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  1. This is unfortunate, the main/only reason I joined the AJSA was for these events. I'll check back in a few months to see if they return. But unless they do I won't really have a reason to participate in AJA. Thank you for the events that you have hosted in the past, but for now I am resigning indefinitely.
  2. Is there any specific reason that these OPs are ending? I haven't been able to make the past few weeks but they are incredibly fun and I'm disappointed that they are being dropped.
  3. I think the processor or heat sink might be faulty, maybe a pin was damaged. That is the only thing that I can think of if it powered on and stayed on without the cpu, but shuts off immediately with it. As the others have said I would try a new heatsink/fan, and if that does not fix it; then I would try a different processor. If this doesn't work it might be an issue between the connection of the mobo and cpu.
  4. I had the same problem; I went from polite and helpful, to hateful and bitter. I tried offering gentle corrections to what team-mates were doing and it worked 50% of the time. But after over a dozens of garbage matches I rage quit and haven't played since. (roughly a few months, but it was one of my favorite games and I played it at least once a week) The community is incredibly toxic and it is very difficult to have a good game unless your team is made of people on your friends list. Unfortunately there aren't really any "tricks" against trolls, you either suffer through bad matches or don't play; I chose the latter. Anyways if you do decide to keep playing: 1. Offer advice if people are feeding/doing horrible things 2. If they don't take it politely tell them your just trying to help 3. If they insult you after this, proceed to rage and tell them you'll stick you hand so far up their ass and rip their tongue out. THE CYCLE MUST CONTINUE PRAISE BE PRAISE BE HIREZ
  5. It depends on what you want to play. People build rigs for 500 (usd) and can play things like Minecraft, Surgeon Sim, etc on low-medium. While others built 2000$ rigs that can play Planetside 2, Assassins Creed Unity, and everything else on max-ultra. If you throw a rough estimate of your budget out that would be very helpful. Other notes: A decent keyboard/mouse combo are often overlooked in the build budget, don't be reluctant to invest in some decent equipment because in the future you will be glad you did.
  6. Soft shelled crab sandwich. They take the entire crab in all of it's crustacean glory deep fry it, and then throw it on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and sauce. I love seafood and other odd foods, but Jesus Christ it was like eating a giant bug. Biting the legs and having them slither down your throat like serpents from hell was something I do not want to do again. I struggled to maintain composure during the trial; but eventually emerged victorious.
  7. I recommend just not getting it, the penalty that you pay per year for not having it is much less than what you pay while you do have it. And you also have to pay the first couple thousand or so before the insurance kicks in anyways. And by that point you will have most likely paid it off. If you get hit by a bus than so be it; you will have to pay it off yourself, but the chances of this are not high enough to justify the chunks it sucks out of your check.
  8. Wow, an article from CNN that actually isn't crap. A good read too
  9. In my opinion the only big miss-step the trilogy had was the ending, but they released DLC to fix it and this isn't an ME3 ending rage thread. That being said I think ME4 will be Game of the Year as long as they have new, and engaging characters and a solid story like the others. I really want to see the appearance of a few characters from the trilogy just for the feels, but not to the point where it become Mass Effect: Nostalgia Edition. A choice of races for the main character is an interesting idea, I hope that they implement it. Overall I am really looking forward to this.
  10. If you do a clean install+all updated drivers on the 60 GB you should have no problem accessing the 1TB. But back it up for safety
  11. Yes you can. But most computer monitors do not have speakers, so If you want sound you just need to buy a converter to convert the optical/digital audio from the console (PS4) so that you can plug it in to any regular computer speakers. A quick google search of this process will give you all of the information that you need. I would think the same thing applies to the XBone.
  12. To put it simply from the good to bad: 1.If the gameplay is good enough, paying for a subcription that gives you access to EVERYTHING, then it is great. 2.If the gameplay is good and you play for free and the micro-transactions are only for cosmetic items, that is ok. 3.If the gameplay is good and you pay for a subscription but there is still a micro-transaction feature or "pay2win", that is not good. 4.If the gameplay is bad and you have to fork over money over and over again in micro-transactions for items or in-game currency for items that are necessary to continue that is very bad. SMITE is an example of 2. Runescape (previously was) a good example of 1, WoW is currently. Planetside 2 (not really an RPG but you get the point) is a good example of 3 Assassins Creed Unity (once again not an RPG) Is a good example of 4, the highest tier gear is ridiculously over priced. Making it necessary to buy it with real money if you want it. My point is that gamers are cheap because on so many occasions companies just don't deliver, and personally I don't like to spend a monthly fee of around $15 USD after already spending $60 on the base game.
  13. Assassins Creed 3, it felt like it drug on for ages and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I'm such a fan of the series though and I couldn't not finish all of the games. I actually enjoyed the modern stuff with Desmond more than the campaign, and that's saying a lot.
  14. I liked the look and it was fairly cheap, other options: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811147161 http://pcpartpicker.com/part/cooler-master-case-rc912kkn1 http://pcpartpicker.com/part/thermaltake-case-vp300a6w2n http://pcpartpicker.com/part/zalman-case-zmz9u3 http://pcpartpicker.com/part/corsair-case-cc9011038ww http://pcpartpicker.com/part/corsair-case-spec01redled http://pcpartpicker.com/part/nzxt-case-catp21001 These are just a few that I found with no panel blocking the front fans. But there are SO MANY cases to look through, just find a style and price that you like and you'll be good to go.
  15. This tower is compatible with ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, Thin Mini ITX.