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  1. yoemeuunito liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in Fallout Blues   
    I don't know...am I the only one that's not getting a good feeling about Fallout 76 after watching all the promotional material released so far?
    I was willing to give the multiplayer aspect a chance, but now it looks like it's going to be just another boring copy of RUST and who knows how many other "survival" shooters, just with a Fallout theme. The idea of exploring the wasteland with your friends is cool, the knowledge that some twelve-year-old jackass can ruin your whole day just because he feels like it is not. I would feel a lot differently about this game if it was strictly PVE.
  2. yoemeuunito liked a post in a topic by ULTRAxCARNAGE in Game Ideas, share yours now   
    I like this topic
  3. yoemeuunito liked a post in a topic by Shailen in Game Ideas, share yours now   
    As of the last few months I've been playing a lot of games on the Horror genre.
    From Amnesia, to Dead Space, and other smaller indie titles like Detention.
    However I've really missed any games that use the ancient egypt horror tropes
    Mummies, Flesh eating insects, ancient curses, ghosts.
    I wonder, with such a classic and plentiful topic to exploit in horror, why are the developers limiting themselves to Zombie or Space horror?
  4. yoemeuunito liked a post in a topic by Deadmuffinman in Game Ideas, share yours now   
    Well from my limited knowledge about the industry, it would be best to develop the gamemechanics first, and then start on the narrative (A.K.A the story) later in the development cycle. So you have made good pith for a game, although a openworld is gonna be hard to make
  5. RuneX liked a post in a topic by yoemeuunito in GTA Online - Xbox One Official Thread   
    Awesome I'll see if I can make it.
  6. Maghorn liked a post in a topic by yoemeuunito in Vessel Classification   
    Hey everyone... So this is a little nerdy of me but I figured I'd talk about my ship classifications, as in the types of Vessels that can be made and maybe at some point their sub classification. 
    So right now I have 4:
    Stationary HQ
    Three of those are self explanatory really, so I probably won't talk about them until I go over the sub classes (there's a few). The Arc Class vessel is essentially a space station on the move, and should be capable of holding much larger ships... Imagine a star wars Star Destroyer docking into another ship, maybe not as big but that is pretty much what the Arc class can do.
    I hope to talk more about this, and any thoughts on something like this I'd love to hear... BTW what kind of ship does commander joe have? Should we make a replica in SE perhaps? let me know.