO do you recommend I go solo for a day or two to get the hang of things or try and get on with other players first? EDIT: Awesome sig pic btw!
  11. Awesome, thanks for the welcome and the help
  12. Hey Rabbit I had a quick look, it's not my kinda game, stuck a like on the video anyhoo lol Just thought I'd drop a hi as I recognised the name
  13. I might have just made an arse of using the quote feature... I've been applying wood oil in my kitchen and feel pretty high lol EDIT: mind if I ask how you get your PSN stuff in your sig? that's something else I obviously made an arse of!
  14. thanks, exactly what I was looking for
  15. weird, I just tried replying to this using a quote, but something came up saying the post needed verifying or checking or something... is that normal? anyhoo, no, no relation