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  1. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in Belgium rules that loot boxes IS GAMBLING!!!   
    Ok, just my two cents worth...
    While I absolutely HATE this whole loot box band wagon that major AAA game developers have jumped on...getting the government involved is a VERY bad idea in the long run. One thing I love about AJSA is we have something of an unspoken rule to keep discussions on politics brief and civil if they pop up at all. But this is an area where I think there is massive potential for it to spin out of control. Personally I am very suspicious whenever the government is eager to "help". Usually its a pretext for them to get their grubby hands on it so they can regulate the hell out of it. I'm sure some of our Australian members could share some horror stories on the regulation of violent video games and what a mixed bag it is.
    As the old saying goes: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  2. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Belgium rules that loot boxes IS GAMBLING!!!   
    Well actually it is getting some traction in the US. US House of Representatives Member for the State of Hawaii Chris Lee along with representatives of parental, religious and gaming communicates releases this statement regarding the predatory gambling practices of EA and other game publishers.
    A number of YouTubers have made videos responding to the situation here and in Belgium as well.  Here is a couple of examples:
    Sid Alpha
    I'm glad that official government bodies are FINALLY starting to listen, but the gaming community needs to keep the pressure up for 2018 to be the death of the lootbox.
  3. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in GTA 5 Heists have been announced. And PC version delayed   
    tbh i dont care anymore. i been waiting like many, so long for this game to come to PC, but this is long enough. this is the 2nd delay already. i'm done waiting. i no longer have any fucks to give about this game. i'll just remember it from the days on the PS3. the PC version can kiss my ass, im not waiting any longer for a game that came out in summer 2013.
  4. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Seph in I'm at the end of my rope...   
    Ya I am not a a big... fan of the fans that come with the cpu's. I got myself a V8. Looks like an engine sitting in my PC.

    mmmm sexy
  5. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Grimno in Impostor Joe   
    Joe's channel is "AngryJoeShow"
    The Imposters is THEAngryJoeShow
  6. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Recon_avwf in Bethesda E3 Conference   
    So Bethesda have announced they will have their own conference in E3, this would make it their first ever conference ever in E3.
    They have already stated there will not be an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Re-release, so with that we can assume a Fallout 4 announcement but that being said i highly doubt that would be the only announcement (if it's even announced) so what do you think you'll expect to see at this E3 conference by Bethesda?
  7. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Shaminar in ESO Completely Dead!   
    People may return once the subscription fee is dropped.
    I, however, am still playing the game and I'd like to see you guys and girls come back and give it another chance.
    For the Angry Army!
  8. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Aaron Lannister in Submission for Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2014.   
    Evil Within really? Why was that game such a dissapointment? I'm quite enjoying it right now. It's a fun survival horror game.
    But anyways if there's a game that deserves it the most it's Destiny Hands down. I also called that Bullshit must buy DLC compared to other games where it's SUPPLEMENTARY not Mandatory like Destiny.

  9. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by HeroEightyTwo in Making the switch to primarily PC Gaming   
    Both consoles and PC's have their pro's and con's. Simplicity and affordability but often unrealised potential / Graphical goodness, instability and compatibility issues.
    Personally I think you could still play your multiplayer console games with your friends and save your single player adventures / strategy games for the PC depending on if that's your taste.
    I use my PC for MMO's and strategy games like A Realm Reborn and StarCraft 2. But everything else is on my PS4.
  10. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Wade D McGinnis in I just hate PC Gamer's and the Master Race.   
    A PC will always have the potential to be better than any console in terms of technical power. However console also has it's own unique benefits that a PC does not. Both have their respective strengths and weakness. In the end, it is a tool that allows you to play something you love. To play something with your friends, family, AJSA etc. 
  11. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in I just hate PC Gamer's and the Master Race.   
    PCs can objectively be better, but It's not a given that they just are better.
  12. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Trisdino in I just hate PC Gamer's and the Master Race.   
    Being a dick about the whole pc gaming masterrace is not nice. 
    But pc's are objectively better. 
  13. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Console War's getting Childish and Out of Hand   
    Well, yeah you're right. And the AJSA usually does a very good job when having discussions about anything.
    You have to keep in mind that the fanboys and extremists are always just a very small, yet quite loud minority.
    Sadly though, there will always be people who'll love something enough to blind their common sense. It's really not something we have the power to stop, but we can encourage a more mature way of dealing with these people.
  14. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by smuniz83 in Recommended Graphics Card   
    Currently have a HD 7970 on my first rig I built but from what I read they are both about the same with Nvidia having very slightly better performance but AMD tends to have better deals. That's why I went with the HD 7970 because it came with 3 games, 2 of which I actually wanted to play. Originally I wanted to go with the GTX 680.
    Also since I'm new with crossfire and SLI, I was wondering if I could crossfire any two HD 7970s or would it have to be the same brand? The one I have is made by XFX and I want to put 2 on Crossfire but I can't seem to find any anymore so I'm wondering if I can go with any other brand and if it'll still work?
  15. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Narrlocke in Why I respect Angry Joe!!   
    He has the bollocks to scream about how something sucks at the top of his lungs.
  16. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Nya` in PC Specs GO!!!   
    Looked around and didn't see another one of these so here goes!

    Case: Lian Li PC-65B
    Power Supply: Corsair TX 750
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate X64
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3
    CPU: Intel 2600k @ 4.4Ghz
    Memory: 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
    Cooling: Corsair H80
    Hard Drive: WD Black 1tb / Samsung 128gb SSD
    Video Card: Sapphire R9 290X
    Sound Card: Onboard
    Headphones: Turtle Beach P11
    Monitor: Viewsonic V3D245 120hz
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder 3.5g
    Mousepad: Steel Series QCK
    Keyboard: Logitech K120
    CPU-Z Validation: http://valid.x86.fr/rjhd56
    GPU-Z Validation: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/2fr3k/
  17. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by 2ofSpades in Am I the only one who's getting sick of bad AAA titles...   
    It only bothers me when a good franchise is ruined; I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3. Otherwise, it saves me a lot of money by making me glad I still have older games that are better and having cheap indie games that I can buy instead.
    /sarcasm, it does suck though that games are launched broken most of the time. That is one thing I miss about older games that could not be updated via internet.
  18. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by MrMadakey in Am I the only one who's getting sick of bad AAA titles...   
    Ok I want to press on a touching subject..
    I'm getting really sick and tired of AAA titles being over hyped and coming out like unplayable SHIT! Now I'm not the type of person to go ahead and pre-order a game as of nearly two years ago.. I learned my lesson. However that doesn't stop me getting a little excited for games such as Watchdogs.. Now I'm pretty sure everybody knows the controversy that this game is currently suffering with AMD users and all the other bull shit... I'm not going into that. I'm going into the fact that the game has been a bit of a disaster after the hype it received.
    Now to prove I'm not just hating on Watchdogs. I have other examples... Diablo 3: Reaper of souls... If anybody has played this game then you will probably know the back story of it. Since the loot 2.0 patch you now officially can not trade unless you are in a party with that person when you get the legendary. Which is a fundamental key element in the Diablo franchise. (The auction house was not and I'm glad they took it out) Theif, this game is amazing if you can look past the REALLY derpy AI. However I can't... I'm sorry I simply can't. I liked the previous series of Theif, I played the very first one when I was young and I found it extremely difficult which is what made the game so fun. This theif is retardedly easy and made for casuals...
    CoD is one of the most over hyped franchise on this earth and yet I was a massive fan of it back in the days up until Black Ops 2.
    I can keep going with some other games that have bad AI bad Coding or even Unplayable that were extremely over hyped or were supposed to be AAA.
    So AJSA I'm asking you do you hate it are you really that bothered. Could you name another game that you were hoping was going to be everything they promised and they never delivered...?
    By the way I'm not looking for hate from this post I'm looking for your general opinions...
  19. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Variloh in How i feel about the next gen consoles so far. [Opinion]   
    Hi, First off OP my hat goes off to you for even acknowledging the Wii U. The gaming community has been so brainwashed by "the hype" that anything with a nintendo stamp is ignored or simply painted in a negative light.
    heres my two cents: I believe from a "right now" perspective, when it comes to games, neither the PS4 nor the Xbox one can compete with the Wii u, There simply isint a game on either of those consoles that can compete with Mario Kart 8 or Monster Hunter Tri. GTA V and WatchDogs wouldn't really count IMO since they have been release for there older brothers besides themselves, but even if you do, the statement stands IMO. We will see when these consoles are out for a year how they stack up, and im very much aware of the huge amount of hate this comment is going to bring but alas. Anyway nicely done OP, i do agree with ur assesment (with the exception of what i just said). Also, nintendos comunity is usually better (as of late) because contrary to popular belief, nintendo is not a console with a a majority of the population of kids, one quick look at the average age of the gamer in the US in 2013 (30) and the fact kids today only like whats "cool" (aka NOT nintendo), could be one of the reasons its community is so nice. 
    An addendum: i think handhelds should be a part of this conversation
    OK tech junkies, go ahead and hate on my comment ^^
    btw take a look at my show "Gamer Mind" on www.twitch.tv/variloh where we tend to talk about some stuff (like the hype poisoning) related to these things. 
  20. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Clumsyninja in How i feel about the next gen consoles so far. [Opinion]   
    "Sigh" you are obviously a Microsoft fanboy. I play everything, and i think they all have pros, and cons including Xb1. Also you can say what you want, but i have been a part of Miiverse constantly since day 1, and it is by FAR the best community i have been a part of. FAR less trolls, racist, annoying people. Sure there are some there, but they are MUCH rarer to find on Miiverse. They are very friendly, and are always out to help people, and love making new friends. Sorry, this is my opinion, and experience after owning all 3 consoles, and i can EASILY say that Miiverse community is more mature than the XB, PC, and PS community. You haven't witnessed it because you obviously don't own a Wii-U, or a PS4 for that matter. I don't think Miiverse is perfect, but it is easily the most enjoyable community to hangout with, and talk about games, and post things on what we are doing, and helping each other out. 
    Although the Wii-U has some flaws mentioned above, but positives too. Same goes for the PS4, and Xb1 Actaully you are right about it having more exclusve line-up than the PS4 after going back and looking, my mistake , but that can change at E3 like i mentioned before. XboxOne is a great system, but please do not act like it is so superior that neither the PS4, or Wii-U stands a chance when right now it is in last place in sales. XBL and PS online are just as good. Never found the servers to be better than another. Also it doesn't matter if the Wii-U has been out longer, it has more, and better exclusives than the PS4 right now, and has more games announced for it coming soon than the XB1, and PS4, but less 3rd parties than those consoles. I was just stating a fact. (Well saying something is better is arguable, even though the 1st party Wii-U games are higher rated than anything on the Xb1, or PS4 atm, but it does have more games.)
    In terms of power, no they are not that much different.. I mean seeing games getting higher resolution on the PS4 than the Xb1 tells you something, and they still don't look that different. We won't be seeing much of a difference in graphics with these consoles, they are pretty much the same box with different games. The support for MLG means nothing.. The controllers are arguably better than one another. lol I think they are both great. i like the PS4 controller layout better, but i also like XB1 thumbsticks better. (Some people have been modding their PS4 controller, and adding XB1 thumbsticks to it.) I don't like the XB1 layout as much, and hate the clunky like bumpers compared to the PS4. PS+ offers far more discounts, and free games than XBL. This is a fact.. Also i mentioned they are pretty much getting the same 3rd party games, but PS4 seems to be getting exclusive content like with Destiny. They are pretty much the same though, i agree. 
  21. dgwoods liked a post in a topic by smuniz83 in After watching Joe's ESO review   
    Wow Joe can pretty much tell you to jump off a cliff and you'll do it. That's scary.
  22. dgwoods liked a post in a topic by smuniz83 in The Road Ahead   
    Sounds like they're saying the right stuff. Hopefully this mindset carries on for a very long time.
  23. Shadow3357 liked a post in a topic by smuniz83 in ESO PVP Tips for noobs?   
    You can sneak in Cyrodil and enemy players won't see you but watch out for NPC as they'll spot you.
  24. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in does anyone disagree with AJ's ESO review?   
    Yes, wholeheartedly. While I respect Joe immensely I feel he judged the game far too hard, especially for an MMO. Most of his problems with it were bugs which are already getting sorted out, and some are now gone. If you judged every Elder Scrolls game by the amount of bugs in it, then they'd all have 5/10 scores, but we know they are so much better than that.
    I find vanilla ESO more immersive than vanilla Skyrim, or Oblivion. I'm pretty sure there's some unwritten rule that says it's best to review a new MMO 1 or 2 months after launch.
  25. smuniz83 liked a post in a topic by Frailos18 in does anyone disagree with AJ's ESO review?   
    Being as I have helped do code work on some games and ( before I was banned from Nexus) helped people keep mods for games smooth running, I can honestly say " This game has came off smoothly for a launch." 
    Are there bugs?  Yes.
    Is some of the things Joe said in his review correct?  Yes.
    Immersion broken?  Yes and No.  Public dungeons need a bit more work as in the bots and people farming the boss'.  But read on their forums or even send an Email to one of the named Zeni employees on the forum and they WILL respond to you about what they intend to try and fix this problem.
    Does the game get a tad bit like your just questing/grinding?  Yes if your solo it will lose a lot of its appeal.  But try grouping up with 1 or more people, and Quests fly by.
    Personally I love this game, and have already paid up for a year.  I intend to keep playing this game due to the fact I like what is coming for this one in the future.  If you have not already done so ask on their forums or search for the topic "  Dark Brotherhood and Morag Tong " they mentioned  " look forward to seeing NPC's of these 2 factions actively killing each other with the Dark Brotherhood quest line and out in the open world. " 
    With all this said, wait until the Craiglorn Patch comes out and see what people think, a LOT of the things Joe mentioned are getting fixed with this coming patch and the following ones.  As far as PvP is concerned, I like and dislike things about the current and maybe future state of it but I intend to keep playing to see if it ends up like anything close to what I would prefer.