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Everything posted by Joda

  1. Just wondering if Joe will take the DFM for a spin. It won't be much game play but would definitely like to hear his thoughts.
  2. Don't know if this will work but maybe future Space-sims could be amalgamated? There are so many and it would be really quick and easy to explore if they were in one location. Besides there are so many of them: Star Citizen Elite Dangerous Valkyrie Limit Theory Kerbal Space Engine Rodina X Rebirth Space Engineers And there are more! A picture of Angry Joe sitting in Captain Kirk's chair would be a great header as well! Doesn't even have to be the Enterprise; it could be any bridge on any starship. But of course, if it is a question of enough interest in specific games then I will refer to the immortal words of Gilda Radner, 'Never mind'.
  3. Awesome ships but Shard Collective hands down!
  4. Not directly related with AJSA but thought there might be someone who might like a planet or two. http://imgur.com/a/nfHfp#0
  5. Sorry but given that I suggested way back when that SC should develop it's own Engine rather than spending time and resources on someone else's engine that is, in Mr. Roberts own words 'difficult' and 'tricky', I think the latest delay demonstrates that CryEngine isn't up to the challenge. Either that or Mr. Roberts isn't. Personally I think it has more to do with an Engine that wasn't designed for space. But of course, it was Mr. Roberts decision to use it.
  6. Hmmm....so I have to be a scientist to make an observation about science? I have to be a car mechanic to make an observation about cars? I have to be a lawyer to make an observation about an antiquated racist law? I have to be an artist to criticize art? And I am wondering, how much coding has Angry Joe done? Because he is making a LOT of observations about gaming mechanics! Sorry but your argument is unsustainable. Besides, I make my points and people can decide whether they are reasonable or not.
  7. Love what you did! Definitely taking things to a respectable level - and with an open mind.
  8. I would also like to add that the Procedural R&D Team could be a great opportunity to design a game that suits their needs. Of course a Procedural R&D Team is presently focused on integrating Procedural with standard gaming mechanics but if approached with an open mind it may very well set the stage for an SC Engine. And not necessarily one that is focused 100% on procedural but one that amalgamates standard gaming with Procedural and all the flight mechanics that CIG is struggling to add to CryEngine.
  9. No Valkyrie?
  10. I thought the Shimapan looked more helicopter-ish. Shard Collective is perfect unless you want to make Star Citizen look like Star Wars. Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars or why else would my name be Joda? But Star Citizen should be a different animal and doesn't have anti-gravity technology which is a big part of Star Wars ship design.
  11. Not bad, not bad. I just hope they don't stick a silly name on it like the 'Mustang'. lol
  12. Fair enough. And of course no Engine is problem free. As for establishing in this thread that an SC Engine would be impossible, I think the only thing we have established is a difference of opinion. To be honest I don't take the number of naysayers as proof of anything. In fact there were so many people against outside designers and a contest that I looked like an idiot for even suggesting such a thing; and I am pretty sure I look like an idiot now. But inevitably might, in terms of numbers, doesn't always spell right. But I think we can agree it is too late unless the bugs keep popping up and fellow citizens become overwhelmed with delays. Only time will tell but who is to say with millions still to be made, and I suspect millions more will, that Mr. Roberts wouldn't have the time, money or resources to build a kick ass Engine. And it wouldn't have to interfere with the present Game development. In fact an Engine could be built completely independent from the game (i.e. Valkyrie). In fact it may have to if things go to potty.
  13. Well, I think it would have paid off in the long run. Sure it would have been difficult and probably would have delayed the game, but then again there might be a myriad micro delays working with an Engine not up to the task. And that is now what we are seeing. Don't get me wrong, CryEngine is a good Engine but not designed for the kind of stuff Chris Roberts wants; if it was then there would be no need to tinker with it. Moreover if the Engine wasn't an issue, the DFM would not be 6 months behind schedule - a schedule originally established by SC engineers who were working on CryEngine at the time. I certainly concede that they have something to show. But I think people are more interested in playing than watching.
  14. Good points.
  15. Everyone appears to believe I am calling for Mr. Roberts to immediately drop CryEngine and start building his own Engine. Please read original post as it is quite clear I suggested 'way back when' SC design an Engine that suited their own needs rather than tinker with one that didn't. Clearly it is too late for that now. Also, it doesn't take an engineer to realize that something is wrong when a deadline set by professional engineers is missed by 6 months with nothing to show but a list of bugs. Actually it only takes a little common sense.
  16. Curious, you believe that an Engine built by Chris Roberts would only be 'slightly' better than CryEngine. For someone who admits he has 'no idea what's behind building an Engine' you sure sound reasonable. You must have a really big rectum.
  17. I am pretty sure you don't get it. And I am glad those building Engines don't get it either or we would be playing pacman right now.
  18. Did someone say it takes years to develop your own Engine? Well, 2 years later and SC still hasn't anything to show for it besides a few hangars! Maybe those 2 years would have been better invested in building something that catered to their needs instead of trying to reinvent CryEngine. All one has to do is take a look at all the bugs the DFM has and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that something isn't right - not after 2 years and nearly 50 million dollars! They also missed an opportunity in that people would have been more patient if they were developing their own Engine, but instead we have so called seasoned veterans struggling to customize CryEngine with no end in site. Moreover, Mr. Roberts would have had 100% control over the Engine instead of spending so much time, money and resources improving someone else's. As for the 'making your own (engine) from scratch is absurdly hard and time consuming' argument, CryEngine did it. In fact so did Red Engine, Fox Engine, Frostbite Engine, Unreal Engine, Umbra Engine, Snowdrop Engine, Luminous Engine....and the list goes on! I wonder if they had the 'oh gee....this is too difficult, lets rent another Engine instead' attitude; do we really want a 'this is too difficult' mindset when it comes to game development? Is that how we want developers to approach Star Citizen? If it is then we are on the right track - and the results are definitely showing.
  19. I use to have 14 ships but noticed things changing - for the worse - and decided to ask for a refund. I kept 2 ships as a gesture of support but they sure treated me differently after the refund. Yeah, I think they need to clean house in a big way but they have their legion of Fanboys so they will keep doing what they are doing - although I have noticed their legion getting smaller and smaller with each delay.
  20. I have a suggestion for Joe. It would be pretty funny turning you into an 80 year old with make up, sit you in front of the computer and when you read yet another SC delay in the year 2067 you blow your top - in a kind of octogenarian sort of way.
  21. Hmmm...you might be right. I would hate to go that far but you do make some good points. And given their forums demonstrate a blatant disregard for guidelines and has a 'Fuck you' attitude when not towing the SC Fanboy line, perhaps lying isn't a far stretch. What is the saying? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? And with nearly $50 million in the bank - that is a lot of power.
  22. Yeah, would be nice if they didn't do that at all. But keeping the game going requires some micro-transactions I suppose.
  23. I wouldn't call them liars. Unrealistic maybe but not liars. But I do understand the anger this can cause as Mr. Roberts big selling point was having the DFM out last December; then he suggested a 'couple' more months which then stretched into a 'few' months and arguments about what 'few' actually meant. But I am pretty sure half a year isn't a few months. And now we have yet another delay. Sorry but I don't think everyone is asking for the universe - they are asking Mr. Roberts and CIG to be realistic. But you know SC Fanboys, they will jump all over people for even suggesting Mr. Roberts get his act together. I mean this isn't his first rodeo as SC keeps reminding us. And CryEngine is not a completely untested Engine - modified sure but it isn't an Engine built from scratch! Moreover they have a lot of seasoned veterans working for Mr. Roberts - I know this because they love to advertise it every chance they get. But of course we supporters are being unrealistic - right?! And we are not just talking about missed dates; we are also talking about an intolerant culture where people are banned for not being a Fanboy. Sadly SC has fallen from grace and is pretty dysfunctional. I mean even the original Deluxe Hangar is still buggy as Shit! And how long has it been? Lol. Yep, and we can all thank the o mighty SC Fanboy because they are the biggest enablers in the fraking universe. At this rate we will be able to warp to the other side of the galaxy and back before Star Citizen is finished. And in the meantime they will keep making money with unrealistic dates. Pathetic - but to be honest I am not surprised.
  24. Yeah I suppose. But I also look at it from a different perspective. When you earn you ships you usually end up becoming a better pilot than those who buy their ships outright. So earn your ship pilots are more effective than buy your ship pilot. In short more meat for the grinder for those of us who put in the hard hours.