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    Videogames-FPS, RPG, Sidecrollers, Adventure, Shooter.
  1. Scratch what I said before http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_4_Ultimate
  2. Well in a way, it is. Digital content is locked to regions, (save files, dlc, psn accounts, etc) but physical copies aren't. http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/620272-playstation-vita/answers?qid=341806
  3. So a while ago, I was browsing around for info about different animes and I came across this and my first thought was, "No way, its not even real." But after some more digging, I found that it is an actual game that is actually being released in reality. During my search I came across this list and I realised that it's been in development for a while. The projected release date is April 2014 in Japan on the PS Vita. I haven't found anything out about a North American release but a lot of the menues are in english anyways. Is any one going to get it if it ends up in America? Or would you buy a Japanese copy in the event of them neglecting us English speaking folk (no offence to any english speaking japanese people)? Visit the game’s official website here.
  4. Has Joe even touched GTA 5 since it came out? I mean, I have missed some livestreams so I don't know if he played it recently, but looking at his Past Broadcasts tab on Twitch, he hasn't done anything with it since October 23rd.
  5. And maybe, just maybe, we could have some better voice actors? Everyone sounds dull and boring the way they talk. So... monotonous
  6. Ok, I've been thinking and I have a few more ideas. First, cinematic melee kills. I would love to see a little scene where you actually chop someone's head off instead of it just falling off when you smack it. Second, more side missions that can also be replayed. I liked playing as a guard for the Silver Rush, but only being able to do it once made me kinda sad. If you could replay something like that, maybe once a day, I'd be happy. Also, in FO3, I'd find myself following the Rivet City guards that deliver the Aqua Pura to the wasteland. even though I got nothing out of it (unless they die :3). Third, Semi-destructable terrain. I mean, what's the point of launching a mini-nuke into something if you can't enjoy the crater it should leave behind? And finally, in conjunction to my previous idea, setting up your own community. With the destructable terrain, you could scavenge from a building and then level it when you're done. Then you could move the debris (either by hand or by robot maybe?) to an unpopulated area and start building up your own community. You control everything about it, what buildings go where, how many people can live there, rules (taxes?), defences, trade (if any), renewable resources (ex.water if near a water tower), stuff the shops sell, prices the shops charge, etc. You would also be responsible for the law and order. If someone reports a crime, you have to choose how to deal with it. I could go on but I think I got my point across.
  7. So seeing as how Christmas is coming up in a few weeks, is there anything you are looking forward to? Gifts or things like vacations and such. Personally, I can't wait for the family Christmas party because with me working I haven't spent much time around anyone but my direct family. I'm also looking forward to my copy of Suikoden 4 which should arrive a few days before.
  8. It's not full. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angry_army You need to tweet a screen cap of your K/D to Joe but I don't think he's going to have anything to do with this game until the heists are released
  9. Not yet. It's already out in japan so I can only guess that it'll be next year at some point
  10. I don`t like much of anything about the game. The combat feels like a chore because no one actually has a "Health Bar" so you just have to keep spamming the attack until they die. The counter system is idiotic in that you can only counter people who attack you directly AND have the indicator that shows up, which it stupid because there's been many a time when the indicator didn't show up and I got killed. The actual fighting is annoying because you can only attack when you lock on to someone and you can't even control that yourself. There's a serious lack of things to do in the towns, little reward for pickpocketing, barely any weapons, things that were removed that could be useful like hiring thieves, only one kind of bomb, unintelligent, yet relentless AI, annoying inventory system. And that's just a few things that I personally disliked about it.
  11. I think they should all pool their resources and make virtual gaming a reality
  12. This is definitely something I liked about it, but I could do without the fact that the annoying phone calls are now in multiplayer
  13. Undead Labs stated that they would have put more in the initial release but microsoft has a limit on how big an arcade game could be at launch
  14. I found a PayPal link if that interests you http://store.mandategame.com It doesn't say that you're backing it on the site if you go through paypal so make sure you get that screen cap. https://twitter.com/DaltonCronin/status/403581886670200832/photo/1