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  1. In case you, or anyone else whos checking this, still requires tips: The way the balance is setup is so that the movie tie in races are balanced to each other. CIS are early game dominant with damn good trade research capabilities. The requblic and alliance are about shields and defense. The empire is about doing a stupid amount of damage. (Im thinking of the executioner class here) The vong are just the vong. They have no shields and are a later game power, much like the empire in many regards. What you want to do is you want to get you cap ships up as the empire, then you need to look through your ships and find ones with useful abilites. In this mod it is focus quite alot on fighters and bombers so early game spam cap ships to take places, then once you find the CPU spam anti-fighter craft. For the empire it is a balance between getting enough cap ships, having the firepower to kill enemy frigate with those cap ships, and having the frigates to kill their fighters. All buying time for your eventual supremacy once you build the executioner. Make sure you understand which cap ships have good abilities and auras, always having more than one of a good aura so you dont lose it completely if you lose that ship. Always focus down the enemy cap ships: this removed their fighters, abilities and due to multiple banks of weapons, your cap ships will target other things anyway. All ships have different uses, so just make sure you are building ones that either have the most damage, or are useful for your fleet tactics. Getting trade up is more important early game than getting military tech so unlock those as priority. Always leave a slot for trade. And once on front lines, always have a influence building in your ship building planet and your front line ones. Oh and lots of races have research that reduces tech costs and time, so make sure you do those FIRST. Unless you require something before that. There is also the strategy of moving your cap planet to one of the super resource worlds so that you get that additional extraction rate. For some fleets you can literally spam cap ships and cruiser carriers. Just make sure the fleet you are facing off against doesnt have many anti fighters. For the difficulty setting you pick, make sure you dont go too high, as the CPU gets bonus rates on everything, meaning that they build faster, conquer worlds with those ships, then get the increased income from those places anyway adding to the difficulty. The other thing is to build fortresses, or uber defensive platforms where lots of lines reach. Dont expand from there unless you are ready to fight. Sometimes having 3 fleets is better, sometimes 2, sometimes you just need to death stack. Tax comes quick, minerals dont come as fast, prioritise those. Once you get an executioner you are set to go. Always try to bait the ai into attacking you in one of your own planets. Preferably one that has a crapload of defensive platforms.
  2. spectre-sfx
  3. ts: spectresfx ingame: spectresfx
  4. gotta hope we all like everyone in the ts channel, after 24 hours we will either be good friends or want to kill each other. I am thinking we will become a company of the living dead. Just grunting and moaning when we get killed. Stumbling across the battlefield, oblivious to the battle around us, just going for the target. The ultimate soldier. Tking the one we designate most annoying. Oh and a tip for staying awake: dont drink any alcohol. When you zone off drunk, nothing is gonna wake you up. Also dont drink caffine unless you really have too. But as long as we are engaged in the game then we can handle it. There will be a wall of fatigue a few hours after you usually go to bed. Just fight through it and you should be fine. And if you want to make it easier then get a good nights sleep for a few nights before. Or just do what i am going to do and wake up just before it starts. if you think about it, you will be doing more than 24 hours if you wake up in the morning (in the uk it starts at 7pm) Gonna be an experience. Reminds me of when my friends and i used to go to internet cafes and play dotaall day and night (among other games) Im pumped. hopefully i feel this awake during the actual event. And i hope my connection stays up for the whole time.
  5. Dont forget that for every good game there is an equally good mod. For sins of a galactic empire rebellion there are starwars and star trek mods. Both differant and worth the downloads.star trek is all about shields, star wars is all about capital ships and fighters (though at this stage of development the crazy amounts fighters your empire will amass causes lag on lower end pc's and multiplayer. I would recommend company of heroes 1 over 2 i would also recommend men of war assault squad (get the skirmish missions off mod db, and i also recommend the never ending battles mod as it makes you car about your tanks a hell of a lot more as the enemy sends hoards of enemies against you. Germany vs russia feels more realistic as you see hundreds of conscripts and t34's, as well as other tanks, charge your position. Many of my friends take a look at the defenses and think that it is going to be a cake walk until they see 10 t34's charging at your anti tank guns and they realise that they need to fortify the shit out of that position. Later waves, once you get pushed back to the final position will have as many as 3 is2's and the occasional is3 charging at you in a single wave (basically the heaviest russian tanks, when you play you will understand why this is so bad) however your superior german troops and tanks will make short work of them as long as you keep the at guns filled with shells and your mg's filled with ammo.) Yea i love that mod, just get the game it is great. Men of war assault squad 1 not 2 Warhammer 40k dawn of war; my favoured expansion is dark crusade with the annihilation mod which boosts elite unit health to the tens of thousands as well as boosting damage outputs adding more units and respecing races to be more like the board game (orks have more less health units, etc) Wargame airland battle, and the newer red dragon are great fun. Red dragon added navy which has a different style of gameplay to land and is a welcome change. Basically get every strategy game you enjoyed and mod the damn thing for a new experience. For empire builders you have paradox games like victoria 2, hearts of iron 3, and europa universails 4 (best game by far) mods them as well So many games, so many hours of gameplay, then you discover mods and just black out at the mind numbing potential of your gaming library
  6. COD4 is old cod right? Simple and fun.
  7. I used to read when i was younger. From age 7 i read every ww2 book in my local library because i loved all of the machines involved in war. From age 12 i started read seriously and read most of the classics because my teacher kept giving me new books to read. Then a few years later i started reading kids books and fantasy (yea its usually the other way round) and those were so easy to read i used to get through a goosebumps book every 4 hours. We did reading level tests in my school and i would always score one of the highest (i was in grade 7 and beating grade 12's scores so if you are a younger person i would definitely start reading as it really does make school a lot easier). I used to read all of my free time before i discovered call of duty 4 when i was 15, even then i would read for most of the day as my parents limited me to 2 hours a day. My grammar still sucks, but my spelling is great. Never really understood grammar and my parents never really understood how i can be dyslexic and still have such a high reading level. Or that was their excuse as they never really accepted i was dyslexic. I love lord of the rings and have read the whole series many many times. My favourite book is catch 22. Read it so many times and still find new things or read something that happened in a new light. Makes me think that i actually suck at reading.... I dont really read for fun that much any more now that i am in university. However i still love a good stephen king book every now and again, and my personal book collection is at 400, while my families collection is some stupid number. I read so much because i moved to china when i was 11 and had a hard time settling in so i escaped into books. That is what reading is for many people, which is why many will find themselves reading less and playing more. Why read someone elses story when you can create your own or watch and play in an interactive one while gaming? Why read a book alone when you can coop an epic story with your friends? But i will eventually get round to reading the game of thrones books and all of the other great new ones out there when i find the time (when my internet wont connect or perhaps the power is out) because i know that (my example being lord of the rings) books are so much more expansive that the movies or book series. I mean they made 3 hobbit movies of one small book and 3 longer movies from 3 much much longer books (though it is considered one book that was split into 3). When you read the lord of the ring series you can just see how different the characters are, and also how much more they dramatised the movies. So just expect the movie or series to be different and just forget it is related to the book and you will enjoy it a lot more. I am just happy that i watched lord of the rings before i read the book. Damn i always write too much. Just give me a good story and i am happy.
  8. I loved the car chase in the GTA 5 review, the mini cars were funny as hell. Plus the scene where he bumps the police car just sums up the cops. Should have done one where the cops bumped into his car and then blamed him for it and shot him. The reviews are always entertaining
  9. When we are around people we tend to judge and measure people based on how they look or how they seem to act from our limited contact with them. On a pc however we are all just raw personalities, we do not judge based on how we look or what colour our skin is, or even where we originate from. All we know on the game is that there is this person who i am having a blast gaming with and i think they are cool. They might have the same interests as you and they might have a matching play-style or even play well where you do not, creating a great team. Then you look at a picture of them on an off chance and think "would i have even talked to that guy or girl in the world society dictates?" As for socialising online; as long as a game has a function to communicate in some way you will always find yourself feeling a bond of friendship, though many times a friendship only consisting of a few minutes or hours, as you progress and grow through this experience together. Many times you will find yourself able to be more like your true self around these people you, many times, have never even met. Yet feeling a stronger bond of friendship towards them, and even feeling like you know them more than the friends you used to hang around with in high school. Literally the only reason is that you have to fit in in society whereas the cyber society asks little of you other dont play like a retard. Oh and dont be a total asshole because, unlike the real world, the cyber world takes no shit. Most of us have many steam contacts we only gamed with the once yet had a hell of a time with. We are just made up of little chemical reactions inside our brains, and our experiences over the years. We could easily be replaced by machines and still keep our sense of humour. However this would remove all of the physical feelings which i am quite happy to hang onto for the time being. Some people play golf, some people play poker, some people do extreme sports. We do them all, with people from all corners of the world and then get told that we have no life. Define living. The realisation that you are too late after you have finished writing.... and the spell check that keeps on telling me that my English English is incorrect...