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  1. Well, I just got back from my time away here and I find that Mighty No. 9 doesn't have it's own thread yet. All sorts of already kickstarted games have their own threads but oddly enough I can't find Mighty No. 9, even with the google-search method. Now, if you don't know Mighty No. 9 is essentially Megaman 2.0. Joe did a vlog about him pouring cash into the kickstarter campaign. Bonus Teaser ahead! I'll give you a link to their channel (here). Now, I'm a backer (or 'Mighty Number') and I've been keeping my ear on this on occasion when my life lets me. I'll probably try to keep you informed on the 'inside' stuff that I'm able to nab in the end though.
  2. I occasionally play MWO from time to time. Just so you know. I'm CReplica in the game.
  3. Oh, fellow supporters and fans. Glad to see this is around.
  4. It's apparently a bit hard to mod but awesome when it is modded. Personally I love the base game and the mods the same way. The engine feels optimized as well.
  5. I mean this game was awesome. The graphics were decent, the gameplay was extremely solid, it made things work, and yet it died.
  6. Dude, the game itself didn't age well but the graphics sure didn't. If anything the graphics still are part of some benchmark tests for things not running Crysis. They tried to make a sequel two years ago but it died on the table as it were.
  7. Well, have it for PC and it's pretty damn good. It has all the tech savvy of a true Clancy game, all the bits of a Clancy game (i.e. Run and Gun=Dead). Actually plays like the vast majority of the Ghost Recon games... Still, it uses UPlay which I am in a love-hate relationship with.
  8. Well, been looking through my mountain of games (I got something literal hundreds of games on Steam alone) when I sighted Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It's an older game, and was actually built upon an Imperium Galactica project. Yes that Imperium Galactica. Anyways, the gameplay is pretty solid. If you want to get beautiful space battles on a PC, then this is it. The game's intro is essentially a sort of timeline with beautiful visuals attached. When you actually play the game, you will have your head explode on how mind blowingly georgious it is. I mean take a look at youtube videoes of it! The gameplay is pretty easy to learn and somewhat harder to master. You got five types of weapons: anti-device (lasers), anti-hull (railguns or plasma cannons), special (i.e. the data scanner, flack guns), anti-shield (basically energy cannons), and artillery (think really big nukes). Anti-device is there to kill ship components like engines, reactors, and other systems... and these reliably pierce through shields as well. Anti-hull is your main HP draining weapons, they come in a 'light gun' and 'heavy gun' variant. The 'heavy gun' variants are dominated by the ever useful plasma cannons which also have some anti-shield capability. Special weapons are weapons that don't belong in the other catagories and are your primary means of point defense. Anti-Shield are shield draining weapons designed to bash away enemy shields, you will encounter them in the second act of the game and will be a staple until the end of the game. Artillery weapons are made up of mostly long-ranged weapons that have limited ammo like missiles (which have a massive AoE blast that ensnares multiple ships if they're too close) and torpedoes (which rip through ships like nothing). Most ships have the ability to launch fighters, and if big enough, bombers and gunboats in addition to boarding shuttles. Fighters are extremely useful in countering shuttles and bombers. Gunboats are pretty damn useful against ship devices. Bombers can fuck ships over if left unopposed and used right and boarding shuttles are useful in taking over enemy ships or damaging their systems outside of plot mandated uses. Shields in this game have 'components', and most of them have the energy and kinetic defense options installed. Later you can get a shield that is able to negate enemy gunboats and bombers or one that isn't drained like a maniac by enemy anti-shield fire. The AI is magnificant in many ways. Usually it would manuver ships into the best positions of attack to bring all the guns to bear and use the best engine for the situation. Getting into combat distance of enemy ships? It'll get there with the Combat/Deflection drive which has a bonus against enemy anti-device weaponry and arm all weapons specific to the order you gave it. The story isn't ground breaking but it's pretty servicable. Just prepare for tediousness in the stealth missions though. Sadly there was a kickstarted campaign to get a sequel out... but it failed. Pros: -Awesome visuals for a game. -Well rounded gameplay mechanics. -AI is actually pretty damn smart at times. -Great soundtrack. Cons: -Steath missions are tedious. -Numerous bugs still left over. -Some say that the 1st act is the most interesting of the game. -Voice Acting is hit and miss.
  9. Well it did remind me of an old game called Outwars... and god was this game fun.
  10. Well, at least this great is getting a remake, I hope they can make both of them very mod-friendly because one of the big reasons these days I play HW2 is the mods... by god the mods. Then again, I started with Cataclysm and worked my way back... yeah... ackward.
  11. I'm all in, hell I got EE and ALB. Love the hell out of it.
  12. Well, there is this game called Section 8: Prejudice and it's for the PC and XBOX 360. It's a cheap standalone expansion to the game Section 8 and is probably the most interesting breed of FPS I've ever played. Essentially any online match is going to be a bunch of hyperactive rabbits playing tag with 15mm railgun assault rifles. No seriously every suit has a jetpack, a 'super sprint' function (which you can ram into people to kill them and get an achievement for it), and a lock-on function because, let's face it, trying to hit someone in the game is hard enough without the packs and super-sprint. It does have a short campaign and continues from the original game and helps unlock various guns and tools used in multiplayer. The multiplayer is where it's at. This game broke up the monontany of combat with special mid-game 'missions' that range from getting intel to escorting/exterminating a convoy. Ah the joy you feel when a convoy ambush comes together. Sadly Timegate is no longer with us... but this game still lives on. Sure it uses the shitstain known as Windows Live, but it's extremely enjoyable none the less. Hell Total did a WTF and "Why can't we have nice things" vid about this game... he can explain it far better than I ever could... unless you guys want me to link this to my review of the two games on the Spacebattles Forums... Pros: -Fast paced gameplay with in-game 'missions' -Has a lock-on function that isn't broken -Pretty looking when you got the specs for it -After a mission or two you can easily work your way in multiplayer Cons: -Windows Live -Short Campaign -Dev no longer active -Practically empty servers
  13. I'm a player, I got to sign in again to double check my handle but I know it has to do with alpha and foxtrot. Despite it being a HD hungry game, the game is heavily lopsided towards skill instead of who has the best unit lineup... although it helps.
  14. Ah, a fellow Agent I see, I have to agree with you. Well to get into the game's story you got to go back to where it all begain. Zombie Entertainment started this franchise with Blacklight: Tango Down. Essentially they used the extremely refined gunplay of CoD and then added some high-tech stuff into the mix. The claim to fame as it were is the Hyper Reality Visor or HRV for short. Essentially the HRV is a camper killer. The level design is generally pretty well done. There are no true choke points as there is at least two ways to get to any one location on a map... and if a team effectively locks down a section of the map then you got essentially all sorts of toys to break that lockdown. There are three currencies in the game. GP, Zen, and CP. CP is in-game currency to buy essentially killstreaks with. You got your standard health and ammo packs, a rather effective flamethrower (much to my surprise during the pre-Steam beta), a AT rocket launcher, and if you saved your points you can get a mother-fucking mini-mech that has a randomly generated weakspot that is visable via the HRV which then you can hit for terrible terrible damage or jack it by burning the pilot with the flamethrower! Also miniguns, railguns, suborbital bomber strikes, grenade launchers, and anti-infantry rocket launchers fill out an impressive standard loadout. GP is basically silver while Zen is Perfect World's Gold equiv. However per ten dollars you only get 1k Zen. Buying parts through zen is expensive... as in 5 bucks for a reciever expensive. The setup you're given in the game is actually quite effective and well rounded. I've seen level 30 players still with the basic setup and kicking enormous ass... including mine. What makes the pay system different for this game is that Zen isn't truly buying power. You can get prebuilds for weapons which are rentals that can last up to a month and are quite well in ballance. Most of these can be rented with GP as well. A good few matches can get you three days worth of rent for a part or pre-made weapon. However, you can't perm special ammunition. The limit is a month rent. You can get everything else perm but the specialty ammo like incendiary and magnum ammo. Mostly Zen is used as buying cammo schemes for your weapon or avatar or 'Agent'. Leveling up actually nets you free three day rentals of various parts and equipment unlocked on that level. The overall thing is that this game is all about skill not who has the biggest wallet. Sure you can have all your fancy bits but you can't win matches without knowning how each part intereacts with each other. Every part is a sidegrade of somekind. Focusing on accuracy will up recoil and lower damage. Going with more armor will open more equipment slots (i.e. grenades, mines, knives, the tomahawks, shuriken, and for some a crowbar) but slow you down... so go get this game... NOW!