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  1. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in GTA IV or GTA V   
    ^completely agree with Aquila, here. I prefer IV way more, and was actually pretty disappointed in V. It's still a good game, but in no way did I find it the 10/10 perfect game that all the publications gave it. I actually think IV falls a lot closer to that. 
  2. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Aquila in GTA IV or GTA V   
    I would have to say that story-wise and character-wise, I prefer GTA IV.

    Niko is a realistic and gritty character, and despite his borderline psychopathy he still plays straightman to a more insane world. The plot is driven around the hardships of his adjusting to American life using his criminal expertise to help his cousin make a name for himself, while simultaneously searching for closure for a despicable betrayal that has been haunting him for 10 years.

    In GTA V, I really find that I don't like any of the main protagonists. Franklin is possibly the most likable character of the three, but I feel he's just "token black man". He's not even that entertaining, Lamar steals Franklin's spotlight more often than not while Franklin is a bit bland and whiny to me. Michael is more relatable than the others I think, because I feel sorry for him when I see how his family views and treats him despite his efforts. That being said, his efforts aren't 100% sincere and more for his own peace of mind than for his family's happiness. He's also a liar and a hypocrite. Trevor may be a psychopath who definitely shouldn't have known the truth about Michael's "death", but at the same time Michael has done a lot of underhanded things like take advantage of Franklin's ambitions and treated his family like crap at times. Trevor is the most charismatic of the three characters because he's just charming. He has a strange amount of depth for someone who's supposed to personify the typical cathartic GTA player, and at times he's even wiser and more earnest than Michael. Though obviously he's so far off the handle that he can't be related to that well, and he is downright scary if you think about it.

    GTA IV also had significantly more missions than GTA V. V has about 69 main missions and IV has 94. V makes up for its length by having more awesome side-missions than IV, but I still felt the main story was a bit lacking.

    If I added in GTA Online to the mix, GTA V is overall better than GTA IV. But as a singleplayer experience, I think IV is superior.
  3. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by wuzzagh in Hello   
    Hi everyone I'm new here. I've started the Angry Joe Show when GW2 first came out , and his review was the main reason I bought the game. I mostly play LoL and a little bit of GW2. 
  4. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Xeriak in Hello   
    Hello everyone,
    I'm Chris (real name) or Xeriak which is one of my few internet aliases I go by. Been meaning to check this community out for a while now, so I finally decided to sign up I religiously watch all of Angry Joe's YouTube videos and love some of the reviews he has done. Heh..
    I'm not looking to recruit into anything in AJSA as I'm presently engaged in a different clan. I belong to PMS|H2O Clan and am a Division Leader for the H2O Halo Xbox division. I am however here to meet new people and would like to participate on a guest/casual basis if that is possible. Especially in SWTOR if you guys play that MMO on PC.
    I also used to be a product tester and forums moderator for Gameshark way back when the product was still owned and operated by InterAct Accessories, before its sale/aquisition by MadCatz. I loved working with the gameshark devices and game genie back in the day. Finding codes for games was an exciting challenge to keep busy.
    Besides that.. I'm a 30 year old gamer/nerd for all my life.. I own pretty much all gaming consoles ever made and have a huge gaming library. I'm honestly mostly a console gamer.. but when it comes to MMO's, I do play on PC in that respect. But FPS shooters.. I can't help but play with an Xbox 360 controller
    Anyhow, thanks for reading and looking forward to meeting some new people!
    ~ Xeriak
    EDIT: Updated my post  a bit.
  5. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Worst game sequel ever?   
    Personally i enjoyed 2 alot more than i did with 3 
    neither of them can't top the first game though
  6. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by BlackFelyne in I'm starting to dislike console fans, a lot.   
    I get the feeling that with threads like this, I am not having very high thoughts about this gaming community, which IMO already seems fragmented enough.

    Enjoy what you want to enjoy. I play games on consoles, and I am soon building a PC, though if you REALLY have to apply your personal feelings to a bunch of jerks over the internet who mock your preference, you've already lost.

    You like what you like, why should you care if someone else or a group of others don't?
  7. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Silverfox in I'm starting to dislike console fans, a lot.   
    On more than one occasion I've had customers at my store pose me the typical question; Console A or Console B?
    My response is usually that a console is a tool, a means to an end. That choice should be what software or games you want to play then choose the correct platform.
  8. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Nya` in I'm starting to dislike console fans, a lot.   
    Hi, having almost everything master race checking in.
    Gaming is gaming is gaming, it doesn't matter where you play, all that matters is that you do.

  9. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Joda in I'm starting to dislike console fans, a lot.   
    I think consoles are awesome. And PCs! But people tend to gravitate towards something like it was some holy grail then go on crusades to crush anyone who disagrees. It is a Fanboy mentality and I can't be bothered. 
  10. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by cmg666 in I'm starting to dislike console fans, a lot.   
    You know to be honest alot of PC gamers are saying the exact same thing about us console gamers. Really all it is it's just humans competiting with each other I don't own and play PC games cause I neither have the money or technological skills to keep one up to date a gaming and PC Master race assholes would call me a gaming peasent for it so naturally I would respond with the bird. Granted not all PC gamers are like that but those who are are inticing my console race to disrespect your PC gaming race and vice versa.
  11. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Sonny in Any Ex Miltary Guys/Girls here?   
    So i was Just Talking with a friend of mine about how the AJSA has some Military Personnel or  Ex military people who are serving  or served in the forces either British or American or any others 
    I was just wonder how many other people are  Ex military like me or severing now let me know
    Would be Nice to see some other Squaddies on here
    Here is a few Pics From my Time Serving
    I wont shed my life Story i will just show you some snippets
    Passing out Parade Catterick (its when you finish the 6 months Course that makes you a infantry Solider Called Phase 1)
    Me And My Father After the Parade Father served 25 Years in the Same Regiment i joined 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh
    Me In My warrior  Tank When i passed my Warriors Driving Test become the Driver of this bad boy And Gunner!!
    Relaxing on Tour
    So Guys You got any picks of your Service let me see i wanna know how many ex military folks we got here
  12. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Star Wars HQ in Red Dead Redemption   
    Yes definitely.  If enough get involved, I would love to play with you all.  They effed up GTA Online by not including a system like posses.  I am baffled by that decision.  What were they smoking?  What were the smoking indeed?
  13. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Shooters still in beta, but worth keeping an eye on   
    That's understandable, with all of the crappy games that's been coming out lately I can see why you'd want to wait (you wish to pay a price you think decent enough for a game, even if its good, but short, you'd want to pay a low price). I'm the same way a lot.
  14. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Captain Ahab in Red Dead Redemption   
    I love the idea of a Red Dead posse, I've been playing it recently and really getting into it! You also find the people that play it with you are rather nice as well, they don't treat you like crap and hurl abuse at you like on say CoD. I play on 360, what do you guys play on?
  15. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by devilsnytmare in Red Dead Redemption   
    Red Dead is one of my favorite games of all time, and still is. so yes! 
  16. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by OmegaPBP86 in Red Dead Redemption   
    Well, with Rockstar hinting a possible sequel we could set up a gang for the future.
  17. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by OS_WhiteRanger in Red Dead Redemption   
    That would be awesome. It would give me a reason to try out the online mode
  18. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Boomer in Red Dead Redemption   
    I say "hell yes!" I love Red Dead, and I don't think I'm going to be bored of it anytime time soon. Say the word and I will "Saddle up!" I have a ps3, gamer tag boombatakr.  Add me up!
  19. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by fzzywarbles in Red Dead Redemption   
    I would join if they would release a PC version. I know that would never happen at this point but still I miss playing this game.
  20. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by JacenFanel in Red Dead Redemption   
    I would gladly dust off my copy of RDR to play this again. When this came out, I was amazed at what Rockstar did and how it's more than just GTA cowboys
  21. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Shooters still in beta, but worth keeping an eye on   
    Yeah i can understand that, but hey they are Free to play and also free to uninstall. And personally i will wait a bit untill the price has dropped a bit on Wolfenstein. 
  22. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Shooters still in beta, but worth keeping an eye on   
    As much as I'd love to play these F2Ps, I'd rather check out that Wolfenstein: New World (when it comes out of course, I'm a sucker for games inspired by classics).
  23. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by MaxterG in Anyone need signatures?   
    Hello folks,
    Listen, I know some of you dont have signatures or are just tired of the ones that you have, well look no further because i can make them for you! But first, dont just say "NEED COOL SIG NOW", I dont know what you want, you might get disapointed, i get sad (i dont like disapointing people), it is a lose-lose then. But if you give me instructions like "I want super mario with the flower powerup punching a goomba in a dark-blue background", well not exactly THAT but then I know what you want and you get happy and I get happy, but one thing i wont do are things that might be offensive or have a political view on something, that is what I think and I wont do anything involving this, not nazi, not communists, not anything involving that, any armies, or any wars. Okay? Good cause anything beside that I'll do. Then it is a win-win. You might also ask things like "What do you know about photoshop?" and "Do you know what you are doing bro?". Well I have some examples for you and this is one of them below. And by the way, I'll send you the PNG, the PNG should work, it has the URL in it just right-click it and copy the adress, that will work.

    Yep, Heisenberg from Breaking Bad with his "I am the one who knocks" speech.

    Yeah, and one with the imperial dragon from the Elder Scrolls game, this one I made for another guy a week back.
    Well, I hope you like what I make you if you post a request on this forum. And by the way, if I stop making these, I will post it on this forum. Be welcome to use any of these 2 sigs. And if you want, you can put my name under it? So you can spread my name to all of your friends.
    Have a nice day
  24. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by kratosgow in Game of the Year 2013   
    Acordding to this blog http://gotypicks.blogspot.com/ The last of us game of the year award recently had pass Skyrim game of the year award (Skyrim recieved 226 awards, The Last of Us recieved 227 awards).
  25. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by rairoken16 in Game of the Year 2013   
    I can really see The Last of Us getting the GOTY this year, it had great gameplay, story and quality.