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    Gaming (duh), I'm also a movie buff, I'm also into select anime like Naruto and just being a good husband and geek.
  1. Well since I'd be harder to get everyone to play together, my vote is for a AI game. Both Rocket League and Smash Bros have really great AI
  2. Sweet! A winner each week till were caught up? I'm game.
  3. Correct sir. That can be said of all children. Too many parents nowadays have a hands off approach to parenting, really passes me off
  4. His training will be long and arduous, but he will be the future.
  5. Thanks, I plan too. He's going to be watch all my faves from my childhood, Predator, Robocop(the original), Star Wars, Aliens. And play all the classic games, Doom, Mortal Kombat. It's going to be fun to have a number two player that I can raise
  6. Well in a attempt to lighten the mood of this thread, I'll be having a son by the end of June. One of the crazy things that's going on for me.
  7. Technically March was skipped as well. Yeah it must be really bad. Happens though, last month and this month has been Hell for me personally
  8. Damn, I hate first shift.
  9. I just bought XCOM 2 for $39 from G2A, it gives you a Steam key. I've been playing every day. It's weird but it works.
  10. Always wanted to go to California, especially lately. My favorite youtuber(besides Angry Joe) Markiplier lives there. Yeah I'm in my thirties, but I'm a man-child at heart lol
  11. Nothing like the oh shit moment when the music for the tank plays though, man they need to make left 4 dead 3.
  12. I already pre-ordered it, can't wait for the 5th. Getting any and all DLC and mods, viva la resistance!
  13. I like the usual format myself, mini tournaments sound great, till you have to organize the players, vote on a game, etc.
  14. Kaz, I'm in your corner dude. You got this!
  15. Damn! Well there's always next year. I was really looking forward to $500 in games. Now I have to get XCOM 2 with my wife's permission lol