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  1. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in Hello,   
    Hello there welcome to Angry Joe show Professional  player

  2. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Hello,   
    Thanks for joining the AJSA! Try to enjoy yourself here! Also, if you ever want to play on the PS3 just send me a friend request.
  3. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Oracle7 in Hello,   
    i'm Oracle7. im no one special, just a Gamer here who wishes learn the latst gaming news, interact with other gamers.i'm from Zanesville, Ohio and I've been a gamer ever since I was a small child (3-4). I also just "dabble" in many different things when I'm not playing games cause i love to learn just about anything. I also am a person who takes their loyalty to their friends and family quite seriously (one of my pet-peeves is very two-faced people), so I obviously find betrayal one of the worst offenses around. Another thing I must admit I find irritating are extremely closed minded people (it doesn't matter what your beliefs are to me, I refuse to tolerate any form of racism and discrimination, unless its against Racist. And I honestly loved almost every genre of music. well, thats about it. Nice to be reporting for duty, glad to be here.
  4. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in What's your AJSA theme?   
    As anyone ever messed with the "change theme" setting at the VERY bottom of the webpage? I personally like Aurora Dark and Brave. What do you like?
  5. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by SamuraiSage in Greetings!   
    Hello! I am new to the Angry Joe community. Yes, I already upgraded to founders because I feel at rest when I contribute to something I am a member of. I am glad to join your army!
  6. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in AJSA Game Development Team   
    Mwahahaha! This is the beginning of the end for you Corporate Agent. You go back and tell your Corporate Commander the end is nigh. Power has been given unto us, and we shall use it to take what your hold dearest... ALL.... OF......YOUR..... MONEY!
    And we shall do it providing better games for the masses, use your money to increase our goal even further. Your core will crumble into dust.
  7. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in Hello,   
    Ello mate, welcome to the AJSA! Don't worry, no on here betrays one another (if they did, they would be removed from the AJSA immediately). I do hope you enjoy playing whatever game you wish with fellow members, and overall just have a good time
  8. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Lightning in GTA Online Heists   
    Those arent even heists OP, just shitty stick ups!
    I dont think online heists will be as big as the ones in the single player. I think they will probably be like a mission called The Los Santos Connection. Just a multi-part regular mission with no preparation, no story, no nothing, just get the lobby going and star the heist. 4 and above players, payouts will be almost insulting, regular RP (2000 at maximum 4000), only 2 lives in the pool maybe even none, eh...
    With the time theyre taking in getting shit done I hope im completely wrong and everything is better than what I think. But, I dont hope that much...
  9. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Aquila in Highly Annoyed   
    On the one hand yes, people should be patient when companies want to do quality DLC's instead of the rapid-fire DLCs of CoD and others that in reality get worked on simultaneously before the game even reaches release day.

    On the other hand, heists were promised to us at the very beginning. It was a selling point of the game. As was the Content Creator, which came out months after the game's release and is still in beta form.

    Note: This trailer was released in AUGUST, months before the game's released. You would think this would imply a finished, polished product instead of what we got in the early days of GTA Online.

    People have a right to be angry when half of what was advertised about the game is a lie.
  10. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Highly Annoyed   
    Just remember that a lot of GTA V's fan base is from CoD and other shooters where DLC's come out every other month.