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  1. Hi I'm posting my YT comment related to the episode. The ESRB has responded to our Angry Rant! Oct 8, 2019 Hi. I being a gamer around 25 +/- years, yes I started with the Atari 2600. I know mostly everything about: child->teenager->semi adult and so on. I personally have no problems with my kids screen time and spending. But as an adult gamer I see a lot of child/teen relationship with games trough my nephews and their friends. I try to educate tier parents but I can't, some won't listen others use use and abuse the "screen time" as pacifiers and I don't know many of these kids parents. So Joe my suggestion, since you are very invested in this topic, is to create a channel easy to share with people/parents like: Joe educates Joe, in example. with short Monetizable videos caterd to parents. Easy to share. And final note, would be awesome to have in spanish too, that is asking so much. I would make the subtitles for them. Every time I visit my nephews I make the two bucks cup on fifa best of 3 games and they have a blast. Right incentives don't wait for an "official" agency do the work that you have to do by yourself. P.S. I remembered how many hours I spent years ago monitoring my nephews playing GTV because they want to drive fancy cars. They can only play the game with my supervision just because they didn't haven't access to the game at that time. Not the most fun thing to do in your spare time. And it back-lashed to me when my brother knew that their kids was playing the game, we have a very considerably fight. Guess what, a few month later they bought the game for their kids. They play the full story mode they were around 12 at the time . Who was looking at ... No one.