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  1. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by mbmonk in evolve..right now   
    That is awesome... Made me smile and then frown because I feel like one has to be older to get that reference .
  2. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by Blacklung in Wildstar Class Breakdown   
    I honestly wouldn't mind more Engineers or any one particular class when most are rolled just 'cause they're the FOTM. I think the Paths System will still allow for some degree of variety in such instances.
  3. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by Seph in Wildstar Class Breakdown   
    With the amount of balancing I have seen, I wouldnt bother pick a fotm unless you really like the class. Just stick to the class that is the most fun to you.
  4. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Wildstar Class Breakdown   
    Figured it'd be nice to have something like this in my signature to bring attention to the beta in case someone on the AJSA forums missed it.
    For now, I've decided that I'll definitely be a Mordesh Scientist (seems fitting since the Mordesh are said to be hella' smart), but my actual class is still on debate. I'll decide once the open beta hits when I try out all the classes at once.
  5. Berserker liked a post in a topic by HustleLoyaltyRespect68 in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot Announced   
    They should reboot the show based off this....
  6. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by Seph in Wildstar Class Breakdown   
    I am sorry but I will have to be racist here. Mordesh are better than all other races. Just thought I would put that out there. This is a known fact that all other races are inferior to the mordesh and we mordesh will take any of you on to prove it lol
  7. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by Seph in WILDSTAR OR ESO?   
    You are more than welcome to join us when wildstar launches. We will be playing exiles on the server Widow. I too am having alot of fun with wildstar and want to share this awesome game with anyone who may enjoy it too.
  8. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by forzsaken in Werewolf, Vampire or Slayer. What Will You Choose?   
    Normal! with that being said.. anyone forming a witch hunt guild to hunt down these super naturals? 
  9. HustleLoyaltyRespect68 liked a post in a topic by manny254 in PvP Templar "Gank Tank" Build   
    To start with I am starting this thread to share my ideas, and get feedback from others. So please feel free to tear apart my build and give suggestions, but please do it respectfully. More than anything I would like to start a pvp tank role discussion. This build is for higher level, and more experienced players. 
    Eso head Skill Calculator
    Creating and defining a role for  yourself is very important, and ESO there is a great deal of freedom given to the player.
    My role as a "Gank Tank" is to:
    draw the aggro of the enemy in small skirmishes in the open ground, and in the smaller battles within a siege draw the aggro of the mobs at the resources, and bash the menders Provide very basic heals and regen buffs to take some pressure off of the healers in sieges  
    Two handed will form the "Gank" portion of the build, and One-hand and Shield will form the tank portion. 
    Skill Bar 1: Two-Handed
    This is the skill bar is used to assault the enemy in open field combat, and provide stuns and knockdown.
    Slot 1 Brawler: Provides instant damage, a DoT, and a small damage shield based on targets hit. It is also the only stamina drain in the first bar. 
    Slot 2 Toppling Charge: The most used skill this 1st bar. Charges to target, stuns, and interrupts. As a magicka drain it is the ideal PvP charge. When going after the enemy running will consume most of your stamina, and this skill will help you cover ground fast.
    Slot 3 Blazing Shield: Provides a nice damage shield. With the blazing morph the improvements to the quality of the shield are based on the amount of enemies around you when activated. This ability is mostly used to retreat, and stall attackers. The halted magicka regen can be compensated by a potion.
    Slot 4 Binding Flashes: Close range aoe CC. When its effect occurs if the enemy hits some one with melee they will fall down. This will also allow heavy attacks vs the effected to cause knockdown. Despite being called a flash this skill is not very flashy, and most people will not know the effect, and will fall on their faces. I can't speak to the potential of this skill enough, and I have even stun locked the emperor into death.
    Slot 5 Binding Javelin: Straight forward ranged knockdown. Best used after toppling charge on another enemy behind the one you hit with the charge.
    Skill Bar 2: One-Hand and Shield
    Used to brace attacks when you are positioning yourself as a meat shield. During siege used for basic buffs and heals.
     Slot 1 Absorb Magic: Absorbs one spell, and converts it to health. Mitigating  twice as much damage. This ability should be used as often as possible when it is not already active. This skill is often the difference between life and death.
    Slot 2 Biting Jabs: Used to help gain the attention of the enemy, and provide a finisher when your teammates have worn the target down. (Does not form a major role in the load out, and could be replaced easily)
    Slot 3 Unstoppable: Provides resistance buffs, but is used mostly to avoid CC. The resistance to CC will save you very often.
    Slot 4 Extended Ritual: Removes debuffs, and is used to provide basic self and group heals. 
    Slot 5 Radiant Aura: Buffs health and stamina regen by 80% for a large amount of people for a short time. Takes some pressure off of the healers. The other morph of this ability is also viable, but this one is more reliable.
    Resources: With a good group taking a resource is easy, and here are some ways to make it easier. Position yourself and the group as close to the mage tower as reasonably possible. As the tank always stand in front with your shield out. Place your extended ritual to heal yourself, and try to keep absorb magic up as much as you can. If you are the 1st player to get in range of the mobs around the flag they will normally aggro to you without  a taunt. As the group moves up switch to two-handed, and focus on stunning, and interrupting (via bash) the menders. 
    Bait: When facing a small group of players you know are in stealth have your group wait in stealth themselves. Use your defensive buffs, block and wait for them to strike. When they do focus on survival, and let your group burn them down. If the situation is appropriate pursue with two-handed. 
    Siege Assault: As stated before buff the team, and provide basic heals to areas the healer's aoe may not reach. When breaching try to take the 1st wave of hits in the front and then back off or charge based on the situation. Your absorb magic buff should always be active if possible, and unstoppable should be used when charging or moving into danger zones. 
    Inner Keep Defense: The same healing and buffs tactic apply to defense. When the enemy is breaching the inner keep wall position your self on the stairs in front of the group. Brace yourself, and apply stuns when the enemy draws in, and go with the flow to repel the attack.