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About HustleLoyaltyRespect68

  • Birthday 08/28/1987

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    XxOpie SAMCROxX
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    XxOpie SAMCROxX

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    McLean, VA
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    Games: Shooters, JRPGS, MMOs, Sports
    Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Dark Tower, Vampire Academy, Divergent
    Movies: Pretty much anything
    Music: Pretty much anything
    Sports: Baseball, Football, Hockey, College Basketball, Golf
    Favorite Sports Teams: Washington Nationals, Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals
  1. Gamertag Screen Name XxOpie SAMCROxX HustleLoyaltyRespect68 I would love to start receiving Xbox Live messages
  2. I am on pretty much every night starting from 8pm, so anyone that wants to join a group, feel free to add me as a friend on live: XxOpie SAMCROxX Bustin' Monsters Makes Me Feel Good!
  3. I love that the game release for iPad because it allows me to follow my new puppy around while still being able to play. Although, sometimes I am in the heat of battle and the little shit pees on the carpet and then tries to eat my iPad when I'm cleaning it up. Regardless, still fun and addicting!
  4. I agree. I LOVE the Paths System in this game as it does give players the variety that is lacking in other games. I'm really excited for them to polish the game and deliver one heck of an experience for everyone!
  5. I totally agree that Espers will be key. It's just a shame that they seem underplayed as they have a wide range of abilities to suit various play styles. On the flip side, I feel that the most overused classes will be Stalkers and Engineers.
  6. Reserved my name as OpieSAMCRO
  7. I've been creating builds on WS-Base for the entire day. The game is going to consume my soul. I love it
  8. Good lord the clock is ticking so slow at work today. All I want to do is get home and jump into the game! Knowing my luck the moment I get home the servers will crash....
  9. hahahaha the Japanese do that?!? Never knew that....very good idea!
  10. They should reboot the show based off this.... http://www.collegehumor.com/video/5817723/zordon-is-a-racist
  11. Then there is plenty of wiggle room to develop a story that separates itself apart from the show.
  12. I second this.....once you go Mordesh you never go back!
  13. Mordesh Warrior Soldier for me I honestly will probably make a character build with every Race/Class/Path. I need to experience everything!
  14. I was never a big MMO fan for the longest time. I can actually say I never played a single second of WoW, but now I'm starting to get into them more and more. Plus having a job to pay for subscription fees makes them easier to continue playing. I've played ESO for about two weeks and from everything in the PvE environment, I love it. While the voice acting is not A+ all the way through, the stories and quests are very creative and makes me feel like I am impacting the world around me. Playing ESO, I can see why MMOs can be very addicting to people. As for Wildstar, I played the beta this past weekend and LOVED it. The combat, the UI, the quests, PvP, housing, etc. It all felt fantastic and I enjoyed the fine line between silly and serious. It had a good mixture and I truly enjoyed every second. There is no way I can just play one or the other, so I will be playing both! I'm always up for playing with anyone that wants to even though grouping in ESO sucks right now... ~HLR68
  15. I choose.....I choose........BOTH