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Im childish got banned

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  1. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Star Wars Freaking Battlefront!   
  2. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Flying Potato in Do you want to develop a game?   
    Christ, he's just trying to give some friendly advice
  3. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by The Anti-Santa in Am I the only person in the world who wasn't excited for Watch Dogs?   
    Seriously, everyone I know was getting wet over that game. I didn't get it. I still don't get it, it's just a brooding guy with a trench coat hacking things and pretending to be Batman.
    Even now I'm not excited about it. I mean, yes, I saw Joe's review, but if I ever did get it, it wouldn't be until it was waaaaaaay cheaper. Like bargain bin cheaper. Was ANYONE else not greasing up their nipples in anticipation of Watch Dogs? :/
  4. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in The Angry Army #RoadtoTOP10   
    You can do it!! Or rather... DO IT!
    Or suffer the consequences... >=)
  5. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in D-Day Remembrance with Music   
    And it's our duty to make sure we don't forget them.
  6. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in D-Day Remembrance with Music   
    My great grand father was in the thick of it in Europe. He was there for Normandy (I forgot which section of it he landed on), and the Battle of the Bulge. There were others, but those two are the only ones I can remember without looking at his campaign certificate... which I don't have.
    They're called the greatest generation.
    I personally don't disagree with the name.
  7. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Goku16FPS in Star Wars Battlefront 3 (We want to support it!)   
    Star Wars Battlefront 3

    will be coming out some time this or the next year.

    So the question is

    "Do we want to support it?"





    We need some one to be the commander for this game.
    Next we need to vote in the polls to gain awareness.
    Finally we have to wait for the game. 
    Please share this with other AJSA members, and follow this post. If you can contact other commanders please do so. Ex(SgtRoss, DocterEvil)
    Contact Me if you have something to add.

    ​More Detail later on.


    As Always 


  8. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Carrioner in LOBO   
    Here is my pencil drawing of Lobo. Hope you will like it

  9. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Gamer, movie goer, cartoon/ anime lover, music enthusiast etc. Which one of these describes you well?   
    Which one of these describes you the best?
    I'm an all rounder, and I enjoyed everything equally. As long as those are fun to play/watch/read/ listen to, I will enjoy them.
  10. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Lightning in One More Week Until Star Wars Battlefront Reveal!   
    Have more faith people! Sure its EA but, just believe!
  11. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in whats your fav music   
    From classic, to electro, to classic rock, prog rock, metal... nearly everything
  12. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Star Wars HQ in One More Week Until Star Wars Battlefront Reveal!   
    So, I am extremely excited over here for this reveal.  I hear it'll be up on the Xbox One stage, possibly a singleplayer demonstration, and will be actual gameplay.  It's one of my favorite gaming franchises of all times and I am thrilled to see it being revived.
    Anyone else as excited as much?  There's got to be someone!
  13. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by CQR Myles in One More Week Until Star Wars Battlefront Reveal!   
    I don't see how you can make that analogy at all given how different Battlefront plays to Battlefield. It’s been stated that it’s not a re skinned Battlefield game
  14. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in One More Week Until Star Wars Battlefront Reveal!   
    I can't wait to see it! A demo for game I have been waiting eight long years for, but then again it is being made by DICE but I feel like they are the best studio for this sort of game. Even if they made Brokenfield 4.

  15. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by ShakeySco in Angry Joe AJSA Trailer Update Sneak Peak, thing...   
    Ok, so I got a little tired of messing around with textures and such. So I decided to have a break, render what I've got so far and see how it looks. Rendering took about 12 hours or so. While that was rendering I played about with making a 3D logo and also messed around with the smoke simulator. I tried to recreate the effect Joe has in his reviews where there is explosions in the background.
    Anyway hope you guys enjoy! The theme song wasn't my first pick but I couldn't get permission of the song I wanted to use in time sadly... Hopefully that will change! If you guys are interested the song I wanted to use was Theatrum - Anthony Waldhorn. It's a dance song BUT there is an awesome orchestral part around 2:18 I think it was. Check it out!
    P.s Low-ish quality in the video because yet again it's just a test. If it was a real render I think I would still be rendering it this time next week...
    As always I'd love feedback and would love to hear any ideas you guys have!

  16. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by skipro22 in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm   
    I think this would be a great game to support.
  17. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by SamuraiSage in The problem with early access games.   
    As we steam users know, early access games have been occupying the featured games slideshow. There are many early access games that I have purchased just to find out are not fully complete. Understandably, that should be expected. The intention of early access games is to provide developers with constructive criticism so they can make positive adjustments and fix bugs. Steam is very pro-community; a very good choice for them. . . IF they do it right. Here is a direct quote from the steam website store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/?snr=1_200_200_Early+Access.
    "We like to think of games and game development as services that grow and evolve with the involvement of customers and the community. There have been a number of prominent titles that have embraced this model of development recently and found a lot of value in the process. We like to support and encourage developers who want to ship early, involve customers, and build lasting relationships that help everyone make better games."
    It is clear that steam would like to include the way games themselves are made into this community powered business.
    Lots of these games present themselves with professional trailers, screenshots, and descriptions. All of them promote the game just the same as any other game would. A form of false advertising with an official excuse to do so; the game will loos like this and have that feature once it is completed. Even the community ratings are hardly reliable. The majority of the positive ones are gamers who bought the game, played it for a few hours MAX, get bored with it, then give it a good rating because they were either convinced that it will develop into a great game, the improper mindset that the early access game requires extra easy judgment because it is not yet complete, or because they think that others will like it. WRONG! Every early access game that receives ratings through this procedure, gets the undeserving positive community ratings when it is complete. If I rate a game without testing it entirely, but through the belief that it has potential, then that game will get to keep that when it completes into a FULL game. If it even does. Some early access games are abandoned because they successfully got enough profit to demotivate them. This leads me onto my next point.
    A perfect example of an abandoned early access game would be called Towns. Towns was nominated on greenlight to be published for sale on the steam store as an early access game. Even I was excited for the games completion. Towns became a featured game and attracted a lot of attention and received lots of success. The game was good! It was not good enough to be entertaining, but it certainly had lots of potential. Again, it was very good for an early access game but not for a completed game. So of course, everyone gave it positive reviews. After some time has passed, the incomplete game went inactive just to be declared abandoned officially by their developers. I might have believed their excuses on their forums if they stopped developing before they made a 2 million dollar profit! Here is a timeline of the amount of times the game has been played every day http://steamcharts.com/app/221020#All the chart spikes are not from updates, but are from steam sales. Notice how in only two years, the average player count dropped plunged. November 2012, near its release, had an average of 1310.4 players. To date, the average is  The following quotes are from a post on the Towns forum from a developer. http://www.townsgame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10615
    "So so far Towns has sold more than 200k units and generated a gross revenue of more than 2M usd. and although we are pretty sure we can and will sell a lot more, we still see it as a huge success."
    "So, what we did was that at some point, we had to take a vacation from towns. the best vacation we could take was to start developing a new game. something fresh that would bring the joy of creation back. in the last few weeks we have been exploring several ideas and about last week we have found that one idea we want to take further, we have created a very simple framework and put it aside. let me be as clear as possible about this: We are not working on a new game right now, not until we are fully satisfied with Towns. but by having the clear vision of the future, it finally allowed us to breath a little fresh air and come back to looking at towns with a clearer perspective."
    Lies, lies, lies. What I predict is the developers were making Towns with profit on their minds; a common and acceptable motivation. Then they received 2 million dollars. Yes, that is an incredible about over 2 years. Now that their number one motivator, money, is a goal successfully achieved, they have nothing much left to motivate them. I highly doubt that they would release an incomplete game onto steam. They did not intend for this to happen, but now that they lost their motivation to develop this title, working on it further would seem more like a painful chore. Honestly, the same thing has happened to me. I received the reward I was working for prior to completing a project I was working on, and then I lost motivation to continue.
    This whole thing is like the following analogy. I want to move to another house, so I look online for a nice looking one. There are both incomplete and complete ones mixed in with each other for sale. Prefer buying a complete one, but I see an incomplete one that catches my eye instead. So I buy the house, pack up my belongings, and move to my new home. When I arrive, I walk inside of it. It could certainly need some paint and a few modifications, but overall it seems great for the most part. I go into the bathroom only to find the sink dried up and non functional. I understand that the house is not complete, but surely I cannot live there without plumbing. I walk upstairs to find that it has not yet been constructed. Understanding that the house is still under construction, I return to my other home and plan to return once it is complete. I am very excited to do so because the house has so much potential! Its architect showed me his/hers plans for the house and upper floor! After a year or two, I return to the house to discover that little has been worked on. Upset, I complain to the architect. The architect tells me that they need a "break" because they have been working "very hardly" need a "vacation". Their "non-working vacation break turns out to be another house to start working on. Upset, I ditch the house and look for another one to buy. This is exactly what happened to towns and many other potential games.
    Do not get me wrong! I fully support community based businesses! I just don't want to witness them getting intentionally or unintentionally exploited by developers. Here are a few suggestions I thought of:
    Test the game for promised features before they declare it complete.
    Make a separate rating system designed for feedback to the developers with categorized tabs that specifies if it is a suggestion or bug.
    Do not promote players from buying the game to buy the game. Instead promote them to do it for feedback by replacing rating system.
    create a separate section of the store for early access games.
    There is many more I have but I am getting tired of typing. I am just suggesting that it is not wise to make a message on the front page of the game page. Lots of games follow through with their promise to complete it. However steam, please reconsider your filters.
    GAH! I am done typing. Please take note that my brain is not working at its best today because of mass sleep deprivation. There might be lots of misspelled words of improper sentences and usage of grammar. I also am sorry for the bland use of vocabulary and general writing voice. Also, I usually get off topic or generate a grudge against a side when I talk about a topic for long periods of time. So do tell me if I seem a bit prejudice here. Thanks! Time to nap.
  18. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in Would You Truely Think I Am A Hacker?   
    To be honest. Im not even a hacker. I really dont know about how to put in aimbot at all. I've never ever learned to hack in my life, because I see it as something that could ruin the community.
  19. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Master Chief Snake in Rename SEGA To SOPA   
    Yes. I just got banned on their forum because SEGA think I'm threatening. That's bullshit! I will not support SEGA and boycott SEGA just like TotalBiscuit boycott SEGA for removing and flag on Shining Force videos at YouTube where I responded and plan to design the art. Listen, I'm not happy with SEGA alongside with ATLUS. So I just send a message to companies on my YouTube video. Here it is.
    I would like to thank you for Angry Joe because he show us funny box art from (infamous) Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is this.

    is like
  20. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Mowbeeus1 in Heroes and Generals   
    If you do not support it, then that means you wouldn't be playing it.  Therefore it logically follows that this thread has no value for you in any way.  If you don't like something that's fine, but since you would not be playing it, why even bother commenting?  Instead you could have just said "meh" and carried on your merry way.  No need to bring other people ideas down just because you dont like it, especially since you aren't required to play, lol.
    To the point of H&G, it looks the the game is HEAVY IMBA in the Wehrmacht's favor at the moment.  Most of the people with a lot of paid for gear/vehicles (in-game or real life currency, either way) play on the German side in every war, and the Germans have won every single war for the last week.  I probably played about 15 games today before the Allies won once.  The wait times have been drastically reduced however, so that is nice.  But basically, if the enemy team has a lot of tanks and it isn't a map with lots of buildings, ur gonna lose because thus far I've seen about 3 competent Allied tankers over the last week of playing.  
  21. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in AJSA Game Development Team   
    Mwahahaha! This is the beginning of the end for you Corporate Agent. You go back and tell your Corporate Commander the end is nigh. Power has been given unto us, and we shall use it to take what your hold dearest... ALL.... OF......YOUR..... MONEY!
    And we shall do it providing better games for the masses, use your money to increase our goal even further. Your core will crumble into dust.
  22. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in What PC Gaming Company is Best?   

  23. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by BlondishMist748 in Do you want a signature ?   
    Hello fellow soldier in the Angry Army. 
    All soldiers should have their own signatures. That's why I am here. To give you a signature for free. 

    Like it ? Just click it and you will be moved to my deviantART and you will be able to download PSD file and put your name in (YOU NEED PHOTOSHOP, I use CC).
    I will be making more of those, even not AJSA releated, but at the moment I will be focusing on AJSA. 
    I am looking forward any form of feedback from you guys
    My work is free, if you want to support my work for what ever reason you can contact me and give me few cents
    if you want a signature only for yourself or make this one different you can contact me and we will make some deal. 
    (For moderators: I am not suggesting people to give me money, I am just putting the possibility. Please do not take it the wrong way.) 
  24. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in An Angry Joe Photoshop work.   
    It may not be Memorial Day but I decided to create a fan art based on one of my favorite war films, Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line.

  25. Im childish got banned liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJ Mission: Pledge to The Mandate! *Contest*   
    +++Incoming message from Command+++

    /Message Begins/+++

    This is Angry Joe, listen up soldiers! It's come to my attention that a game worth your viewing is in need of your consideration and support!

    They are under attack from all sides in the war for coverage, PS4, Xbox One, and even Star Citizen forces have been pinning them down out there on the front lines. They've called in the reinforcements.

    We are sending in our Airborne Division now to back them up ASAP! Please consider being the tip of the sword for us on this one. Pledge to make this awesome game a reality and do your part by spreading the word to everyone you know during its last 2 weeks!

    I've prepared a briefing for this Mission Via Video Transmission See it here! Do the right thing. Support our friends in battle!


    The AJSA Is Running 2 Free Giveaway's to encourage your support of the game!

    If you pledge at any level [Warrant Officers] $20 or above & you share your pledge of the game via social media (twitter, facebook, google plus, youtube, etc.) please post in this thread in our new Kickstarter Campaign Forums with screenshot proof.

    If you do so you are automatically entered to win 1 of only a few Art Print's of the amazing fan art created by their concept artist GarretAJ! (himself a fan of the show)

    In addition one Grand Prize Winner will receive a Script from the game Signed by David Bradley (Lord Walder Frey from Game of Thrones) who lends his Voice Acting for the first time to a Video game with The Mandate!

    Pledge or Walder Frey will show up to a future wedding of you or your loved ones!