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    I like RPGs,Shooters, Pretty much any thing i think is fun...
  1. Hey! Its been a few...years....since I posted here. (Oopes.) I joined the community back in 2014, but due to some medical and other personal issues I ended up leaving the community. So uh, without going into to much more. Im back! And hopefully I can hang out with everyone. However..I do have a question and im not sure where to post it. I dont need to apply again do I? And also I will need to change my name...not sure if I can.
  2. My favorite FPS? Most Likely either Metro:Last Light , Far Cry 3, Or Far Cry:Blood Dragon(i havent played this one but i plan to purchase it)
  3. I agree with opinion on warface. I personally haven't even managed to play the game since i cant even get the buggy launcher to work and causing my pc (yes my pc) to crash to a black screen making me have to hard reboot my computer. And from what i heard its not just me haveing the problems. Besides I never really trust F2P games aside from a select few (TF2, For example). Want my advice? stay far,FAR away from Warface until and if it gets patched ans fixed.
  4. Just want to say a fine hello to my fellow soldiers in the AJSA! Also i have a couple questions about the site and community since this is the first time i signed up for a community. 1. where do i got to see where the games that the AJSA suport and follow? and are they on steam? 2. how do i know who is a commander and who is a recruit? Thanks a bunch and if i posted this in the wrong place i apologize in advance since i have never actively used a forum before. GLORY TO THE AJSA!