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Everything posted by I-not

  1. Hello everyone saturdays guild zerg will be on saturday starting at 9PM Server time !! We will be zerging from Rata Sum all the way to the Silverwastes and ending by entering Verdant Brink ,doing events hearts and other random stuff on the way !!!
  2. Gratz on becoming leader tyler i could not think of a better leader than you!!!!! P.S. rip tylers sanity
  3. well sad to hear we will need to set up a meeting with the trusted AA members to decide a new leader! and c'mon treeps what if i dont want the leadership
  4. greetings angry army sorry for the late post due too my event and tylers bieng switched for this month! this months event will be a zerg from the grove to divinitys reach doin events and hearts on the way ending with doing some festival events in the crown pavilion too celebrate for wintersday we will meet in the guild hall at 10pm server time !
  5. oh com on jeb i run events and that perfectly fine too
  6. this saturday (11,july,2015) we will have our monthly guild zerg hosted by yours truly ! the zerg will start from lions arch i little north of bloadcoast ward wayppoint the event will take place at 6 pm server time! have a great day and hope to see you this saturday!!!!!!
  7. well i like games i i swear alot and i love Rum
  8. yyou mean one of the devs of Hot did not know he ios attendiong ,well my main game theres is goin to be battlefront &| Fallout 4 , and hopefuly when i get back I hopefully i can finaly play the witcher 3 got the day one edition and have not even installed it yet
  9. good day guy im sorry to inform you that the guild zerg event will not be happening as it should reason bieng i have traveled far and wide to attend th the GLORIOUS E3 event so the guild zerg will be hgapping either next sunday or the will be 2 or 3 zergs next month this i promise you!!!!!have a good day guys!E3
  10. its good to be back
  11. Greetings fellow Guild members , the event for the zerg will be starting the 16th 6pm server time the event will be to ORR and we will meet in lions arch at the bonfire north of bloodcoast ward waypoint
  12. Greetings fellow guild members!!! for those of you that know me you should be aware that i am a daily player and noticed recently i have been inactive for about 2 weeks ,reason being that of a new job offer i have gotten and with my studies its not easy to play as often as i used too...i plan on making some more time to play with all off you in the coming days hopefully ,because i have missed the game alot and i also miss annoying the crap out of our beloved guild leader! Also my monthly guild zerg will not be happening this month and instead will be on the 9th of May for those who are interested in that event!!!!!
  13. yeah i got the same thing from 3 diffrent GMs but i ignored it because the url was not clickable and the reason i was goin to be shut down was because currency exchange butr i have never bought gems yet
  14. what about my event jeb ?
  15. good for leveliing alts and general map completion for those goin for it!
  16. Good day ANGRY ARMY , the monthly guild zerg is up again the event will be starting the 14th of march on saturday 11pm server time we will meet up in lions arch at the bloodcoast ward waypoint! The event will be goin from lions arch to the silverwastes doin events on the way and ending with either breach or the vinewrath
  17. the ping is not really an issue actually especially with the megaservers i mean i play on a 5mb line and i have no issues with lag and im from EU
  18. The ANGRY ARMY on NA is very active especially with the new expansion coming out so if you join us in NA you will find plenty of poeple to play with,btw our server is Northen Shiverpeaks
  19. jeb i think you should rename this to the monthly follow Treeps event
  20. is there a EU nordic east guild for the ajsa or is it strictly NA & EUwest?
  21. truth..he was speaking...it appears O.o
  22. The Post Has been updated with the time which will be 10 pm server time
  23. greetings Angry Army!!! on the 14th of febuary 10pm Server Time we wil be having our monthly guild zerg,we will start out from lions arch at the ussual meet up point (Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint) and travel to mount maelstrom doing events along the way and possibly a world boss and finaly ending with the dungeon story (Crucible Of Eternity) -For more information pls contact jeb (Guild Leader) or Inot (Guild Sergeant)
  24. i will discus this with the guild leader because i am also in a iffy time zone