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  1. My psn is Manbuddy. Currently play Doom and Uncharted 4. Anyone wanna add me they can. Also interested in joining one of the 2 rooms and the community.
  2. PSN - manbuddy Just got Tom Clancy's The Division and will be playing the hell out of it. Would be cool to play with some Angry Army peeps. Also, just feel free to add me if you don't have the game. More friends is always a good thing. Never know what new games could come out that we'd both get.
  3. Coming from someone who has almost 200 hours into the game, may the gods help me... My tips would be to start off on sword and shield. It'll give you an extra challenge. "Just the story" would be TOO easy I imagine, and you need some challenge for it to be somewhat fun... for me anyways, but hey, the game does have a beautiful story, one of my favorites, and if the story is what your thing is, and you're not into the whole side questing, building geralt to be your dream geralt, yada yada, then by all means, do the just the story (easy diff). On sword and shield, just starting out, ALWAYS keep up to date on the bestiary. It will be your best friend. Know the enemies weakness, what signs to use, oils to use, bombs, etc. Some bombs may have certain effects on certain enemies, for example, the moon dust bomb will stop a werewolf from regenerating health, you're gonna wanna pick up that recipe early on. Oils DO help. That 10% dmg increase helps. I'm on my 2nd playthrough (not New Game+) and I haven't died once during a contract. I'm doing things I didn't do before, like take the time to learn all recipes, gather the ingredients and what not, preparing myself for whatever monster I come across. Don't rush in. Plan your attacks. Yes, you do have to strategize. It's okay if you die once or twice, as long as you're learning the monster's moves and taking notes. I like to bring my bombs and oils into battle, slather my sword with oil, dodge appropriately using signs, like quen or axii, and then go in for 2-4 attacks. You'll notice that a monster will bite back (block or start attacking back) after the third or 4th strike. Take notes on that, it'll help. Go in for a couple quick attacks and get back. As long as you have some oil on your sword, it shouldn't take too long to take something out with that method. Think outside the box, you can knock something out of the air like the griffon or cockatrice using the aard sign, or hitting it just in time, before it hits you with their swoop. I've typed too much, but basically, if you need any advice on a quest or contract monster, feel free to message me on here. Witcher 3 rules. \o/
  4. A few days late lol but happy thanksgiving! Haha.
  5. Hey Timkax I'll be sure to add you later tonight!
  6. Forum: Manbuddy Gamertag: Manbuddy
  7. Thanks! I'll definitely sign up to that. I should be able to make that Titanfall event. Look forward to playing with ya'll.
  8. Thanks!
  9. Fellow AJSA members! I'm lookin' for some more friends on my Xbone. Add me if you'd like. My gamertag is Manbuddy. I don't have too many games atm, but I'll be adding more to the list. One or two every 2 weeks or so. Right now it's Diablo 3, Titanfall, and Watch_Dogs. If you see me on hit me up, pop in my game or send a message! I'll be on more often once this shitty graveyard shift at work is over.
  10. Please send an invite to Manbuddy I'm in the pact as well.
  11. Oh okay, sweet, sorry for that then. I looked and couldn't find anything. I'll check that out.
  12. Heya Angry Army. I will be downloading Neverwinter for the Xbox One in about a week or 2, and I will be making a unofficial Angry Army guild when I can for anyone to join. I'll edit post for more details and when everything is finished. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. Okay no worries. I was just wondering about that.
  14. You said to post here if in need of promotion also? And that it is determined by forum rank. I'm a Veteran, but still a recruit in the guild, so does that mean I get promoted to Veteran in the guild then? @Manbuddy if you need the name.
  15. Hey guys. I was in The Angry Army in GW2 before. I recently just came back to the game with some friends. I'd like to re-join. keytoeverything.1765