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  1. Sadly, at least for here in the US, this does seem to be true most of the time. Hopefully it just acts as a scare tactic for the video game industry to change the way they do games, i.e. not trying to bring gambling to your house, and don't actually pass any policies on video games.
  2. All the articles I've read say that Belgium has RULED that loot boxes is considered gambling. So doesn't that mean that they have decided and it's just a matter of enforcing said ruling? The rest is that it's being pushed to the rest of the EU so that means that the rest of the EU hasn't ruled the loot boxes is gambling right?
  3. First off, this isn't about microtransactions.... it's about loot boxes, as in paying(whether real or in game currency) for an item that you are not guaranteed to get. If you could buy items outright then it's just microtransactions and I don't have a problem with that so long as the items you can buy don't hamper the experience if it's a multiplayer game (P2W). Second, I already don't support companies that do these shady practices. You don't see me walking around with need for speed or star wars Battlefront 2 (2 games I wanted to buy). Last game I bought was Horizon zero dawn for PS4 and before that The Evil Within 2. Two great games that don't have such shady practices at work. My post was merely a, hey guys here some news about the Belgium ruling. That's great news. Hopefully the fact that we have legislators here in the US fighting against loot boxes is enough to scare companies to make games more for entertainment than trying to bring a casino to your house.
  4. Guys big news. Belgium has declared that loot boxes is gambling. Not only that, the rule is being passed on to all of Europe so they can adopt the ruling. Personally I'm happy about this if things go as I have them planned in my head which is that we start getting decent games. However that's not a ruling here in the U.S. so we may or may not get the same thing as the EU were they may get games without loot boxes while here we continue to get games with such things. Hopefully this is a change for the better and we can finally start getting decent games aaaaaaannnnnnd... star wars battlefront 2 might actually become decent and worth buying like we all wanted (also need for speed). What do you guys think? Share below.
  5. Dragon age inquisition no PC. 150+ hours still and still enjoying it. on my second playthrough right now.
  6. Best bet is if you have any parts under warranty still I would do that though it is a hassle (believe me been there especially with Asus). I remember I had problem where my pc wasn't turning on at all, no fans spin or lights turned on except the motherboard light was on that it was getting power. Even checked the PSU pins with a multimeter and was getting good readings. I RMAd my motherboard thinking it wasn't distributing power but that wasn't it. My cpu, nope that was good. Lastly I RMAd the psu even though it was the only thing I had checked that seemed good but it was actually the PSU that was faulty. Point being that even though I had checked for good readings on all the pins the PSU was faulty. Don't know if this helps but just throwing it out there.
  7. Maybe because the explosions is the only good thing in the movie?
  8. oh thank god no Skyrim re-release. Because there isn't enough re-releases already. I also hope its fallout 4.
  9. Currently playing DAI and loving it.
  10. My pick is Desrtiny. So much BS said about the game and the only good thing about it is the shooting mechanics. Haven't played many other games but i'm sure others my make it like Watch Dogs, Assassin's creed, Driveclub.
  11. This^. I use my PC for single player games and PS4 for multiplayer.
  12. This game is definitely great but I can't justify buying it again and beating the same thing on next gen. Great for those that missed out.
  13. Case: Coolermaster Storm Trooper Power Supply: Corsair HX 750 OS: Windows 7 Professional X64 Motherboard: Asus X79 Sabretooth CPU: Intel 3820 3.6ghz Memory: 24gb Gskill Ripjaw 1600 Cooling: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo Hard Drive: Kingston 240gb SSD, 3TB Seagate HDD Video Card: XFX HD7970 Sound Card: Onboard Headphones: Sony pulse Headset Monitor: Asus VW246H Mouse: Razer Naga Molten Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X4
  14. Currently have a HD 7970 on my first rig I built but from what I read they are both about the same with Nvidia having very slightly better performance but AMD tends to have better deals. That's why I went with the HD 7970 because it came with 3 games, 2 of which I actually wanted to play. Originally I wanted to go with the GTX 680. Also since I'm new with crossfire and SLI, I was wondering if I could crossfire any two HD 7970s or would it have to be the same brand? The one I have is made by XFX and I want to put 2 on Crossfire but I can't seem to find any anymore so I'm wondering if I can go with any other brand and if it'll still work?
  15. I played human noble but I put city elf on poll.