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  1. Lol its like I can see what you're saying, but at the same time it makes no sense! Don't worry, it's probably just my brain on a cookie induced sugar high, I get it.
  2. Hey everyone, I was just hoping to ask for people's opinions on something that popped into my head. That being, what is the main difference between a game publisher, and a book publisher (assuming there is one)? Obviously, I'm referring more to business practise than anything else, in particular the way that big VGPubs seem to interfere with the devs. I suppose I might be asking the wrong crowd, and tbh I haven't done a whole lot of research on it, but I've never heard of an author whose work was interfered with because of the publisher, albeit I'm sure its possible. Although I guess any interference might not have a negative effect on consumers like AAA games, or at least not one that is noticed. Can a book publisher coerce a writer in creating something they never planned, or changing part of their book because its more marketable? Thanks in advance.
  3. You're not alone, fact is the whole of Bethesda is either having trouble living up to their own name, or they just don't care anymore. I say this knowing full well that, what's it called? "Star Shelter" and 76 could prove me wrong, but honestly I get the feeling it wouldn't matter if t did or not. I guess if I'm to be specific about 76, what rubbed me wrong about it was that there were no NPC's. I mean, Fallout with no NPC's. Plus a game like this you just know its gonna have micro-pocket pinching bull sh1t. Well, at least we've still got the modding community... For now.
  4. Uh, factoring in inflation and the fact that wages aren't increasing?
  5. I like this post lol
  6. Because money? lol
  7. Well said. As great an idea, and as fun to think about, open world games are hard. Plus, just because its a vampire doesn't mean it'll just have vampire based game mechanics, there's stuff like dialogue and that lot to consider. Personally I find myself wondering more these days about if its possible to lessen the work load for game devs. I mean, if there was a software that let you build a high quality open world... Although I suppose that's just mine craft and the like... Hmm, it would have to allow for mechanics to be implemented wouldn't it? Meh, just thinking out load.
  8. Gonna send a pm to the GM FYI but seriously did I not get an invite because of the duty joke? Oh gosh I hope not (and no thats not sarcasm, that's genuine concern. Curse my paranoid poop joking self.)
  9. Raptorstrike88 reporting for duty.... pff duty. lol
  10. So the mentality of an individual is really what my thoughts boil down too. Thanks Tenno. I do have to say though that the idea of being a sore loser is a little bit wanting. I mean, I know I'm a sore loser, and I think a big part of that is to do with the lack of skills, and as Ghaleon said another big part is mentality. To be honest though ghaleon, I kinda get the vibe that you're saying that sore losers are cry babies? Is that the case?
  11. Hey Tenno, so this idea has been in my head for a while and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. Its mostly based on a few personal experiences but I'm wondering if there's anything to it. Just in case I'm putting a link to an article here I read a while back: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/violent-video-games-dont-make-you-aggressive-difficult-games-do-says-new-study-9246838.html This is something I agree with as I've also had experience with getting violently frustrated with certain games, namely: Assassins creed unity and Red Faction Guerilla. But I'm going to talk about some other games here, one in particular you might not expect. TBH the title is a little deceiving as its more about whether video games can alter behavior, perhaps more so as a result of repetitive actions than just violent behavior. For example: Some years ago, I was playing skyrim on my 360 (ah, a simpler time... Kinda) and this particular play session lasted for.... Honestly I'd say at least 12 hours. By the time I stopped playing through the night, its was day and I figured before I hit the hay I'd get some fresh air, and went for a stroll. I remember being pretty gosh darn tired at the time, and as I was walking I passed a property with a front garden growing a plant that looked a lot like lavender (as seen within skyrim). All of a sudden I felt the urge to go over to the plant and "Harvest" it. I often add to this story when I tell it, saying that I did go and pick the plant and that the owner came out to ask what I was doing, to which I reply "I need it for my invisibility potion." A stretch of the truth for the non gamers I tell the story to, but for all you skyrim legendaries out there, I am indeed aware that lavender cannot be used to create an invisibility potion. Another story comes from extended play sessions of Saints row the third, a challenge mission/quest/objective from the character oleg, in which you are to blow up some very tiny cars. In real life there are cars that look very similar to these, and on occasion I would see one, and immediately have the urge to whip out my RPG from hammer space, Lock on, and let rip. Of course is that this was not possible. (Car in question is similar to: Toyota IQ ) My last example is quite strange, and comes from playing Ass Creed (to memory it was black flag) and also GTA V Online (though mostly the former if I recall). The strangeness comes from the fact that after playing for about 4 to 5 hours or more a day, when going out, I would tend to run, or feel the urge to run or jog to my destination. I'd like to mention that I am not considered to be neuro-typical (aspergers and Torrettes) and so perhaps that is an important factor to consider. This post is a result of my thinking about those news story (usually regarding rockstar and GTA in some way) where a lad, will acted violently and end up getting arrested. I often wondered if there was anything to it. Obviously what I'm suggesting is that yes, a violent video game like GTA can make you violent, but only provided you've been playing it for such a prolonged period of time and that you have for a large part performed certain violent acts in the game over and over. TBH I would imagine something like this would be very useful for military simulations, and perhaps if you have the know how and the eagerness for inappropriate deeds, you could construct a real life bank heist simulation or similar. Perhaps my real question is this, can a violent video game be a simulation by accident? After all, if simple repetitive actions and extended periods of play were all that were required, surely many more people would be out "ducking 5O" as the kids say. Is it also possible that the people who committed crimes "because of GTA" (to quote so many uneducated) met other requirements in regards to suggestibility (as I understand it you are more easily suggestible when tired) and neurology. Well, that's it. I hope to hear what people think. Also, I didn't proof read this, yes, terrible habit I know. See ya Tenno.
  12. Man can't even remember posting this, hey hadrefort I dunno if there is a clan I can't find mention of one but if you want to start one I'm game, doesn't need to be ajsa though just something so others can connect. This is for Xbox one though need new gpu before I can play PC though.
  13. Hey doshka17, is the warframe Soho still running (Xbox one?) I'd like to play with others if I can.
  14. So I've played this game on xbox one and figured I'd try the PC version seeing as I could actually join a clan.... I did not like this game on xbox one and I do not like this game, probably even less so. I've seen people say that this game is pay to win, and maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but without a doubt there is a pay to progress mechanic that honest to god makes me feel like I'm playing Clash of Clans again. So yes, right now I don't like this game. Right now, this game for me sucks... Ass. This game is sucking ass and also seems to be enjoying it. Perhaps the reason I want to play is that its actually a relatively good game that's just been smothered by a microtransaction bussiness model (seriously, wasn't the angry army against this kinda crap once upon a time?) Anyway, I've tried installing this thing and its continued to try my patience. I couldn't download it via steam which may or may not have been because of the file size (which is literally unbelievably stupid, to the point where I feel its worth mentioning), so I ended up directing downloading. Now its downloaded, and I can click the play button. And I'm then greeted with a white window (or transparent I can't remember what the piece fluff software decided on) which is then followed by a good old fashioned "(Not Responding)" appearing at the top of the window. So if anyone can help with this, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and by the way I'm not going to contact their customer support or tech assistance or whatever the hell their called. As far I'm concerned this game has been out long enough that I should be able to download and play without a problem. I want a local fix and if I can't get something like that then screw this game.
  15. Dunno if this will interest anyone :http://games.mxdwn.com/news/leyou-technologies-holdings-purchases-digital-extremes-creators-of-warframe/