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  1. seems like every mmo is going free to play or just pay once and play these days
  2. I'm already a member of the AJSA in PS2 I just want to know how to join the training sessions
  3. How do we join the training sessions. I'm already a member of the AJSA in PS2
  4. how long will the event go for?
  5. Hey if I have the game on the xbox 360, can I still join in on the event or is it PC only?
  6. So when you get a game package it comes with a insurance that if your ship is destroyed it gets replaced. Now I'm wondering what happens when your insurance is up and your ship gets destroyed in a fight. Will I lose it forever and have to buy a new one? Also can I renew a insurance policy to make it longer? It would be great if someone could help me out here
  7. Hope this all gets cleared up
  8. I don't think that all is lost because Joe has AngryJoeShow.com so he can post it up there. It won't be easy or accesible as Youtube but at least he can upload it. Although then how will he support himself. Then he will have to get a job. Lets hope all this mess gets sorted out.
  9. For me COD is neither bad or great. It's in between. I think that the first few game COD 2 and COD 4 were good and were fun, however the franchise owners are trying to squeeze every penny out of it. At least Bungie stopped at Halo 3 and are goign in a different direction.
  10. I think its just the sheer fun of having 3 other friends rob a bank beside you Can get really tense at some moments though
  11. First I would take that person to disneyworld and ride all of the rides then I would take them to a rooftop dinner on the Eiffel Tower My expectations would be to get her phone number and maybe a goodbye kiss
  12. For the hud I don't want a really complicated version. Just something simple and clean. Right now not really liking the hud but I can adjust
  13. Yeahh I don't know man that game is going to be big I would save up for a gaming rig like WrydNexus said
  14. Maybe in the future after the game release do any of you think there will be a playable alien race?
  15. Talk about a star citizen wannabe