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  1. I'm down for it if there is interest in it. Been playing for 6 years and I live out in Caldari Low-Sec.
  2. I'm a little curious about asking for the AJSA server to switch to creative mode would be received well. Ever since the last data wipe, I've been very cautious about investing more time into the server, especially with the frequent updates I noticed in the last month. Does anyone else share the same sentiment?
  3. o/ I play logistics in factional warfare for the Caldari State.
  4. Nope. Relic now belongs to SEGA, and has no licence to use the W40K property.
  5. I'm a little curious about your fascination with "what if" questions. It should go without saying that the gaming industry would be vastly different if such entities in every thread you make didn't come into being. Speculating on how that may be could be anyone's guess.
  6. It's that age old tale of letting someone convince you to stick a magnet on your hard drive. Giving control over his account to a stranger was completely idiotic, and deserves no pity. If this kid goes to customer support to complain, they should tell him that it's his own fault for putting trust in a stranger.
  7. Tiberian Sun is my favorite in the series. It's kind of a shame how the game was treated in the years before it's death when C&C4 was released. I did really enjoy C&C3, even though the setting was less bleak, the story was still fun.
  8. Of course, but it seems that every time we try to build something great, an update gets released and the data gets wiped. What I'm trying to convey is that some of us are already burned out and desperately want a more expedient way of recovering what was lost.
  9. Muting is for mic spammers; blocking is admitting defeat. The best move is to not play into their game, and if that doesn't work, then a little self reflection into why you're being trolled may be in order.
  10. If they pull another BF4 where they release map packs, isolating players who don't buy the DLCs, then this is a definite 'no'.
  11. If you never played it before, this would be a good introduction to the series. These were the only 2 Home world games from Relic before stuff happened with their publisher Sierra.
  12. hmm, if so then I shall reinstall Dawn of War.
  13. Known for his SCP Shenanigans
  14. Didn't it's multiplayer ran on Gamespy, which is a dead online service now?
  15. Space Marine is a little lacking in the multiplayer side. The best we can sort of do is organize some Exterminatus missions, which would be the easiest to do since you only need to find 3 other players. In regards to W40k as a whole, I think the AJSA is waiting on Eternal Crusade to become playable. That game seems to have a greater potential to become big enough to organize a much larger community.
  16. I would also ask what's a good movie to be made from a video game. I've never seen this movie, but would it be fair to compare Pacific Rim to Evangelion?
  17. A tip with the harmony stones, magic has a low probability of droping with tier 2 products; null for tier 1. They only seem to reliably drop in the hospital and city hall. Heart stones can only be given to you by friends, but it lags the shit out of the game and the devs had a habit of breaking it when I used to play. Seriously, there are better ways of wasting your time, but that's just my advice.
  18. That game is all about grinding. There is no shortcut in there unless you're willing to reach deep into your wallet.
  19. Hey, it's all about networking and making IRL friends. Suffering with your comrades is a swift way of building fellowships; and if you're not restricted by NDA, recalling horror stories at parties with one another long after the fact.
  20. I was asking because I've been on staff for Everfree Northwest for 3 years, will be 4 years in May. Some of the highlights I had from them was getting to meet some of the VAs that did stuff for Warhammer 40k and waiting at the airport for VIPs. I didn't really enjoy any of the panels (mostly because I'm staff and we don't have fun), but I get my fix at the dealers hall.
  21. Anyone been to any of the pony conventions?
  22. I'm curious as to why this became a spam pony pics thread?