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  • Birthday 05/28/1987

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    London, England
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    Video Games, Ice Hockey, Sci-Fi
  1. Yep that's the one scrawny high elf with a long black beard. That makes sense, thought that was a pretty weird bug. Ironically after you posted that, the ESO support staff emailed me saying the same thing. But was like WTF? That's's not right
  2. I was playing the game, everything going fine, started talking to Razum-Dar for a mission and the game quits to the desktop. No problem right? So I log back in and my Khajiit has gone from looking like a Khajiit to an Elf! Not a disguise or anything. Logging out hasn't fixed it, reloading the UI hasn't fixed it, changing world locations and items hasn't changed it. And yet if I put on the Vulkhir Guard disguise he looks like my Khajiit again, how weird is that?
  3. That's a pretty bad game breaking bug, especially if people have been talking about it since lauch. Could be they are working on it but don't know how to fix it yet, or given there are a few quest breaking bugs that haven't been fixed yet they are prioritising. I found a new bug earlier just after the patch. Created a new character, went through the tutorial and got to the part where you have to enter the portal after the prophet to get out of the prison, it launches me into the air, didn't transition to a load screen and kept dropping me down again and killing me
  4. Gotta agree with SHODAN on the game front. Movie wise Predator. Jason Vorhees too (And I enjoyed Jason X too) and Michael Myers from Halloween.
  5. Thanks nicky, I'm sure I will thank you and I'll add you the next time I'm on the PS3. And if anybody would like to game on any platform, feel free to add me too.
  6. @Sidonis87 Just your everyday friendly Khajiit serving the Queen....with a bow and flaming arrows. In guild.
  7. I just couldn't help that topic title Hi everyone! I'm Xeris, I'm from London...uh the one in England not Canada and I love video games! Primarily I'd say I'm a PC gamer although my 360 still gets a lot of love as does the PS3. Probably will end up getting the PS4 first, although the XB1 will no doubt be added at some point down the line too I love RPG's so the Fallout games, Elder Scrolls games, Neverwinter Nights, Balder's Gate and The Witcher games are near the top of my list. Also some of my favourites the Batman Arkham games, the Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed and many others are on there too. Right now though my free time is being consumed by Elder Scrolls Online. I look forward to getting to know you all and gaming with you soon!