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  1. ALCON, Afternoon all! I am still kicking around ESO, but I am not seeing a whole lot of folks on at really any time. Anyone officers or whatnot have any ideas as to where we are at? If there is no one holding the flag could someone with invite / officer privileges allow me to be able to invite folks to try and bolster our numbers? Thanks!
  2. The Elder Scrolls series is always worth a try for good story driven game play. I would say Skyrim is a good place to start, but if you are into retro games the entire series is worth a look. Other games that I have enjoyed with regard to story are Star Wars: The Old Republic. It does have a lot of MMO tropes of "go here, kill this, and return", but the voice acting & choices the game gives you are rather immersive. I also enjoyed the entire Dragon Age series because of the story. Dragon Age 1 & Inquisition are overall better than Dragon Age 2, but I liked them all. GTA V is out for PC now as well, and I greatly enjoyed that on the console. Full disclosure I have not played it on the PC.
  3. I am in as well. My steam name is "thedespoiler" . . . no seriously.
  4. PSN: Wrecker611 Games: GTA V & Destiny (new to both)
  5. @CadeFrost ready willing and able to further the AJSA cause.
  6. Hello everyone! I normally go by Cade Frost or some variation there of in game. I am currently focussing on ESO, but find myself playing mostly MMOs or FPS style games. I can't wait to get started and active with the community.