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  1. I can't believe there are actually people that didn't refund it
  2. How the hell does a pure DPS, who is not supposed to get hit in the first place, benefit from more HP? Sure in a clasic MMO with levels, the more HP the better. But here, that stamina directly raises your prestige, which means you are a higher 'level', while not increasing your damage (the reason people take you in groups)
  3. Ether crystals drop from all mobs as normal, you don't have to farm specificly those 4HP bar minibosses for them And your thing about holy texts is kinda wrong to. Might doesn't scale well, and HP is useless for pure DPS. So if you are a DD character: Do NOT upgrade your temples with holy text. It'll inflate your prestige with stats that you don't use, making you weaker
  4. You guys are all crazy. Cryomancer is the best class in the game
  5. Soo, I'm still waiting. Did I slip through the cracks?
  6. Soo, after playing for a few days. Is there actually any kind of overworld? Or is it all JUST instances?
  7. Team fights are the most fun, asuming you have a guild. And that's why were here
  8. It is possible. I've seen it done reasonably well. I used to play alot of Perfect World, on the transition into pure P2W. Before that, it was reasonably well ballanced around group combat, both in PvE and PvP. They had large 60vs60 PvP seige battles, with an amazing twist that I have not seen since (and miss). We'll have to see. I do miss MMOs, though I haven't been able to get invested in any since that game
  9. And that's exactly why it risks flopping before even getting off the ground. The idea is great, but there are already things that do that perfectly, and more. So they need to come up with some very good extras
  10. I don't think they are going to expand to much on the Elven god thing in Inquisition. It just feels to big for DLC. It's probably going to either be the theme of the next game, or used as a red thread in future games
  11. Already have a custom PC, will keep custom building PCs in the future. No need
  12. We've only seen the southern 2 countries really. Par Volen and Tevinter would both be awesome, though I have some trouble imagining what kind of advanture could possibly happen in the Quinary home land. The lack of individuality contradicts the Bioware form of storytelling to much. That would probably only limit something set IN Par Volen though. Maybe a story where you visit it? How about something set around the Quinary/Tevinter conflict?
  13. Isn't Pokemon based on menga? Or is that the other way around? I can never remember what spawned what with that