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  1. SgtRoss liked a post in a topic by TheTwoTonHammer in Happy Birthday Marine Corps   
    I know my cousin is serving currently as is one of my best friends. People like them make me proud.
  2. TheTwoTonHammer liked a post in a topic by Gone the Third in If you could be a Super Hero...   
    If I could be a Superhero,
    I would be Awesome Man.
    I'd fly around the world fighting crime
    According to my Awesome Plan.
    And if I saw criminals trying to lie
    Hurting other people and making them cry
    I'd haul them off to jail in my Awesome Van.
    Because I would be Awesome Man.
    Points if you get the reference. 
    Anyways, if I were a superhero:
    Name: The Shadow Uber
    Job: EA Games Marketing Executive (no one'd think to look for me there)
    Nemesis: Corporate Commander, who is also my boss (he's a tad dense), and wants to- you guessed it- take over the world. (OF COURSE!)
    Principle: Never be seen, except when dramatically appropriate. 
    Powers: Ninja reflexes.
    Weakness: bullets, sunlight, my in-laws
    Why? Some guy on a forum asked me what I'd like to be if I were a superhero. 
    And justice and stuff, I guess...
  3. TheTwoTonHammer liked a post in a topic by Natepwner The Seeker in I seek the for the truth   
    Hey guys, new recruit to the AJSA. A quick bio of me is, I mostly play league of legends, not the best but good in my opinion, I enjoy other games such as DOTA 2, Age of Empires 3, Path of Exile, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Civ 5, and quite a bit others that I play every here and there. My name in games usually are Natepwner, NatepwnerSeeker, or anything similar to that. So hope to enjoy some great games with you guys and see you on the Fields of Justice.
  4. MARVOL liked a post in a topic by TheTwoTonHammer in Time to drop the hammer!   
    I'm normally never one for forums. I've joined some, but I never seem to hold much interest. However, this one feels like a winner.
    Being born and raised on games since I was a wee tot of two, this feels like home. Hopefully I can contribute to whatever may come along.