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Im childish got banned

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  • Birthday 09/30/1999

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    generaalkk koen1999
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    koen klop
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    Nederland overijssel ijsselmuiden
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    armored warefare WW2 and TF2 im also collecting old canon shells and warfare stuff, and im a fan of starwars republic commando and battlefront, and i hate summer storms
  1. it only an idea no need to hurry, take you time
  2. unforseen consequences(dont mind red lazer sight on your nose)
  3. well everyone has there own opinion. let,s keep it by that
  4. Welcome to AJSA and also nice profile pic
  5. just use the youtube button in down right corner
  6. and there is e second and third vol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grNOznSzK8k
  7. cmon, its funny right?
  8. really cool, but are the charracters or person,s
  9. that whit a pencil thats really awsome
  10. this is mine. nothing special really
  11. but most like house http://electronicsuperjoy.bandcamp.com/album/electronic-super-joy-ost
  12. i also lissen some time to rock music or hard rock butt only when im the mood
  13. i didnt expect starwars HQ on this site but im pumpt for the reveal
  14. nice animation,s but see that it,s not the fineshed