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  1. I know right?! I'm so happy so many people agree with me! Thanks!
  2. Truthfully I think The Justice League would win because of Superman...and Batman
  3. I can wait 30 days Can't wait to rank up
  4. Joe then remembers about his medication and then takes it to calm down and walks back home from Bioware Studio's but then suddenly...
  5. Raged at Bioware for putting the catalyst back into the game and then...
  6. Bioware decides to release Mass Effect 4 and give Joe a free copy to review but then Joe finds out...
  7. the company that made The Witcher 3...is the same company that made Ride to Hell: Retribution. So then Joe...
  8. I'm pretty sure he already reviewed Star Wars Kinect
  9. he smashed his monitor when he chucked it out the window and then was sucked into the world of Sonic: Free Riders 2 to see...
  10. the TV turned on and it was Sonic: Free Riders 2 annoying theme music playing and then...
  11. to only find out that he pressed the button to play Sonic: Free Riders 2
  12. Oooh Ho Ho! I see what you did there.
  13. I never had this issue because before purchasing I always know what I'm getting myself into.
  14. I'm a man :3
  15. Which sport are we talking about? Football or Soccer? I'm confused