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    -more dakka, beam spam, macross missile massacre
  1. EVE is something I've always wanted to try, but was too afraid to do so.
  2. Is the AJSA back in force? Are ops back? Had to take a break for a year b/c if rl stuff, but if the AJSA is back on Auraxis, I'll be there
  3. Damn this sucks. Sucks even more since I'll be out of town. I hope you guys give them hell
  4. This cannot end well...
  5. For the harasser, should I go Vulcan or Halberd? I've been testing them both in VR and the Halberd just seems to be more viable for most situations, however the Vulcan seems to shine in up close drive by runs.
  6. There is no overall best gun. The default starting guns Trac5 (for light assault, engineer), Cycler T1 (medic), T9 Carv (heavy assault) are all decent guns at the ranges most firefights take place. At best, you'll be sidegrading guns by sacrificing performance in one area or another. For example with the medic, if you buy the Cycler TRV you'll be better in CQC situations by sacrificing medium and long range viability. Guns range anywhere from 250 to 1000 certs or you can buy them with real world money aka station cash. Focus primarily on upgrading your suit slots and abilities and maybe pick up a sight or two for the guns you have now. That will increase your survivability and utility to the rest of the squad.
  7. I remember testing this with you. If you want to test some more weapons I'd be willing to help. I'd like to see how well the fury and bulldog would work for a battle bus sundy.
  8. AJA Delta Squad!!! Remember your training and you will make it back alive!
  9. Hit alt+F to find your fps and whether you are cpu or gpu bottlenecked. Also drop your render distance from 4000 (default) to 2000 and see if there's a boost to your fps. This is a bit dated, but it still has useful help: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3029182
  10. This should be fun on the bun.
  11. After today's FUBAR operation, I would like to improve my gameplay. Is this training session a weekly thing with different topics per week?
  12. Can't emphasize Berserker's point enough. Make sure everything fits (mobo has correct CPU socket, possible case volume issues, etc.) I also recommend checking out each components reviews, both professional and customer. And if you didn't already know, here's possibly the most useful website when building your own PC: http://pcpartpicker.com/ http://www.tomshardware.com/ is also good for answering specific hardware questions
  13. As long as I get to kill Rebel scum...
  14. Only because you were the sole medic. TR don't need no medic
  15. Many of those designs still sport way too many fins for my liking. I like the general design aesthetic of the Polaris Gunship, but seriously engine pods? Don't they have thrust vectoring in the future?