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Everything posted by Xeriak

  1. I signed up to redeem my code last night, got the e-mail from Ubisoft.. But the e-mail had a blank field with no visible 25 character code.. I don't get it.. Broken e-mail templates? I sent them a question ticket under uPlay, hopefully they will help me out here.. =/
  2. My question is this. Can I redeem this agent origins stuff more than once? Or is it per uPlay account? I will be getting The Division on both PS4 and Xbox One..
  3. And why is this feature seemingly absent on their new console? I miss it and hope they bring it back soon.. PS4 has voice messages.. Just seems kind of backwards to me for Microsoft to remove it or forgotten about it. =/
  4. Feel free to add me, always looking for more Titanfall players =) GT: FantomexX H2O
  5. Well.. in that respect yeah... voice messages were annoying. But for personal use and among friends or clan members, it was quite useful.
  6. I agree with this. I personally enjoyed Halo 4 and its multiplayer. Yes it is quite different compared to past Halo's.. It has its shortcomings.. The worst in my humble opinion is not being able to juggle the flag in CTF and the melee being broken in the game.. Also, the lack of quality maps is kinda sad.. But the game isn't as crappy or completely bad as some of you make it out to be. I'm tired of hearing the "Its become a CoD clone" argument.. As for the game being too fast paced.. I tend to disagree with that. CoD still moves faster due to the fact on how quick you die from weapons being fired on you.. In Halo 4, you still have a chance to make a come back and take everyone out if you're a Pro player and master of the BR/grenade tossing.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm Chris (real name) or Xeriak which is one of my few internet aliases I go by. Been meaning to check this community out for a while now, so I finally decided to sign up I religiously watch all of Angry Joe's YouTube videos and love some of the reviews he has done. Heh.. I'm not looking to recruit into anything in AJSA as I'm presently engaged in a different clan. I belong to PMS|H2O Clan and am a Division Leader for the H2O Halo Xbox division. I am however here to meet new people and would like to participate on a guest/casual basis if that is possible. Especially in SWTOR if you guys play that MMO on PC. I also used to be a product tester and forums moderator for Gameshark way back when the product was still owned and operated by InterAct Accessories, before its sale/aquisition by MadCatz. I loved working with the gameshark devices and game genie back in the day. Finding codes for games was an exciting challenge to keep busy. Besides that.. I'm a 30 year old gamer/nerd for all my life.. I own pretty much all gaming consoles ever made and have a huge gaming library. I'm honestly mostly a console gamer.. but when it comes to MMO's, I do play on PC in that respect. But FPS shooters.. I can't help but play with an Xbox 360 controller Anyhow, thanks for reading and looking forward to meeting some new people! ~ Xeriak EDIT: Updated my post a bit.
  8. I'm still hanging on for hope that one day Sony will create a "Party chat" feature for PS3... (Vita and PS4 have it) But I guess that will never happened because of RAM limitations, or at least thats what I read about in the interwebs.
  9. I definitely could use MORE PS4 friends in general.. ;; Most of my friends from the last 10 years are all on Xbox.. Never found anyone to play with on Playstation brand. Forum name / PSN: Xeriak / Xeriak
  10. After watching Angry Joe's review/impression for the PC version.. I sadly will NOT be buying any of the versions for ESO now.. Also, I don't want to pay yet another sub fee as I'm already a devout SWTOR player.
  11. Love your avatar and signature pics of Nova from StarCraft, Apex Spartan! One of my all time favorite characters.. I still wish they would have created StarCraft Ghost way back then... So sad they canceled it.
  12. I do have a 360 and the Xbox One. Unfortunately my 360 friends list is somewhat full.. But if you have a Xbox One too, then there is virtually no limit for adding friends at the time. Thanks for all the greetings guys, glad to be here P.S. How come my post count isn't adding to itself? Or are post counts turned off in the "Introduce Yourself" forum?