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  1. Anyone played on PC yet? Want to know as the last Arkane game on PC was .... ungood. (Eventually bought Dishonored 2 on PS4 instead I had heard so many bad things about the PC port.)
  2. I won't be pre-ordering no but will be looking forward to it. The one thing I hope they do is try and keep the tone of the story in line with the tone of the gameplay. My one big gripe about the first game was that you would have these great scenes of John Marston talking about how he wants to settle down and leave his past behind.. and then you tie a woman up and leave her on the train tracks to be run over by a train. It would work better if they don't overlay a 'trying to get out' or 'reluctant villain' narrative on the story this time round.
  3. You will find Germans to be some of the most genuinely Friendly People around with some of best beer in the world (closely beaten by it's neighbor Belgium) have fun.
  4. Black Flag without a doubt. How can you give people a pirate ship and then TAKE IT AWAY in the next game? Could have been it's own spin off series of titles.
  5. I'm back sort of maybe perhaps. After a long break from the AJSA for reasons both personal and professional I have decided to poke my head back into the community again. Though I will try and be less of a prick this time round. Going back and reading your old posts is a little bit like going back and reading your college papers : "I didn't really write that did I? No please tell me I never was that much of an arsehole." In between I worked for a certain video game company in the UK which at the time was a bit of an eye-opener, and have moved from the UK to South Africa, which is A: Full of Warm lovely Sunshine B: Full of Warm Lovely People and C: Has heard of the internet in the same way it's heard of Outcast - Everyone believes it's awesome but has yet to experience it for themselves. Anyhoo hope to chat to you all about games and that.
  6. At the end of the day people don't pump hundreds of hours into playing a game that they hate. If you don't like Destiny or it's expansions don't play it any more and don't give Activision your money. If you DO like Destiny and are looking for more content to play with then you make the choice if you want to give them your money or not.
  7. Actually I think there are some great shows around at the moment that have really started to push what a kids cartoon show can be, Avatar and Legend of Korrah have been mentioned but recently I have been watching stuff like Steven Universe, Adventure Time the new TMNT and transforers series and Gravity Falls (which is in my opinion probably the best animated show I have seen since Futurama seriously that good).
  8. Aha! Piece of crap it is! Also was not aware that the other thread existed mods feel free to merge / lock if you feel necessary. Also I love that the develope mentions that the Gamepad Pro AND A Keyboard are necessayr.
  9. Okay well this is certainly a bit different from most other WiiU titles. https://youtu.be/OCWQXxqbIbA I really know very little about this game other than it 's clearly massively violent, features a guy who sounds a lot like Dolph Lundgren and plays the drums and has an extensive multiplayer mode. Looking at this all I can think is that this is either going to be one of the surprise hits of the year or an awful awful piece of crap. Thoughts?
  10. *Angry sigh of disappointment.*
  11. Okay so I was lucky enough to be invited to an event where I got some hands on time with most of Nintendo's E3 offerings. Here are my thoughts. Mario Maker: It's awesome really intuitive to use I managed to make a full level in less than 10 mins that included enemies obstacles pipes and traps. Can't explain how easy it is to make something unique so quickly. Can't magine what you can do in ore than the ten mins got to try it. Mario and Luigi Paper Jam : Plays as you would expect with the fun RPG combat and humour of the paper Mario and M&L series, I was running around trying to find Toads and learning new moves. If you liked the other Paper Mario or M&L games you should feel right at home. Skylanders Superchargers Had a chance to look at the figures whih are really really nice (better quality than amiibo) and also play the game. Never layed a Skylanders before but seems like a decent brawler/action game along the lines of the Lego games say or Knack. Played ass Bowser who looks great an can summon koopas to bash around. It was more fun than expected. Mario Tennis: Okay hoping this was really early build- whilst the tennis game is pretty solid and feels like Mario Tennis should, the game basically became a game of luck as to who gets thrown out the Mega Mushroom first. Once that happens the other player is just having to deal with overly powered shots and the payer who grabbed the Mega Mushroom barely has to move. Starfox Zero: I played with motion controls (no way to turn it off on this demo at least) but actually these did feel quite intuitive and added a little something to the experience. However this game feels SLOW. Much slower than any other Starfox I have ever played. I felt like I was on a leisurely cruise rather than piloting a high tech fighter craft. Metroid Blast Ball Okay this game is awesome and as the biggest surprise of the event. It's basically Metroid prime football with two teams of 3 competing to get a large ball into the other teams goal using blasters which can be used to push the ball around the arena or take out the enemy team, the ball itself when struck hard enough can be used as a weapon. Intuitive fast controls made this the one game I played three times a real surprise. ( the main Federation Force was not available to play). Zelda Triforce, Chibi Robo, Youkai Watch, Just Dance Didn't play. Zelda looks meh, Chibi Robo looks okay , Youkai Watch looks like Puzzle and Dragons crossed with Pokemon, Just Dance is a dancing game. Also they showed off the Mario 30th Anniversary Amiibo, (the blue and the brown which look great) Mii fighter Brawler amiibo and most importantly Mr Game and Watch which rather than just the on figuree has multiple variations that look like they slot into the bottom of the base. (So it's got him with the hammer attack, with his parahute with his torch attack etc etc.) Also had Yoshi Woolly world and Smash Bros wwith the new addons which are already out. Sadly no Xenoblade X or any of Fire Emblem titles.
  12. Oh the epic lie that is Driveclub
  13. The game needs more objective based modes more maps and more customisation on characters beyond shirts and skin colour. How about fun things like player housing like that room on the opening screen, to nab collectables, streak medals, awards etc etc? Nintendo have proved with Smash and Mario Kart that they are committed to supporting big titles like this, so I would expect to see more from them in the future to support Splatoon. As it is now I can see why people drop off (hell, I did) but the same is true of Mario Kart and Smash to a certain extent. Completely agree that there should have been better local multplayer support thought. No 4v4 WTF? Overlal I would say we need MORE games like Splatoon though not less. There are enough COD and Battlefields around thankyouverymuch and at least Splatoon did something different.
  14. Because all we will ever be to each other for the most part is text in a box- the big thing I hate in Forums is Polarisation of opinions rather than discussion. Whilst there are a decent number of people who are on forums for a discussion and an actual exchange of ideas and opinions, all some people want is for a forum to be an echo chamber, where there own opinions are validated back to them by their peers, When someone challenges that opinion rather than discuss the reasons why they differ, threads dissolve into "You are a moron because you like x" "Well you are a moron because you like y" Great. Both of you have learned nothing and this conversation was a waste of time. Well done.
  15. How old is the console? Unless it's brand new this sounds like physical damage and you would have to get it repaired or replaced. Best thing is if it's brand new take it back to the retailer. Otherwise call Nintendo for a repair.