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  1. Chumbry42 liked a post in a topic by Spectresfx in Sins of a Galactic Empire (SOASE MOD)   
    In case you, or anyone else whos checking this, still requires tips:
    The way the balance is setup is so that the movie tie in races are balanced to each other.
    CIS are early game dominant with damn good trade research capabilities.
    The requblic and alliance are about shields and defense.
    The empire is about doing a stupid amount of damage. (Im thinking of the executioner class here)
    The vong are just the vong. They have no shields and are a later game power, much like the empire in many regards.
    What you want to do is you want to get you cap ships up as the empire, then you need to look through your ships and find ones with useful abilites.
    In this mod it is focus quite alot on fighters and bombers so early game spam cap ships to take places, then once you find the CPU spam anti-fighter craft.
    For the empire it is a balance between getting enough cap ships, having the firepower to kill enemy frigate with those cap ships, and having the frigates to kill their fighters. All buying time for your eventual supremacy once you build the executioner.
    Make sure you understand which cap ships have good abilities and auras, always having more than one of a good aura so you dont lose it completely if you lose that ship.
    Always focus down the enemy cap ships: this removed their fighters, abilities and due to multiple banks of weapons, your cap ships will target other things anyway.
    All ships have different uses, so just make sure you are building ones that either have the most damage, or are useful for your fleet tactics.
    Getting trade up is more important early game than getting military tech so unlock those as priority. Always leave a slot for trade. And once on front lines, always have a influence building in your ship building planet and your front line ones.
    Oh and lots of races have research that reduces tech costs and time, so make sure you do those FIRST. Unless you require something before that.
    There is also the strategy of moving your cap planet to one of the super resource worlds so that you get that additional extraction rate.
    For some fleets you can literally spam cap ships and cruiser carriers. Just make sure the fleet you are facing off against doesnt have many anti fighters.
    For the difficulty setting you pick, make sure you dont go too high, as the CPU gets bonus rates on everything, meaning that they build faster, conquer worlds with those ships, then get the increased income from those places anyway adding to the difficulty.
    The other thing is to build fortresses, or uber defensive platforms where lots of lines reach. Dont expand from there unless you are ready to fight.
    Sometimes having 3 fleets is better, sometimes 2, sometimes you just need to death stack.
    Tax comes quick, minerals dont come as fast, prioritise those. 
    Once you get an executioner you are set to go. Always try to bait the ai into attacking you in one of your own planets. Preferably one that has a crapload of defensive platforms.
  2. Spectresfx liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada   
    Whee captored it for Cayos!