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  1. Family Name: Sophiar Names ChillestBroYo TaliaMonica GildafrenSophiar etc... <,< Server: Edan (I tend to play on whatever the lowest pop channel to minimize unsightly lag in cities, and found oddly Mediah giving me the best performance atm)
  2. Hey guys, got the game about 2 weeks back, been messing around with professions and classes (and spending a bit of dosh <,<) so I figured I'd join the guild whenever someone can send an invite. Family Name: Sophiar Character Names: ChillestBroYo, TaliaMonica, ReginaSophiar, GildefrenSophiar, KokotoSophiar, FayethSophiar No rush, still using all sub-20's, Wizard, Tamer, Ranger, Valkyrie, Maehwa, Sorceress ^.^
  3. So after the Red Solstice stream Joe had, I've been interested in getting into it. The only problem I predicted was that, as of this post, the peak player count is 150ish players, of which only 80 or so are playing at the moment. This is kind of annoying for a game of it's structure so, in hopes to garner anyone who does play in the AJSA to a group of 8 (or more if there are enough to make more squads) to enjoy the game on some certain date. As for now I will just check back to this thread periodically to keep tabs on any progress towards making a squad, where I will then proceed forward on setting up a playing schedule for the players who are available.
  4. IGN: Xenia Onatopp Current Prestige: 2.6k
  5. PSN: BeefcakeAirways PS3 - TLoU, Dark Souls 2, EDF 2025 PS4* - Destiny Hype - Divison, MGSVPP, The Crew, FFXV, The Mighty No. 9 *PS4 on Fri, Sept 13th