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  1. Hey people, new to the community here, quick run down of what I play, I can play just about anything, except for RTS's i love them to death I'm just horrid at online play of them and only play solo, more of a fan of MMO/RPG games been getting in to MOBA games, first person shooters i do enjoy but I never play them as religiously as others do but am by no means bad at them for every long at least lol, Been playing a lot of SMITE and Hearthstone lately been dabbling back into WoW to get my dudes level capped for WoD and been on and off diablo 3 for past month well I won't make this any longer thanks for reading!!
  2. I first sided with the stormcloaks on my khajiit, played through the whole civil war quests and when all was said and done all the speeches and shit said, i started to talk out of the room and i hear ulfric say something along the lines of "now e can get all non-nords our of skyrim" i stop and was like O.o wtf, granted over the course of the quests i learned they were racist, but i didn't know that was there ultimate goal, granted i didn't listen to everything they said they might have said that at some point along the quest chain, but once i was done i was like....my god what have I done.....So yeah....now every toon i make, minus my one Nord, i went with empire